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My boys are obsessed with Halloween. Whether it’s because of the thought of being allowed to get a major sugar rush all in one day or all the fun and spooky decorations in every store we walk in to, they love it! I think Halloween is cool but I’m more of a Dia De Los Muertos person. I remember growing up in Mexico celebrating this beautiful holiday with delicious bread, traditional clay dishes, flowers and artisan crafts.

Dia De Los Muertos (or Day Of The Dead as it’s known in the United States) is a Mexican holiday in which friends and family gather together to pray for and remember their deceased loved ones. Traditionally the celebration takes place October 31st- November 2nd. People build private altars called ofrendas, honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds, and favorite foods and beverages of the departed. They also visit their graves and leave some of these as gifts along with a few possessions of the deceased.



Witch on a Broom Marshmallow Cake by TheMarshmallowStudio

Finally!!! The time to share with you my super awesome Witch On A Broom Marshmallow Showpiece has come!!

I finished this piece several weeks back and have been dying to post photos.

As you already know, every holiday I make a special marshmallow showpiece for KRAFT Jet-Puffed Marshmallows. For this year’s Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas I decide to step up my game and challenge myself to do something different. I partnered up with FloraCraft and Chef Rubber to make one-of-a-kind sugar art.



Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio

Halloween Gravestone Marshmallow Cupcake Toppers

Boooooo!! Halloween is coming up fast and I’ve got just the quick cupcake decorating trick so you can treat all your little favorite people!

Will you be hosting or attending a Halloween party this year? I love holidays, because they bring friends and family together to celebrate, interact and enjoy yummy food. How about all the cool Halloween party and Halloween food ideas out there? So many fun stuff!!



DIY Halloween Cake by TheMarshmallowStudio

Although this little Halloween cake of mine didn’t turn out as envisioned, I think it’s pretty fun after all!  It’s a two layer yellow cake, frosted with dark chocolate frosting and decorated with marshmallows…What’s not to love about this cute DIY Halloween Cake?!

Making fun projects like these for KRAFT Jet-Puffed Marshmallows every holiday is what I love the most about being their Community Manager. I seriously have the sweetest job ever!!



Halloween entertaining with KRAFT Giveaway

Halloween is such a fun holiday for kids and adults alike. Above is a photo from last year’s Halloween. My family and I dressed up as the s’mores family. I made the costumes from felt! My boys love getting dressed up and playing pretend. They also enjoy helping me cook and bake when I’m making pumpkin recipes, ghoulish treats and other Halloween themed goodies. I believe it’s very important to get them involved in the kitchen so they can learn to be independent, improve their fine motor skills, as well as expand their cause and effect comprehension. It’s a win-win; they help me, they learn and they have fun!

Halloween entertaining with KRAFT Giveaway

I recently received a wonderful package filled with awesome goodies at no cost to me from my friends at KRAFT Recipes. The sweetest part of it was that I would also be able to give one away to a lucky reader of my blog. I love when I get to spread the love and share great products I enjoy with you all. Here’s a list of the cool products that I received and will be included in the giveaway package:



During my son’s preschool teacher-parent conference his teachers asked me what did a “marshmallow designer” do?? They were intrigued after seeing my occupation listed on the school records. I smiled and said “I make all kinds of stuff with marshmallows!” That only seemed to have fueled their curiosity even more. They immediately asked me if I’d like to bring in something to their upcoming Halloween party. Well you guys know me…. I love challenges and having an excuse to play with marshmallows :)



As some of you might remember, a few months ago I designed several marshmallow necklaces. I thought people were going to laugh at my coo coo imagination but they actually loved them which was wonderful!!

I wanted to design a new necklace for Halloween that would be even easier to make. A necklace that kids can make at school, can be worn by anyone and can be eaten whenever. Sooooo, I wrapped Jet-Puffed’s Jumbo Pumpkin Mallows in plastic wrap, tied ribbon in between each pumpkin and then drew Jack o’ Lantern faces over each marshmallow. No need to run around looking for an edible pen, just draw over the plastic :) It only took me ten minutes to make!!

Scroll down to see full DIY tutorial (more…)


I cannot tell you how fun it was to create this piece. I used over 14 different Jet-Puffed marshmallows and lots of royal icing and colored sugar. I also added a few Twizzlers, Oreo cookie crumbs and Wilton sprinkles to complete the scene. I knew I wanted to make a haunted house but, as you know me, I had to go all the say so I also included a cemetery and a pumpkin patch.

Can you see the ghosts inside the house?? That was my favorite part :)

You can check out all the details and different views below:  (more…)



Who would have thought that powder blue looked soo good with orange and black for a Halloween party?

Jessica from Party Box Design knew!

She is a fabulous mega talented graphic designer and party stylist. Her parties are off the charts so when she asked me to design a special piece to go with her Wicked Annual Halloween Party printables…. I didn’t even have to think about it. (more…)


My favorite season is Fall. I love the colors, the pumpkin desserts and the cool breeze that’s in the air.

Another thing that I absolutely love about Fall is going to the pumpkin patch with my family. It’ our little family tradition :)

Last week when I mentioned that I had to come up with DIY costumes for my kids to wear to my friend’s Halloween party because I really didn’t like the cheesy and expensive ones available at the store, some of you asked me to share.

So… I thought I’d share their costumes along with the treats I made for the party. (more…)


Halloween is around the corner and look what I’ve found….

I bought these at Walmart and then saw them at Target. Remember that these are only seasonal and if you wish to have these shapes, colors, flavors or sizes you must get them now. Enjoy and don’t forget to share with us the fun things you do with YOUR ‘mallows ;)


Drummmmmmm Roll Please :)

Thrilled to introducing to you part of our 2011 Fall/Halloween Collection. The second half will be posted in two weeks.