DIY - Make perfect gift baskets like a pro

While at SNAP this year, I learned about an awesome company called HomeRight.

They make ¬†all kinds of products to make your home “right”.

You can pretty much expect many more posts from me with these products because once we move to Washington state, I’ll be using these most of these tools to make our new house our cozy home!

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Camping Party by TheMarshmallowStudio

It’s kind of fun when your kiddos are old enough to get involved in their birthday party planning.

My eldest son, Aiden, is obsessed with parties and entertaining. He’s always putting together little parties for his stuffed animals, setting up the table when his friends come over for play dates and he’s quick to volunteer in my Studio when I’m crafting. Every year (way ahead of time) he tells me what theme he want for his next birthday party.

For his 6th birthday party he wanted a CAMPING PARTY!

Camping Party by TheMarshmallowStudio.com_49

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mARTshmallows 2yr Anniversary Sale

To celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of the release of our 1st book, mARTshmallows, we’re offering a limited time offer of $10 OFF it’s retail¬†price!!!

This isn’t just any sale though…

It’s the LOWEST price we have ever¬†offered

We ONLY have a small quantity of hard cover books in stock

Once these sell out, it will only be available as an EBOOK


Features of mARTshmallows book. mARTshmallows 2yr Anniversary Sale

Even if you think you might not go all out with marshmallows…..

This book will teach you skills and techniques that you can apply to just about any sugar art medium, dessert, or creative edible craft.


It makes an super fun and unique gift for moms, teachers, grandparents, friends, neighbors and kids!

mARTshmallows 2yr Anniversary SaleThe experts (SEE ABOVE) approve ūüėČ

When you have BIG names standing behind a¬†book, you know it’s going to be awesome!


How about FREE printable tags to go with your marshmallow pops?

I got you covered!!!

mARTshmallows 2yr Anniversary Sale

Don’t wait…………. this could be your last chance to actually physically hold it in your hands.

Order it for just $20 at www.mARTshmallows.com

mARTshmallows 2yr Anniversary Sale

Thanks everyone for making our self-published adventure a success!


Marshmallow and Strawberry Ice Cream Cupcakes by The Marshmallow Studio

Imagine a creamy, luscious, frozen strawberry dessert that melts in your mouth like butter when you take bite.

Yup, that’s pretty much how this dessert rolls.

It has a cream cheese base with fresh strawberry puree and topped with homemade whipped sweet cream and crunchy tiny marshmallows!!

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Cake Pop Stand Co Giveaway at TheMarshmallowStudio

Wooohooo it’s GIVEAWAY time!!!!!!!!!!!

One very awesome perk about having a blog is being able to¬†broadcast to¬†the world about a fabulous find or an amazing deal or even about a new hack that you wonder how did you ever make it through life not knowing. Well today’s post is to tell you about a cool new company that makes p.r.e.t.t.y. cool dessert stands. They are Cake Pop Stand Co.

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5-minute Rocky Road Cheesecake by TheMarshmallowStudio

My friends, there’s a time and a place for everything!

Sometimes I go all Thomas Keller and sometimes I go all Sandra Lee. If I’m making French macarons, there are no shortcuts or semi anything. I make those delicate, little cookies from scratch. When I make cake pop balls, I use cake mix for my dough. No need to make a cake from scratch when I’m just going to crumble it and dip it into candy coating.

Let me tell you about my latest semi-homemade¬†adventure…

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Super fun and easy to make Hoop Hideout using kit from We Made It by Jennifer Garner exclusively available at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts store.

Super fun and easy to make Hoop Hideout using kit from We Made It by Jennifer Garner exclusively available at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts store.

I  positive my boys were a little bit more excited about this project than I was.

We Made It Hoop HideoutTheMarshmallowStudio1

We had the opportunity to work with JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores in the launch of their new exclusive product line, We Made It by Jennifer Garner.

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Cupcakery Giveaway from The Marshmallow Studio

I am pretty excited about today’s post!

My good friend Toni from Make Bake Celebrate has just released her debut book, Cupcakery.


There are many reason’s why I love this book.

For starters Рbecause Toni has been such a good friend to me from day one. We met in Miami while attending BlogHer Food 2014. I was about 4 months pregnant then and going through the ups and downs of expenting. She was constantly making sure I was okay and just being very understanding. We hit if off as sweet sugar friends immediately.

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