I got something cool to share with you guys :)

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be invited to do a demonstration at ABC Cakes Shoppe and Bakery in Orange, CA last Saturday, 10/8/11 for the California Cake Club Fall Quarterly Meeting. Although I’ve been teaching for a year now, something about doing a demonstration in front of sugar art professionals made me a little nervous. Boy, am I glad I accepted the offer and came out to Orange, California because I found a gem…


The store is located in a cute little strip mall off a main avenue, with an ample parking, and great signage so you can’t miss it. I was welcomed by this big o’ Gingerbread Man Baker in the window.


They when I walked in…… “WOW! This place is HUGE”, I said out loud LOL (more…)


Seriously, can someone please pinch me?

Did Chef Paul really just ask me to teach at his re-known store in Las Vegas, Nevada?

He sure did and I immediately said “Of course!!!”.

I’ve been dieing to go to Chef Rubber in Las Vegas for almost a year now and since I was coming out for Cake Camp already I thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to finally visit. This store is absolutely amazing. Beware: you will want to spend every dollar you have here. They have everything you didn’t even know existed. I was lucky enough to have my husband hide my wallet from me before walking in, LOL.

Chef Rubber offers specialty items for artisan chefs, cake decorators, confectioners, and mixologists. They also have a super cool and modern classroom space. You have to come to this place. Let them know Alejandra from The Marshmallow Studio sent you.

We’re builing up an insterest list so we can schedule classes accordingly. Please shoot us an email at info@themarshmallowstudio.com and ask to be added to LV Class list. As soon as we have a group together we’ll be scheduling our 1st class there! So go on, pass the word :)