2014 Recap of The Marshmallow Studio

At the end of every year, I like to take time to look back and reflect on all that took place throughout the year. If you’ve been following me for while, you know that I do this with my personal life as well as with The Marshmallow Studio.

Every January I like to post a recap of our year to highlight the good and learn from the ugly…. So here is the recap for 2014!

{PLEASE NOTE: Below each image there will be a link you can click to see the full post for that project which will include additional photos and details.}


Here we go….


Scalloped Marshmallow Valentine's Day Cake by TheMarshmallowStudio

Scalloped Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Cake

Easter Marshmallow Wreath by TheMarshmallowStudio

Easter Marshmallow Wreath

Patriotic Marshmallow Cake by TheMarshmallowStudio _ P

Patriotic Marshmallow Fondant Cake

Witch on a Broom Marshmallow Cake by TheMarshmallowStudio

Witch On A Broom Marshmallow Cake

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cake by TheMarshmallowStudio2

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cake

Santa Stuck In The Chimney Marshmallow Cake by TheMarshmallowStudio

Santa Got Stuck In The Chimney Marshmallow Cake



Although we really don’t take orders, here are a few that I made for my friends or wholesale clients:

New Balance Wall Art by The Marshmallow Studio

A marshmallow wall art to promote the launch of the brand new Fresh Foam shoes by New Balance.

Dinos - BellaGrey Designs

Cute dinosaur marshmallow pops for a birthday party.

Muppets Marshmallow Pops by TheMarshmallowStudio

Muppet inspired marshmallow pops for a special wedding.

IMG_258809797186781 (2)

Olaf inspired marshmallow pops for a birthday party. This was fun because it included a little competition between my mom and I. You participated, remember?



Slow Cookier CCC_TheMarshmallowStudio

Slow Cooker Chocolate Chip Cookie

Fondue Sweetness_Alejandra Morin

Fondue Sweetness

Father's Day MM Pops by TheMarshmallowStudio

Father’s Day Marshmallow Pops

Patriotic Red Velvet Star Cakes by TheMarshmallowStudio

Patriotic Red Velvet Star Cakes

Shortbread Cups with Grilled Peaches and Marshmallow Dip by TheMarshmallowStudio

Shortbread Cups with Grilled Peaches and Marshmallow Dip

Back-to-school Apple Marshmallow Pops by TheMarshmallowStudio

Apple Marshmallow Pops

Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio

Marshmallow Gravestone Chocolate Cupcakes

Dia De Los Muertos Fondant Calavera Toppers_TheMarshmallowStudio

Dia De Los Muertos Fondant and Marshmallow Calavera Toppers

Mexican Champurrado by TheMarshmallowStudio

Mexican Champurrado

Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispies Treat Bundt Cake_TheMarshmallowStudio

Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispies Treat Bundt Cake with Drizzled Caramel

Fall Rice Krispie Treat Cake_TheMarshmallowStudio

Fall Rice Krispies Treat Cake

Gingerbread Marshmallow Brownie Man_TheMarshmallowStudio

Gingerbread Marshmallow Brownie



Brands 2014



2014-02-05 08.30.36

Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada

Party Girls at 80s Party at SNAP

SNAP Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah


BlogHer Food in Miami, Florida

TMS at IFBC4jpg

International Food and Beverage Conference in Seattle, Washington



mARTshmallows by TheMarshmallowStudio

This is the book that keeps giving, let me tell you! Exactly a year after we released mARTshmallows, we surprised every one with the release of the digital version which is available in English and Spanish too!

Now you can download a copy and not worry about shipping costs or having to wait for it to come in the mail. Not to mention, all of our Spanish speaking fans are now very happy :)



MM Galore

Marshmallows Galore by Donna Mae

Eat More Dessert Giveaway on TheMarshmallowStudio

Eat More Dessert by Jenny Keller

Sweet Treats Book Giveaway at TheMarshmallowStudio

Sweet Treats for the Holidays by Norene Cox

Nautical Marshmallow Baby Girl Nursery by TheMarshmallowStudio

Wallternatives – incredibly awesome wall decals.



If you follow me on Instagram ,you know I love all things party and DIY.. After all, I do have a bachelor’s degree in Meetings and Event Management haha).

When I celebrate my boys’ birthdays we do it big around here. This year I also got to celebrate the arrival of our little girl.

Keiran Cookies and Milk Party

Keiran’s 3rd birthday party – Cookies & Milk!

Aiden Dinosaur Party

Aiden’s 5th birthday party  - Dinosaurs!

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio80

Our Vintage Baby Girl shower

Fiesta Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio1

Our Mexican Fiesta shower



2014-04-30 17.02.38

Our house was completed and we got to move in :)

20141001_090917 (2)

This home is a dream come true for us!


And finally, the sweetest little blessing of this year is our little doll Kamilla!


Here we are on Thanksgiving Day. Our first photograph as a family of 5. I LOVE it!!

XmasCards2014-social share

We always have so much fun with our Christmas cards. This year’s theme was sweets and gingerbread kids :)


Then this happened. :( We got into a major car accident just a few days before Christmas. We were lucky to walk away with just burns and bruises.

This was a very scary reminder that everyday is precious and we must cherish every moment, family and friends.


I am extremely grateful for everything 2014 gave us and I am thrilled to see what 2015 has in store for us.

Here’s to a fabulous 2015!!!

Cheers :)


2013 TMS Recap

At the end of every year, I like to take time to look back and reflect on what was  blessings and adventures occurred during that time. I do this with my personal life and with The Marshmallow Studio. You really learn a lot about your strengths, your weaknesses and it helps set new goals for the upcoming year. For me, doing annual recaps of each year on this blogs has helped me document the growth in my marshmallow skills, and my marketing abilities. Oh and to see the progress of my photography and Photoshop skills too which have a long way to go still haha.

{PLEASE NOTE: Below each image there will be a link you can click to see the full post for that project which will include additional photos and details.}



This post is way way overdue.

I owe you guys pictures from my mARTshmallows book tour.  Although I have already written about the major events and shows I attended as part of my tour, here are the details to the other stops that I missed.

I’m bringing you to San Diego, New York, Miami, Hollywood and Dallas.

mARTshmallows Book tour

Let me start off by saying that I am extremely appreciative of each and every single person who helped me organize my tour, came to see me, helped me spread the word, and supported me with encouragement on my pics and status updates I posted along. You guys all rock!! I am so very thankful to have you in my life. Book tours aren’t all glitz and glamour and can be very scary to take on as a self-publisher. Luckily, our was a total success!

I’d also like to thank my husband, my parents, my mother-in-law, Rocky and Melissa for helping me with the boys. I could not have done it without you!!!!

In 5 months we made 10 out of 12 scheduled appearances — WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read More (more…)



The day I circled on my planner months and months ago is finally here….

The day I could officially call myself a published author, a sugar professional, a serious entrepreneur….

The day my book mARTshmallows would be released!

mARTshmallows by TheMarshmallowStudio

There were many ways I wanted to celebrate this day – fancy dinner, release party, confetti and lots of desserts! As sad as it may sound, I never really had time to plan any of these out.

This day creeped up  on me too fast. I have been busy selling the book, shipping, preparing for show season, my work with Jet-Puffed and crafting for my son’s upcoming birthday party.

But one thing I did make sure I did was plan a fabulously awesome book tour :) so I could meet many of you in person and spread ‘mallow love across the country.

mARTshmallows Book tour

More detailed information will be posted in the upcoming weeks. For all updates please make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

At which one of these cities will I be seeing YOU at??


Meanwhile, I leave you with some of my favorite photos I’ve collected from posts made by happy mARTshmallow owners :)

mARTshmallows fans

Here are moreCollage2

Thank you everyone for being the best fans, friends and family anyone could dream of. You’ve come along with me on this crazy and exciting roller coaster of publishing a book and seeing our dream come true.



Tiki Draft

Seems like just yesterday my husband and I were just talking about how cool it would be to publish a book and show people the art of marshmallow decorating. It all started has a fun adventure and quickly turned into a serious task. We wanted to make it the coolest, most complete cookbook out there. As self-publishers that meant we had to take an extra dose of determination and motivation…. not to mention, drain our savings account and learn new skills quickly to make it all happen by the deadlines. Deadlines that we set without really knowing what it all entailed and not knowing what road blocks we had ahead of us.




I’m thrilled and nervous and emotional and happy and scared but the time as come and I’ve got some exciting announcements to share with you all! It’s time to unveil the cover of our upcoming book as well as announce the pre-order and release date!!!

Oh my goodness! Could it be?? Is that the light at the end of the tunnel that I’m starting to see? I believe it is! We’ve been slaving away for almost a year and half working diligently on this book. It’s all labor of love, let me tell you. As it turns out, self-publishing is very expensive, time consuming and nerve wrecking. However, it has been such a rewarding journey and I wouldn’t have had it another way. Everyday I get more and more excited about it and has the release date nears, the prouder I am of what my husband and I have accomplished together. You can read all about our highlights and struggles on the book update post on the blog HERE.

Here’s to us, hope you like it…. drum roll please

TMS mARTshmallows book cover

This beauty features concealed wire-o binding with a hard cover and over 200 full-color pages. As it shows on the cover… the book also comes with FREE designer printable tags exclusively available to those who purchase the book.

In this book, I’ve truly included everything that I know about marshmallows from decorating to shipping to where to buy them. We’ve put our all into it and I look forward to the day we get to read your reviews after the book is released and you’ve gotten to indulge in every page.

NOW, for my second announcement – Yes, believe it, you can finally place your pre-order for mARTshmallows starting April 1st!!!

Check out the release date here too - August 1st.


You will be able to place your order directly on the mARTshmallows website HERE and securely pay via PayPal. The book will be available in physical and electronic form.  Anyone and everyone from around the world can order it. Yes, we’ll ship it to any hidden corner of this planet. I know many countries don’t have the same marshmallows I show in the book but the techniques and skills can be applied to any other available marshmallow.

TMS Book Pre-order Gifts

To show you guys how freaking excited I am, I have decided to include gifts for the first 1,000 copies sold. Here’s the breakdown:

  • The first 250 copies will be autographed by your truly :) {will also include the charm and bookmark}
  • The first 500 copies will receive an adorable polymer clay marshmallow charm {will also include the bookmark}
  • The first 1,000 copies will receive an exclusive mARTshmallows bookmark
  • All pre-order copies are available at the discounted price of $24.99. {Price will go up after book is released so get it now!}

I will be posting updates on our Facebook page as these layers are reached. But don’t even risk it and just place your order as soon as pre-orders open!

As self-publishers, pre-orders are immensely important. This is how we know how many books to order from the printer in advance so we don’t end up ordering too many or too few. I’d like to ask you for a HUGE favor – Would you please help us spread the word with your family and friends? You don’t have to be that pushy sales person. Maybe you can just say: “hey, there’s this new book out about making cool stuff with marshmallows that I think you would like” or share our photos or links on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest page. I bet your friends would appreciate it! ;)

I hope you guys are as excited as I am about mARTshmallows and as always, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fun trivia: This April 1st will mark our 3 year anniversary since founding The Marshmallow Studio. What a sweet journey it has been!

mARTshmallows BOOK UPDATE!

mARTshmallows Book - Update

This is a long over-due post. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to give you an update with the book progress. As you can imagine, I haven’t had much time for anything since starting this book venture and my work with KRAFT Jet-Puffed marshmallows. Lots and lots and lots has happened since we first decided to write a book which was exactly a year ago.  In this post, not only will I be telling you how the book is coming along but also about our struggles and experiences as self-publishers.  In the past I’ve shared a few photos here and there, mostly on our Instagram page but this is the first post that I’ll actually dig a little deeper into what our road has been like. It’s been a bumpy one….


 After receiving many emails and comments on our social pages requesting tutorials and online videos, I began kicking around the idea of possibly writing a book in my mind but never really thought I’d be able to do it. Until one day, I woke up and decided to just do it and see what happened. I began by researching how to submit a manuscript to a publishing company and how author-publisher contracts worked. Let’s just say, it would not have worked for us. Then I researched how to self-publish and that seemed like a lot more work but a much better fit for my control-freak, impatient, perfectionist, independent self that I am. We made the decision to self-publish! To get started – we sat down, laid out what the work scope entitled, we evaluated our skills and resources, and finally drafted a guide of what the book would include and look like. Sounds simple right?!?!

 mARTshmallows Book - Update   mARTshmallows Book - Update

mARTshmallows Book - UpdatemARTshmallows Book - Update

mARTshmallows Book - Update

At this point, we decided to hire a lawyer, a photographer, a stylist, partner up with a few graphic designers (to create something really special for our book readers) and to begin writing the manuscript. On May 15, 2012 we announced we were writing a book. The feedback was unbelievable. I knew we were onto something great! Around the end of June, I asked my sister to come stay with us during her Summer vacation so she could help me watch our two little boys while I made all the marshmallow designs for the book. With her help, I was able to make them in 4 days! Next, I packaged them all together along with other items and traveled to deliver them to our photographer and stylist. On July 18, 2012, we announced the title of the book. So far everything was going according to plan…. but it’s always calm before the storm. In August, my husband received a job offer in Las Vegas, Nevada which meant we would have to move out of San Diego, California. Oh lord, this book did not look like it was going to get done by October 2012 as I had initially planned. We had my son, Aiden’s 3rd birthday party then four weeks after we were packed and moving. As you can imagine, once we got to our new home it was all about unpacking, settling in, getting Aiden in preschool, and transferring addresses, licenses, permits, etc.

mARTshmallows Book - Update

mARTshmallows Book - Update


By now it’s mid-October and I’m finally ready to get back into the book. I still had to finish writing 50% of the book and schedule the hands-on instruction and filler photos with the photographer. I contacted my photographer and stylist team to check on the progress but sadly, learned they had been unable to shoot anything yet due to some last minute schedule complications. This took a huge hit on our projected release date. But we’re troopers and this was not going to stop us! We picked up the designs from California and scrambled to look for another photographer closer to us in Las Vegas. My husband then said, stop struggling and let’s just do it ourselves! I was opposed to this at first because I knew it would take us a long time to shoot every photo, it would take away even more time from our boys, and it would indeed push back the release date some more, again. Luckily, Kyle had taken photography classes a while back and is a total tech geek so I was confident he could do it but still nervous as he is no pro published photographer, yet ;) . Well, we sat down again and figured out what equipment (camera, lighting, stands, backdrops, props, etc.) we would need to purchase and how we were going to do it all. I called my mother-in-law to ask if she could PLEASE watch the boys for several weekends so Kyle and I could do the shoots. She is awesome! Her and her sister were a tremendous help and did a great job keeping the boys entertained and happy.

mARTshmallows Book - Update


mARTshmallows Book - Update

During the shoots, I had to play the stylist, the model, the light reflector holder, the lunch runner and the author all at once. My poor husband, had to be the photographer, the equipment carrier, the construction man, my psychiatrist, and the book designer all at once too. Mind you, I’m not the most pleasant person to work with when I’m stressed and in business-mode. But we make a great team and there’s no one else I would rather have by my side during this time than him. He had to continue going to work at his regular job during the week and I had to continue my work obligations with The Marshmallow Studio and Jet-Puffed throughout. Anyways, a few days later he showed me the photos on the computer screen and, let me tell you, I was blown away. He surpassed my expectations. The photos can definitely hold up on their own next to any other book’s. So now that the photos were done, I had to hurry up and hire a professional editor and finish writing those last few pages left. On January 29, 2013 I typed the last words and completed my manuscript. I cannot explain to you how awesome that felt. I felt like that day that I finally had my college diploma in my hands. I’m thinking when I actually have the book in my hands it will feel like the first time I held my baby boys in the hospital after delivering them. Sounds like I’m exaggerating but you have no idea how much work and time it has taken us to see this a reality.

mARTshmallows Book - Update   mARTshmallows Book - Update

mARTshmallows Book - Update

mARTshmallows Book - Update

So where is the book now? Well, the manuscript is being edited in New York City by my fabulous editor. My husband is designing the book’s layout. I am researching where are going to have it printed at (USA vs China) and how to promote, sell and present it to retailers across the nation (Michael’s, Barnes & Nobles, Williams & Sonoma, Hobby Lobby, and more). If you have any tips, contacts or ideas… I’m all ears. Please DO tell :) So far it looks like we’ll be selling it on Amazon and direct through our website to start. Once the book as been edited and designed, I’ll have to get it reviewed by a few persons that I admire so much, then we’ll have to get marketing materials designed, file ISBN numbers, copyright book, start taking pre-orders, send it off to print, and finally ship them off to your hands. Again, sounds straight forward but I’m still hesitant to announce a pre-order or release date because of what we’ve been through and other things that might be out of our control. As the stars begin to align and the light at the end of the tunnel begins to shine, I’ll be sure to announce these dates and write another update.


mARTshmallows Book - Update

Lastly, I’d like to thank you all for being so patient and understanding with me. This book adventure as been one interesting roller coaster but I know it’s all going to be totally worth at the end. I’m always happy to hear you guys are excited for it and can’t wait to have your copy. As a self-publisher, I don’t have a big fancy budget for marketing nor do I have celebrity friends to help promote my book so I’m hoping you can all help me spread the word about my book and tell all your friends about it. It would really really really mean the world to me!! Love you guys :) YOU are all the BEST!! 


Sweetly Yours, 

Alejandra Morin

mARTshmallows Book - Update




If you’re already subscribed to receive our Yummy Newsletter in your inbox, you probably already knew this :) Now I’m here sharing it with the rest of our readers and fans:
It is all coming together. I am just beside myself with excitement and disbelief (maybe a little sleep deprived too from all the endless night hours working LOL) that the time to announce our book title is finally here. Just like we’ve spent hours and hours in the past deciding on names for our two sons, we’ve done the same for our book. Surprisingly, the answer was right in front of us the whole time. Seems it’s always that way, isn’t it? More on why we chose this title later on the blog. Choosing the title was only the beginning. After doing so, we then began working on the overall design which is the fun part but also very hard to decide on. Who knew there were soooo many fonts available out there? Now I do.

Without futher due - Drum roll please……………..

The title of our upcoming book is:
We have another sweet surprise for you!!! To show how special and unique this book will be, we’ve created a dedicated website to provide you with always up-to-date information regarding the progress, pre-ordering, and release date. Also, there will be some awesomely sweet free downloadable goodies available to those who have purchased the book. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback, they mean the world to me and help us improve. Here’s the site: mARTshmallows. Hope you like it :)


YES, you read right! :) I am ecstatic to finally tell you all that we are working on our first book! What started off as just a crazy idea is now truly happening. Two years ago when I founded The Marshmallow Studio I thought people would just want to order my designs (or not even) then I started receiving endless wonderful emails from around the world requesting tutorials, videos, and classes. I had accidentally created a new craze and it became fuel for me to keep pushing the limits. My students, customers, fans and readers have inspired me to truly pursue this book venture and make it a reality. My goal is to make a humble contribution to the world that could hopefully make an impact in someone’s life.

A little bit about the book… it will show you step-by-step, how to make over 72 designs which most are never-before-seen creations. The book will also contain tips, recipes and techniques that I have learned along the way. The pages will be filled with amazing photographs and all of my marshmallow and sweets decorating knowledge. On top of that, we are also working with an amazing team of talented, creative professionals to add a few “extra goodies” that will be exclusively available those who snag a copy.

We haven’t set a solid pre-order or release date yet but it won’t be too far out and I will be  sure to let you know as soon as it’s scheduled. I plan on taking you along this exciting journey with me by sharing some behind-the-scenes photos and stories through our blog. I’m still pinching myself over here while jumping up and down with excitement and trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach. I want to THANK YOU all for your love and support, it truly means the world to me and I hold it dear to my heart! Let’s get this show on the road….