Nautical Marshmallow Baby Girl Nursery by TheMarshmallowStudio

“Third time’s a charm”, they say.

This post might seem a little out of subject compared to what The Marshmallow Studio is about and what all I normally blog about but I’m just too excited that I wanted to share this blissful moments with you. It was extremely hard to capture real colors due to poor lighting in the room but I hope you still like it.

As you might have learned on my Instagram, we just welcomed our newest little marshmallow to our family. Our tiny baby girl came to complete our little family!

Her name is Kamilla Alessandra Morin.

It’s a mother’s dream to have the perfect, healthy baby… and if she’s a creative momma like me… then it’s also her dream to have the time, space and resources to decorate the most beautiful nursery for her baby.

Well…  it took me over five years and three children to have that opportunity. Life doesn’t always happen the way you plan it but I am grateful that we’ve overcome so many obstacles together and we’re in a better place today.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio31

In my Instagram, you can see that I love the whole nautical theme. I’ve decorated my boy’s room and bathroom with lots of sea details. I wanted to spread that theme into my baby girl’s nursery but make it girly enough for her to love it as well.

This year while at SNAP, I learned about a company called Wallternatives. They are owned by Royal Design Studio and are based out of Chula Vista, California. They make the cutest and most affordable wall decals. I immediately knew I had to incorporate their products in our new home as well as in the nursery I was working on already.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio41

I opted for polka dots. Simple dots in a variety of colors that would make Kamilla’s nursery whimsical and cute.

I ordered white, silver and dark blue dots. I’m in LOVE with the fact that they are not permanent, they were super easy to stick to the wall and what a completely different look they gave the nursery.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio42

If Kamilla wants to switch up her room in the future, all we’ll have to do is peal off the dots and order something new from Wallternatives :)  

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio59

My mom and sister helped me arrange the silver and white dots on the blue accent wall so they looked like confetti was blowing from the corner of the room. Then we tied them in with dark blue dots on the other two walls of the room.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio14

I’ve always thought there was something so magical about crib mobiles. They keep babies entertained and they provide visual stimulation.

I made Kamilla a mobile using yute, embroidery hoops and yard. Simple, easy, pretty and useful…. just right!

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio17   Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio19

You already know I LOVE painting so naturally I painted her wall letters.

Instead of hanging them on wall like I have done for my boys’ room, I just arranged them on top of a picture ledge then decorated with rope.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio29

I found an acrylic paint color to match the blue accent wall then painted dots all over them in white, silver glitter and coral.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio30

Let me show you the rest of the room:

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio52

This little bench is very special to me. My parents bought it from me in Michoacan, Mexico during one of our road trips in our RV when I was probably seven years old.

I used to play with it for hours and had all my dolls sitting on it. I stole it from my mom’s garage to pass it on to our baby girl so she can have her dolls on it now.

This is her first doll :)

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio15

Above it, I hung the coolest nautical cast iron hooks with little tin coral pails so she can keep her bows, hair clips and whatever other cuteness she needs to.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio16

On the other side of her crib:

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio21

I have a side table with special decoration that I’ve made for her.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio33   Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio34

Behind the door:

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio53

We created a library just like in the boys’ room.

I also hung a the growth chart I painted to match her wall letters.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio2

I found the perfect cast iron seashell hook for the growth chart but it was turquoise so I painted it coral color with acrylic paint.

I also tied in the dots theme on the book ledges with washi tape. I hung a mesh iron anchor over it.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio43   Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio8

The room has a weird angled wall so here’s what I did with it:

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio54

I placec the changing table and above it I hung a shelf with pretty decorations.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio7

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio6
I made her a nautical wreath with a FloraCraft foam wreath wrapped in satin ribbon, I painted a paper mache anchor, attached it to it and tied rope on top.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio11

My mom gave me this quote box that matched the nursery colors perfectly.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio9
The wall next to it is still a working progress.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio37   Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio38

I haven’t found a dresser that I like yet but that didn’t stop me from decorating the wall haha!

I made my own nautical mirror by gluing rope around a candle mirror plate, and a coral mini whale wood decoration that I painted coral.

I printed a coral seahorse and coral crab clip art image, attached it to scrapbook sheet and framed them.

There are a few white, silver and dark blue vinyl dots on this wall too!

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio28

For our cozy corner where I’m sure I’ll be spending endless hours feeding and bonding with her:

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio27   Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio23

This special gliding chair was a gift to us for our first son, Aiden. I used it with him, with Keiran and now we’ll be using it with Kamilla.

The white side shelving unit here used to be my sister’s Now that she’s off to college, I figured she won’t be needing it in her room so I stole it too haha.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio24

You know I’m all about adding hand-painted details

I purchased several wood pieces from Michael’s and got to painting.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio25

Every little kid has to have a rocking toy :) How adorable is this little lamb?!

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio36

For the light fixture, I painted an plain white Ikea fixture and added washi tape to the base. It ties in the ceiling perfectly with the rest of the room.

The boys’ room has the same light fixture but I painted navy and white stripes on it.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio40

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find coral fabric!

I’m not a huge fan of the print but at least I was able to find coral fabric at JoAnn’s. I sewed this window valance and added a navy trip to the bottom.

I also had to make my own coral comforter and crib skirt because it was impossible to find one anywhere. I did, however; find the cutest white and coral crib sheets at Target and another set that was white with silver dots.

I am very proud of my new sewing skills, they have saved me tons of money in our new home.

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio57

And for the flooring detail…. I found a pretty rug at HomeGoods.

As you can tell, although the theme was Nautical with navy, coral and white…I wasn’t afraid of incorporating different patterns and hues. I almost had to because I had a limited budget, time frame with and difficult color scheme to work with.

Do you like it?

Marshmallow Baby NurseryTheMarshmallowStudio5

I hope I didn’t bore you with my design mommy talk and that you have enjoyed my tour of Kamilla’s nursery.

I’ve talked so much about Aiden & Keiran’s room that I feel I should write a post for it too. What do you think? Should I?

Disclosure: This is a review post for Wallternative products that were provided to me at no cost .  I was not financially compensated and all opinions are genuine and my own. I only endorse and use products that I absolutely love and believe in.


Roaring Dinosaur Party-TheMarshmallowStudio106

“Roaring Dinosaur” 5th Birthday Party

Roaring Dinosaur Party-TheMarshmallowStudio123

Aiden has recently been obsessed with dinosaurs. He started learning about them in preschool and has then watched almost every movie, documentary and cartoon about dinosaurs. He’s constantly playing with his dino toys and can even name most of them by their names. I’m ashamed to admit he knows more about dinosaurs than me! A several months ago when we asked him what theme he wanted for his 5th birthday party to be, he said “superheroes”. I began looking around for inspiration but it was just not happening. I was not ready to let him be a “big boy”. Out of the blue it hit me! I suggested a dinosaur party. His eyes lit up and he said “Yes mommy, a dinosaur ROAR party!”.

As always, the first step was to browse online for some inspiration then seeing what I had already at home to use. Once I had an idea of what I was going to do and how, I got started on the invitation design and the paper goodies. I usually do those first to get them out of the way and focus on the crafting, decor details and menu. Keep reading for list of sources and lots of tips and DIYs.



2014-04-25 19.37.37

You know me, I’m a believer of the very convenient philosophies: “Better late than never” as well as “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission” haha. Therefore; a few months late but here’ s my short recap of my adventures at SNAP!

I must say, it was one of the coolest conferences I have attended…. and I’ve been to many many many ranging from technology to food to design. I had a great time for lots of reasons. Keep reading  and you’ll see why…



Cookies & Milk party by

My son was turning 3 and we wanted to celebrate it with a party like we always do.

However, since our new home is almost done being build and we are trying to save as much as possible, we needed to come up with a way to celebrate on a budget but not skimp on the wow factor.

I had all kinds of ideas – hot dog bar, nachos stations, donuts party, snacks and refreshments…. I finally decided on a “Cookies and Milk” party.



2013 TMS Recap

At the end of every year, I like to take time to look back and reflect on what was  blessings and adventures occurred during that time. I do this with my personal life and with The Marshmallow Studio. You really learn a lot about your strengths, your weaknesses and it helps set new goals for the upcoming year. For me, doing annual recaps of each year on this blogs has helped me document the growth in my marshmallow skills, and my marketing abilities. Oh and to see the progress of my photography and Photoshop skills too which have a long way to go still haha.

{PLEASE NOTE: Below each image there will be a link you can click to see the full post for that project which will include additional photos and details.}



I hardly ever ever post anything on here that doesn’t involve directly involve marshmallows but today it’s different. Well, hold on…. I guess in a way it does have something to do with marshmallows since thanks to this beautiful fluffy adventure of mine I’ve become friends so many wonderful people and this post has been possible due to one of them.

My friend Jasmine from Idea Event + Style is the fabulous designer who introduced me to her gorgeous art prints. Yesterday I showed you the one I loved for Fall and now I’m going to show you the one that touched my heart.



My eldest son, Aiden, loves Scooby Doo. He can sit and watch it all day long if we let him. I don’t mind buying him all the movies because I think it’s one of the last “good” cartoons left. No violence, no foul language and it has innocent humor. When we asked him what he wanted his 4th birthday party to be of he said “Thomas the Train” but (thankfully) a week later he changed his mind. He wanted a Scooby Doo “spooky” party. My wheels started turning. I didn’t want to have the traditional 60′s bright theme and I had to incorporate the spooky somewhere in there. I began researching all the episodes and “bad guys” I could use in the party. I came across the “Haunted Carnival” episode and thought it would be perfect. We would have a carnival, a Scooby Doo theme and spooky ghosts everywhere. It was perfect!!!

Haunted Halloween Carnival 123by



Here’s another party I’ve been meaning to share with you – my son’s recent cowboy party. Enjoy!


My son Keiran has been suffering of the “terrible twos” for quite some time now so when it came time for his actual second birthday we decided to celebrate it with a party which had a very fitting theme – Outlaw!




I cannot believe it has taken me over eight months to post my son’s 3rd birthday party from August 11, 2012.  This is proof that the book and the move has taken a toll on me.

Well, better late than never :) Enjoy!


This celebrations was far more than just another birthday party, it was a graduation party as well per say. Meaning, we were celebrating the successful completion a full year of speech and applied behavior analysis therapy. He worked so hard to learn new things, learn to talk and modify his behavior and at times I couldn’t bear to see him struggle and become upset day after day, but we knew it was for his best. As the end of his therapy term neared, which coincidentally would be right at his 3rd birthday, it was clear to us he deserved a big party complete with sweets, piñatas, family and friends!



GOODBYE 2012. HELLO 2013!

Ummmmm…. where has the year gone? It feels like just yesterday I was here typing away my last post for 2011 and now I’m doing it for 2012. It seems every year time passes by faster and faster doesn’t it? Well, I always like to sum up what adventures each year brought for The Marshmallow Studio. It’s a fun way to reminisce and see much we’ve learned, grown and accomplished.

Below I’ll be sharing with you photos of our great moments, designs, and more. Click on image to go to post!



From our family to yours, we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!


Pinching. Pinching. Still pinching myself and not waking up. Wow, this is really happening. It’s not a dream!!

I am jumping with excitement over here! After months and months of holding it in, I am thrilled to finally be able to tell you all that The Marshmallow Studio is being sponsored byKRAFT Jet-Puffed marshmallows. This is HUGE!! Jet-Puffed being the #1 marshmallow manufacturer in the United States asked me to join their team?!?!? They sure did :) Let me tell ya, it’s a beautiful feeling to know that the marshmallow brand I love and use the most actually admires what I create and think so highly of me as to bring me on board as their “digital spokesperson”. I feel soo honored and blessed!!

I have joined their team as the new Community Manager. You’ll soon find me creating amazing marshmallow masterpieces, sharing recipes, videos and more on the Jet-Puffed Facebook page and other social media outlets such as Pinterest and Website. Can’t disclose too much yet but I can tell you we are working on lots of really fun and innovative things that I’m sure you’ll love so stay tunned for those. I will keep you informed of what’s coming up so you don’t miss a thing.

What better way to make this announcement than with marshmallows? I wanted to make this announcement extra special so I ‘mallorized the JET-PUFFED logo. We used a 48″ X 36″ board, mini marshmallows,  MallowBits and StackerMallows. My husband and I had actually had a pretty good time making this together!



YES, you read right! :) I am ecstatic to finally tell you all that we are working on our first book! What started off as just a crazy idea is now truly happening. Two years ago when I founded The Marshmallow Studio I thought people would just want to order my designs (or not even) then I started receiving endless wonderful emails from around the world requesting tutorials, videos, and classes. I had accidentally created a new craze and it became fuel for me to keep pushing the limits. My students, customers, fans and readers have inspired me to truly pursue this book venture and make it a reality. My goal is to make a humble contribution to the world that could hopefully make an impact in someone’s life.

A little bit about the book… it will show you step-by-step, how to make over 72 designs which most are never-before-seen creations. The book will also contain tips, recipes and techniques that I have learned along the way. The pages will be filled with amazing photographs and all of my marshmallow and sweets decorating knowledge. On top of that, we are also working with an amazing team of talented, creative professionals to add a few “extra goodies” that will be exclusively available those who snag a copy.

We haven’t set a solid pre-order or release date yet but it won’t be too far out and I will be  sure to let you know as soon as it’s scheduled. I plan on taking you along this exciting journey with me by sharing some behind-the-scenes photos and stories through our blog. I’m still pinching myself over here while jumping up and down with excitement and trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach. I want to THANK YOU all for your love and support, it truly means the world to me and I hold it dear to my heart! Let’s get this show on the road….


Nature-Inspired Organic Monkey 1st Birthday Party

Date: Saturday, February 25, 2012


From the moment my son Keiran first looked at me with his big brown eyes we’ve called him our little monkey. When it was time to decide the theme for his 1st birthday party, it was an obvious choice. Although I wanted a sweet monkey party, I didn’t want it to be fantasy jungle or cartoonish monkey. I opted for very nature-inspired elements, with lots of browns and greens, bananas, and rustic decorations which were captured beautifully by the lense of Iliana from Iliana Morton Photography.

Keep reading for more photos and DIYs


FROM 2011 TO 2012, A FULL RECAP.

WOW…. is all I can say!

I cannot believe 2011 is over and now we’re getting ready to welcome 2012. This year was the first full year of The Marshmallow Studio. I can almost say we only really worked during half of it due to our second son being born and me still learning the business. Yet, it was a year of immense growth, monumental accomplishments and many lessons learned. I designed many pops, taught many students and made some friends along the way.

Looking back at everything that happened around here this past year makes me feel very blessed and proud. Must admit, a lot of it was possible with the sweet help of my husband, my two little boys who’ve given me all the strength and love I need to help push through the long nights, and a few valuable mentors.

Soooo, I wanted to put together a little recap of some of the fun we had in 2011 at The Marshmallow Studio. It’s a longer post than usual, but one that I truly enjoyed putting together for all of you to enjoy!! (more…)