Easter Ambrosia Salad by TheMarshmallowStudio_hero

 I thought Spring would be a great time to share with you my favorite Ambrosia recipe.

What’s crazy is that I grew up eating this ambrosia salad year-round not just necessarily during this season. See, in Mexico this salad is considered a dessert as oppose to in the United States where it’s mostly served as a side dish for Easter and Thanksgiving.

Easter Ambrosia Salad 7_wm

I remember being in the kitchen and helping my mom make this when I was a little girl. It was my special job because it was easy, fast and it didn’t require cooking, baking or using knifes. My dad loves marshmallows and coconut so whenever I made it, he was the first to sneak by and dig in. Isn’t it funny how some recipes, no matter how simple they are, can turn out to be the most special to you because of the memories?

Easter Ambrosia Salad 6_wm

There are many Ambrosia recipes out there but this one is my favorite. My mom’s recipe calls for JET-PUFFED Mini Marshmallows but for today I’m using BunnyMallows to make it a more festive salad fit for Spring and Easter. It really doesn’t matter what marshmallow variety you use, they all taste delicious. Haha!

 Easter Ambrosia Salad 5_wm   Easter Ambrosia Salad 4_wm

Did I mention it only takes five minutes to make? Oh yeah… instant dessert!

Easter Ambrosia Salad 2_wm

In case you haven’t noticed, I collect sprinkles of all sorts and this carrot and bunny mix was too adorable to not use here. I think they add the right amount of festive and cute to any Easter dessert, don’t you?

Easter Ambrosia Salad by TheMarshmallowStudio

See FULL Easter Ambrosia Salad recipe on Kraftrecipes.com HERE.


Easter Marshmallow Cupcake Toppers by The Marshmallow Studio

I’m back with another edition of DIY marshmallow cupcake toppers!!

So far I’ve shown you how to decorate cupcakes with marshmallow toppers for Valentine’s Day cupcakes and St. Patrick’s Day. Now I’ll be showing you how to make 8 different marshmallow toppers for Easter.

I’ve designed 6 different marshmallow cupcake toppers for St. Patrick’s Day. Keep in mind that you can use these toppers to decorate any other dessert as well.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio40

Above is a photo of all the items I used to create these 8 designs. Most of these products are easily available at your local craft store, Target and Walmart.

For all these designs you’ll need Kraft JET-PUFFED marshmallows and Sweets & Treats Boutique cupcake liners.


Let’s get started with the fun now!

Bunny butt topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio32

GRAB: Pink writing gel, 1 Mini marshmallow, 1 large marshmallow and Baker’s Angel Flake Coconut.

MAKE: Dip scissors in water. Cut large marshmallow in half. Draw paws on cut marshmallows. Frost cupcakes, press on coconut flakes with hands. Attach bunny tail and paws with little dots of frosting.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio2   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio3

Sunflower topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio33

GRAB: Mini 1″ heart cutter, Wilton’s yellow Color Mist, 1 Mini Oreo cookie and 5 StackerMallows.

MAKE: Dip cutter in water before punching out hearts from marshmallow. Spray yellow color on  marshmallows evenly. Let dry completely before handling. Press cookie onto frosting and arrange flower petals around it.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio4   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio5

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio6

TIP: If shapes are too sticky, dust cornstarch on your fingers when handling them.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio1

You must high top frost your cupcakes in order to create base for flowers to attack onto.

Spring butterfly topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio34

GRAB: Wilton’s yellow Color Mist, 1 StackerMallow, 4 Candy Egg Mallows, green pearls and black licorice.

MAKE: Dip scissors in water. Cut marshmallow into a rounded thin rectangle. Spray yellow color on marshmallow evenly. Let dry completely before handling. Press body onto cupcake frosting and arrange wings around it. Cut out two small stick pieces from licorice for the antennas.  Insert antennas onto frosting behind body.

EMBELLISH: Sprinkle green pearls.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio12   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio13

Easter garden topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio35

GRAB: Medium Wilton’s flower cutter, smallest Wilton’s leaf cutter, Wilton’s blue and green Color Mist, 2 Jet-Puffed StackerMallows, 1 yellow M&M, egg sprinkles and a green paper straw.

MAKE: Dip cutters in water before punching out shapes from marshmallows. Spray blue color on flower and green on leaves marshmallows evenly. Let dry completely before handling. Carefully insert straw into flower marshmallow. With a small dot of frosting, attach yellow M&M to center of flower. Frost cupcake. Insert flower in center of cupcake. Place leaves on each side of straw.

EMBELLISH: ”Hide” your egg sprinkles in the grass frosting.

TIP: Use Wilton tip 233 to frost cupcake with grass.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio19   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio20

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio21   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio22

Carrot topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio36

GRAB: 1 S’mores Mallow, 1 green Airheads candy, Wilton’s orange Color Mist and Oreo cookie crumbs.

MAKE: Dip scissors in water.  Cut triangle shape from marshmallow. Spray orange color on carrot evenly. Let dry completely before handling. Cut piece off of Airheads candy and make thin zig zag cuts for carrot top. Slit opening on top of carrot with scissors. Insert candy into marshmallow.

EMBELLISH: High top frost the cupcake and cover with cookie crumbs. Press carrot down into center of frosting.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio7   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio8   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio9

TIP: You can also use a Jumbo Mallow to cut out a carrot shape.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio11

Baby chick topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio37

This was my son Aiden’s favorite topper. He loves baby chicks!

GRAB: Mini 1″ heart cutter, Wilton yellow and orange Color Mist, 1 Jumbo Mallow, 2 StackerMallows, 2 mini flower sprinkles, 2 yellow heart sprinkles, 2 candy pearls and a black Wilton green FoodWriter marker.

MAKE: Dip cutters in water. Punching out two hearts from marshmallows. Dip scissors in water. Cut Jumbo marshmallow in half. Spray yellow color on all three cut marshmallows evenly. Using a scrap marshmallow cut out a small triangle for the beak. Spray orange color on it evenly. Let dry completely before handling. Draw eyes and immediately press on white pearls into place. Poke two little holes on top of head and press in two heart sprinkles. Attach beak using frosting. Frost cupcake. Place body onto frosting, arrange wings peeking behind body. Place two orange flower sprinkles just below body for feet.

TIP: Feel free to add egg sprinkles to make it more Easter-ish.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio15   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio16

Disregards the black M&M’s pictured on the photo above left. I was going to use these for the eyes but ended up being too big.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio17   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio18

Bunny topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio39

GRAB: 2 StackerMallows, 2 Mini marshmallows, 1 heart candy, 2 black M&M’s, black licorice and pink writing gel.

MAKE: Dip scissors in water. Cut out ear shapes from marshmallow. Dust sticky sides with cornstarch. Draw pink inside of ears with the writing gel. Cut out six whiskers from the black licorice. High top frost the cupcake and immediately press on embellishments into place.

TIP: If shapes are too sticky, dust cornstarch on your fingers when handling them.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio24   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio25

Eggs nest topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio38

GRAB: AmeriColor brown food color spray, 3 Candy Egg Mallows and 1 Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treat.

MAKE: Shape treat to resemble nest. Spray nest evenly with brown color spray. Let dry completely before handling. Smear a large do of frosting into the center of the nest and place the tree eggs into place.

TIP: I was too lazy to make my own crispy cereal treat. You can make it with Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies cereal and omit the brown spray all together!

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake Toppers by The Marshmallow Studio_stepouts

Now that you know how to make 8 super easy and very cute marshmallow cupcake toppers for Easter which one will you be making?


Host a girls craft day and DIY an Easter Egg Wreath by TheMarshmallowStudio

Between having small children, working from home and traveling often…. entertaining seems impossible.

I still remember the days when we hosted spontaneous gatherings at our home all the time. Indeed life has gotten busy in the past 6 years but that is no excuse for not making time for friends and family. I believe that when there’s a will, there’s a way. 

I’ve been wanting to have a few of the girls over for a crafting get together. My friends at Oriental Trading helped me make it happen!!

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio23

Ordering ALL the supplies I needed from a one-stop-shop was the easy part. Didn’t need to leave my house or go to a bunch of stores.

The difficult part was deciding on which craft for us to make. My goodness, have you seen the HUGE inventory they have?!

Since Easter is just around the corner, I thought I’d be a good idea for us to make something cute for Easter to decorate our homes with.

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio1

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio9   DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio8

Here are the tools and supplies you’ll need to make the wreaths:

1 – Easter Tablecloth

3 – Jumbo Easter Egg packs

Mini Pastel Easter Eggs

Springtime Fine Glitter

Pennant Flag Ribbon

4 – White Foam Medium Wreath

Easter Green Grass

2 – Glue Guns

2 - Glue Stick packs


2 – Scissors

Permanent markers or gel pens


DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio21   DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio3

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio22   DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio16

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio19

Optional supplies:

Variety of washi tapes (Dispenser from We R Memory Keepers)

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio15

Supplies for Easter Marshmallow Pops:

Wilton 6″ lollipop sticks

Wilton FoodWriter Neon Markers

Wilton Extra Fine Tip FoodWriters Markers

KRAFT Jet-Puffed Marshmallows – Easter varieties (Jumbo EggMallows, Candy EggMallows, and BunnyMallows)

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio17

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio18

You can set up everything on a side table for each guest to grab their own supplies or you can set each place setting like this:

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio4

For the refreshments station:

Mango-pineapple Mojitos

Shortbread bars

KERRYGOLD Dubliner Cheese cubes

RITZ crackers

Table grapes

and, of course, marshmallows!

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio7

I made a virgin mango-pineapple Mojitos pitcher. Such a yummy and refreshing drink!

To make it: Muddle lots of mint leaves, lime juice and sugar.  Place mango and pineapple cubes in pitcher. Pour in mango juice, club soda and mint mix. Add ice cubes and stir. Chill in refrigerator until ready to serve.

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio24

I made little name tags for each glass out of scrapbooking sheets.

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio14

I used my paper punches and gel pens to decorate them.

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio6

These shortbread bars are incredibly delicious and addicting!!

I received this simple recipe from my husband’s grandmother, Joyce. She told me it was my hub’s great grandmother Nelson’s recipe.

To make it: you take 1 pound of softened unsalted butter, 1 cup of sugar and 4 cups of cake flour. Cream these together in stand mixer until smooth. Pour batter into a 9″ x 13″ cake pan. Spread batter and level evenly with spatula. Poke all over surface with fork. Bake at 350 F degrees for 45 minutes.

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio12

KERRYGOLD Dubliner Cheese is one of my fav!! It’s nutty and sharp with a hint of creaminess.

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio25

Don’t these apothecary jars looks beautiful filled with pastel marshmallows?!

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio13

The girls loved this simple yet special set up. I’m telling you, having a few cake stands and nice serve ware can make any food table look polished and special.

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio26   DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio10


Once we grabbed ourselves a drink and a few bites, we got to crafting!

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio27

We started off by covering the foam wreaths with green grass.

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio28

Next, we trimmed the grass all around.

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio29

After the grass was trimmed, it was time to decorate!

(Oh, I busted out the chips and salsa too. I wanted something spicy LOL.)

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio30

We all decorated our wreaths with Jumbo eggs, mini eggs and a bunting banner.

Some of us decorated our eggs with washi tape and other with glitter.

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio31

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio34

LOVED the bunting banner! It was very convenient to already have it cut out and assembled :)

I used a variety of gel pens to write on them.

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio32

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio33

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio35

It was so much fun chitty chatting and laughing with the girls while we crafted. I think it’s important to have some “me” time once in a while and this totally hit the spot!

The girls all said they too had a fabulous time. They said it was super cool that I had put this together for us. It was awesome all around!!

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio36

We were having so much fun that we lost track of time and didn’t even get a chance to do the marshmallow pops I had planned.

One of my friends had to leave early and we didn’t get a chance to include her in this photo. No worries though, Baby Kamilla thought she’d fill in for her.

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio37

My finished Easter wreath is now hanging on my door :)

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio43

I hope this has inspired you to make some time and call the girls over for a little crafting!!



As we approach The Marshmallow Studio’s 4th year anniversary, I’m more in love with this entrepreneur journey of mine than I have ever been.

I’ve had the opportunity to create adorable marshmallow art, design incredible showpieces, work with fabulous stylist, publish a book in two languages, travel all over the United States teaching, attend super fun conferences, partner with awesome brands, represent the biggest marshmallow manufacturer in the country, make tons of friends, expand my skills (business, sales, marketing, social media, etc.) and most importantly… I’ve been able to do it all from home so I don’t miss a day seeing my kids grow up!

The Marshmallow Studio has turned into more than just a marshmallow designs business. It has slowly transitioned into an educational blog with marshmallow recipes, crafts, product reviews, sugar art tips, giveaways and more. Since nothing is life ever stays the same, TMS is again undergoing another transition – we’re expanding our content!


I want to be able to share with you other things that make my heart flutter – DIYs, crafts, painting, home decor, baking, cooking, travel, entertaining, parenting and so much more. I already share glimpses of my other projects and personal life on my Instagram account but would like to tell the story behind them here as well for those of you who have expressed interest in learning more. You can expect to start seeing more posts with these topics from this day forth. Don’t worry, marshmallows are still my #1 passion and I will always try to keep that the focus of this blog. I hope you enjoy all the fun stuff that’s to come :)



Marshmallow Shamrock Jell-O Cups byTheMarshmallowStudio_hero

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that just grows on you. Being Mexican, I never really knew what St. Patrick’s Day was beyond the day that you were supposed to wear green to school haha. I remember one day forgetting to wear green and getting pinched really hard in my arm by some kid. Not cool! (more…)


Pirate Party by TheMarshmallowStudio

Ahoy Mateys!!

Welcome to Captain Keiran’s 4th birthday party.

Months ago I told my hubs that I didn’t want to go all out for birthday parties anymore. I told him I wanted to keep it simple, inexpensive and small. Did I stand behind my words??? Kind of haha!

With lots of DIYs and pulling in my existing home decor and props, I was able to pull this pirate off on a very small budget. I’ll explain below.


The Marshmallow Studio - Home Office Tour

Yeay!!! Today is my birthday :)  I am officially leaving my roaring 20′s behind. I turned 30, OMG!

Every birthday, I sit and evaluate my life, personally and professionally. I think about what I’ve accomplished so far and what I still need to do before my time is up in this world. A few days ago I began  this process as I listened to 90′s hits on my computer and ate caramels. “I’ve done well”, I told myself as I looked around my home office. I didn’t mean that in a conceited way. I said that because I was surrounded by love, by family and by passion. I’ll explain how below…..



DIY Valentines Day Marshmallow Cupcake Toppers by TheMarshmallowStudio

I have something NEW for you today.. well, more like this year!!

As you know, in the past years I’ve  been creating large marshmallow showpieces for KRAFT Jet-Puffed Marshmallows. I like challenging myself to try new methods, techniques, tools and products to create with marshmallows. It’s truly my favorite way of expressing my love for marshmallow art. Seeing my visions come to life, pushing the limits and exceeding expectations is what makes my fluffy heart flutter. I love it!

This year; however, I decided to switch things up a bit. I like being unpredictable like that haha! :) I think you’re going to love this change….

For my holiday projects this year I’ll be showing you how to make cupcake toppers using marshmallows!



Valentines Smores with Love in a JarTheMarshmallowStudio

Woohoo!! February, my favorite month of the year is here!

February is my favorite month for lots of reasons. Many fun events take place this month like Valentine’s Day, my birthday, my son Keiran’s birthday, my mother-in-law’s birthday, it’s the shortest month of the year and the weather is still cool. Let’s just say, we are busy and partying all month long!



Valentines Day Smores Grams_TheMarshmallowStudio

Woohoo!! February, my favorite month of the year is here!

February is my favorite month for lots of reasons. Many fun events take place this month like Valentine’s Day, my birthday, my son Keiran’s birthday, my mother-in-law’s birthday, it’s the shortest month of the year, the weather is still cool and there’s always lots of chocolates to enjoy. Let’s just say, we are busy and partying all month long!



Gingerbread Marshmallow Brownie Man_TheMarshmallowStudio

SWEET!!! Christmas is just around the corner and I cannot wait!

Every family has their own traditions. In my family, it’s all about cooking, baking and spending time together. We don’t have customary Christmas recipes that we do but one thing is for sure, it always involves tons of desserts.

In my book it’s just not a real celebration until you add dessert! With that in mind, for my boys it’s just not as fun unless they get to join in the prepping. I’m raising them to be involved and helpful around the house and kitchen. They love learning how to cook and bake which I’m very happy to see. I wanted to create a simple and fun recipe that they could help me with every step of the way. As with most kids, their favorite part is decorating so I thought I’d make a gingerbread man type of dessert. I’ve made gingerbread cookies in the past and for what I was trying to accomplish, that would’ve been too much work so instead I decided on a brownie!

Gingerbread Marshmallow Brownie Man_TheMarshmallowStudio01 (more…)


Mexican Champurrado by TheMarshmallowStudio

Growing up in Guadalajara, I remember drinking lots of Champurrado. We mostly bought it from food carts while out on the town during the holidays (Fiestas De Octubre, Dia De Los Muertos, Posadas, Navidad and Año Nuevo). It warmed us right up and went perfectly with the warm buñuelos, churros, crepas and donitas that we used to buy. I wish I had photos to share with you of these beautiful memories but I hardly have any from my childhood all together.

It’s almost impossible to find a good champurrado here in the United States so I’ve learned to make my own. Let me tell you what champurrado is…..



Fall Rice Krispie Treat Cake_TheMarshmallowStudio

Ooooh… I’m super excited to share with you another fun little DIY treat for this Fall or Thanksgiving.

You KNOW my favorite season of the year is Fall and there’s inspiration everywhere (well, mostly on Pinterest and Instagram because sadly there isn’t much of Fall going on in Las Vegas, ever). Anyway, recently I made a Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie Treat Bundt Cake drizzled with caramel for KraftRecipes.com and it left me wanting more. It was so good and easy to make that I knew I had to keep rolling with it. I remembered seeing the fabulous girls of Anders Ruff make several Rice Krispie Treat cakes in the past and thought…. I’ll make one for Fall!