About Us

The Marshmallow Studio is the original creator of custom marshmallow designs and has been turning out exciting works of edible art using marshmallows since 2010. By taking such a simple ingredient and transforming it into something amazing and unique, marshmallows are quickly gaining the popularity they deserve and finally ditching their traditional role of s'mores glue.

TheMarshmallowStudio.com is the number 1 resource for marshmallow design inspiration, ideas, news and recipes. We are constantly searching for interesting ways to work with our fluffy passion.

Our goal is to popularize the art of marshmallow designing around the world. We want to inspire people to get creative with one of the most underestimated, underutilized and inexpensive sweet treats available.

The Marshmallow Studio is primarily a provider of designs for wholesale markets, if you are interested in wholesale information for your company, please contact us.

About Alejandra


Hi, I’m Alejandra, and in case you haven’t already guessed, I am obsessed with marshmallows. I eat, cook, bake, create edible art, and talk about them 24-7!

Welcome to The Marshmallow Studio, a place where I like to share all things related to marshmallow, including my 100% edible masterpieces, pops, how-to's, recipes and more.

I am not a self-proclaimed culinary expert or sugar art authority. I am just a creative woman who one day stumbled upon the idea of decorating marshmallows and looking for a way to continue retaining income while being a stay-at-home mom. I’ve been blessed with entrepreneurial genes from my father and a creative ability from my mother; she is actually the one that taught me how to transform marshmallows into edible art. After a quick 2-hour crash course from her, I enthusiastically began playing and exploring with marshmallows more and more. Let me tell you, the first couple of pieces I made were definitely not the prettiest.

In no time, I fell in love with marshmallows. They allowed me to marry my two passions, event planning and design. I opened The Marshmallow Studio in April 2010. I began by buying the very bare essentials and a few bags of marshmallows to play with. At first we were an online shop, then migrated into a wholesaler for candy stores and now we’re a blog dedicated to anything and everything marshmallow related. I proudly showed off a few of my pops I had made to the owner of the local cake & candy supply store where I still buy many of my supplies and she so graciously asked me if I’d be interested in teaching at her store. I have been teaching ever since there and at other locations as well. Along with this surprising success came the opportunity to partner up with the biggest marshmallow manufacturer in the United States, KRAFT Jet-Puffed. I recently wrote a book, mARTshmallows, and people have embraced it with open arms. The amount of love and support as been overwhelming and so sweet to experience. It has definitely been such a beautiful dream come true, filled with sweet accomplishments and recognition along with endless hours of hard work and sacrifices. Every day I wake up pinching myself.

I’ve had the honor of being credited with starting the “marshmallow decorating craze.” My creations have been featured on several online and offline publications, including Hostess With The Mostess, Amy Atlas, Project Nursery, Cake Central, Special Events, Candy Industry and more. I am also a regular guest contributor for HWTM.com. I am incredibly proud to say I am also the online community manager for KRAFT JET-PUFFED marshmallows. I’ve always had a philanthropic spirit so in efforts to give back we’ve chosen Operation Shower as our charity of choice. We’ve donated our products at several of their beautiful events.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing from my fans and seeing how I’ve inspired them to get creative with marshmallows which is why I strive to personally stay connected with them through our blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and emails. At the same time, I also like to share other things that spark my interest which is why I love Pinterest so much. Come join me at those sites and stay connected with me at all times!

Now that we’re getting personal, let me tell you about me as a regular next-door girl. I have a Bachelors degree in Hotel Administration majoring in Meetings & Events Management and an Associates degree in Travel & Tourism Management. My background includes makeup artistry, event planning, and nightclub operations. Can you see the pattern now? I guess having a “serious desk-job” was never in my plans. I am a crazy perfectionist who plans and organizes everything. I cannot live without sweets. I collect cooking, baking, and party styling books. When I’m busy at work, you can bet I’m usually dancing and singing to all kinds of music from country to pop. If I ever have a minute to sit down to watch TV, I always opt for the Food Network or comedy movies. Although I am very competitive, sports are not my thing. Painting is my Zen, it relaxes me and I love having a vision and seeing it come to life on a blank canvas. I pretty much enjoy all crafts; I’m such a DIYer. Cosmetics and fashion accessories are my weaknesses - justifying that by blaming it on my creative side of the brain, haha.

I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my supportive husband and best friend, Kyle and our two sweet baby boys - Aiden & Keiran - and our two chihuahuas, Bombon & Latte. Our dream is to travel the world and to someday open a marshmallow museum!