My KRAFTown Visit

Can anyone guess what this is?

Chicago Chocolate Show 13 -TheMarshmallowStudio.com1

YES!! It’s KRAFTown :) and it was such an amazing experiences to visit this place.



Pinch me. Pinch me.Pinch me!!!!

I have been featured inside the Summer 2013 issue of KRAFT Foods’ Food & Family Magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food & Family Magazine TMS feature
TMS feature

As if that wasn’t enough……………….

They also featured me inside their Spanish version, Comida y Familia!!!!!!!!

Comida Y Familia TMS feature

Food & Family TMS feature

I could not in a million years afforded to pay for this type of exposure. I am forever thankful to my team at KRAFT Jet-Puffed Marshmallows for making this happen.



Pinching. Pinching. Still pinching myself and not waking up. Wow, this is really happening. It’s not a dream!!

I am jumping with excitement over here! After months and months of holding it in, I am thrilled to finally be able to tell you all that The Marshmallow Studio is being sponsored byKRAFT Jet-Puffed marshmallows. This is HUGE!! Jet-Puffed being the #1 marshmallow manufacturer in the United States asked me to join their team?!?!? They sure did :) Let me tell ya, it’s a beautiful feeling to know that the marshmallow brand I love and use the most actually admires what I create and think so highly of me as to bring me on board as their “digital spokesperson”. I feel soo honored and blessed!!

I have joined their team as the new Community Manager. You’ll soon find me creating amazing marshmallow masterpieces, sharing recipes, videos and more on the Jet-Puffed Facebook page and other social media outlets such as Pinterest and Website. Can’t disclose too much yet but I can tell you we are working on lots of really fun and innovative things that I’m sure you’ll love so stay tunned for those. I will keep you informed of what’s coming up so you don’t miss a thing.

What better way to make this announcement than with marshmallows? I wanted to make this announcement extra special so I ‘mallorized the JET-PUFFED logo. We used a 48″ X 36″ board, mini marshmallows,  MallowBits and StackerMallows. My husband and I had actually had a pretty good time making this together!



Since most of the marshmallows we use are KRAFT Jet-Puffed, I thought it’d be a good idea to share with them what we use them for. So I posted a photo of our TMS original Cupcake Marshmallow Pops on their wall and thought nothing would come of it. A couple of days later, I woke up to see over 300 new Facebook fans, a full inbox, and tons of sweet comments on my photo. Kraft had shared my photo with their 777,880 (at the time)  fans and we instantly had gone viral!

So this is how it went down:




What a day!!!




We just can’t wait to share with you the new marshmallows we found. Kraft is really stepping it up lately :)  Rush to your nearest Walmart or Target and stock up on these while they are out!!!

Then tell us what you did with them>>>>> pops, roast them, s’mores, dipped them in hot cocoa, a new receipe… what, what, what? We want to know and see! Share with us all. Post photos on our Facebook or email them to us at


Super super cool new marshmallows from Kraft, I found them at Walmart. They are called Jet-Puffed StackerMallows. They are meant to be swished in between a graham cracker and a Hershey’s chocolate bar to make s’mores. They are yummy white vanilla flavored rectangles (about 1″ x 1 1/2″ x 1/3″). I’ve already used them in my pops. I am also carrying them in my store

I am always looking for new marshmallow products to hit the USA market since right now most of the marshmallows I use I have to import them from Mexico, Guatemala and China. My goal is to popularize this art so the demand for a variety of shapes, colors and flavors increases and they start selling these products here too. That’s why I need every one’s help to spread the word.


I LOVE these seasonal marshamallows I found at Walmart. Every season I browse the candy and baking department looking for seasonal things to stock up on. Most of these items can only be found for a few weeks but you can purchase them and they’ll last fresh in your pantry for the rest of the year and you can incorporate them into your designs throughout. 

Go out and stock up => Get creative! 

Remember to let us all know about your FUN FINDS (email us or post on our FB)