Halloween is around the corner and look what I’ve found….

I bought these at Walmart and then saw them at Target. Remember that these are only seasonal and if you wish to have these shapes, colors, flavors or sizes you must get them now. Enjoy and don’t forget to share with us the fun things you do with YOUR ‘mallows ;)


After seeing our Mad Hatter Marshmallow Pops at the Launch Party, Sweets Indeed thought we’d be a perfect addition to their Alice in Wonderland styled sweets and treats station they were working on for an adorable 4 year old’s birthday party.

Every detail is just perfectly executed. I mean seriously, how amazing is the table tutu to resemble Alice’s dress? Cute, right! Another one of my favorite parts is custom teacup cake stands they made and decorated. Super creative.

We made blue and green mad hatter hats to compliment the event colors. Our marshmallow hearts were also included

The cake, cookies, and cupcakes look deliciously sweet and adorable. Vanilla Bake Shop did an awesome job on those yummy little “paint red roses” french macaroons.

It was such a delight working with Marie and her team. Her creativity and professionalism impressed me. When I saw the photos, I too wish I had fallen down the rabbit hole!

Read up on all the details and see more photos at their blog.  Photographs by The Pixel Studio


This is a question that people often ask me. I’m guessing they assume that because we are the ONLY business in the United States that does marshmallow designing that I should want to keep it that way.

My answer: My goal is to popularize this beautiful art. I truly enjoy interacting with students, sharing my knowledge and seeing their creativity flourish.


I know that by teaching marshmallow designing competition is inevitable and I’m okay with it. I believe competition is healthy; it gives us a bit of a challenge and gives the consumer options. Plus, some people simply like doing crafty things for their friends and family. This is something easy, inexpensive and new they can do.

I encourage my fans and students to post photos of their marshmallow creations on our Facebook page or email them in to be featured on our blog. I also try to mentor them in any way I can. It would be wonderful to someday have tons of people coming up with super imaginative marshmallow designs (Something like how Bakerella has everyone giving cake pops a try).

{From left to right: Pops by Kim Crapps, Sonia Torres, and Stephanie Rangel}

Here are a few of the photos our Facebook fans have shared with us. Note: Neither of the above mentioned have taken a class from The Marshmallow Studio. They were just crafty ladies that made these on their own and wanted to share with us. Let me tell you, sometimes I even learn a thing or two from my students :)

Although I am flattered that someone would want to re-create our designs, I constantly find myself telling my students to always be original and inventive. I’d be more than happy to promote an up-and-coming designer/business as long as they are genuine and produce quality work.

For more information about our classes Click Here.



Available as pops too


{Perhaps this should have been one of the first things to do when I founded The Marshmallow Studio but seems I forgot about myself LOL}

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the woman behind The Marshmallow Studio. My name is Alejandra Morin. First and foremost, I am a wife, a mommy, and a fun loving person. I love ice cream, cocktails, all yummy desserts and crafts. My hobbies include painting, cooking, baking, and scrapbooking. I enjoy listening to music, watching comedy movies, reading magazines and relaxing by the beach. I’m a bit of a workaholic who likes things to be perfect and organized. I put my all into everything I do and believe hard work does pay off in the end.

My little family:

My husband Kyle (AKA my graphic designer, my IT tech, my business advisor, and my partner in crime), my sons Aiden (DOB Aug. 2009) and Keiran (DOB Feb. 2011). They are the best!!! They are my motivation to keep going day after day.

Want to know more? Here is the official Bio that you can see on the website:

“With a background in event planning and a creative ability, Alejandra Morin successfully opened The Marshmallow Studio in April 2010. She graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island with an Associate’s Degree in Travel & Tourism Management. To quench her thirst for knowledge and work experience she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where she graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Administration, majoring in Meetings & Events Management. While in Las Vegas she became a top player in the nightclub industry and later for a destination management company. Yearning to be closer to the beach, her and her husband moved to San Diego where they currently reside along with their two sons.

In order to have a flexible schedule and raise their children, Alejandra learned the art of marshmallow designing from her mother and made into a business. Her goal is to popularize this art through her classes and designs so everyone can enjoy these deliciously adorable and unique new marshmallows. She wishes to soon publish a book to teach people all around the world how they too can make these fun and yummy marshmallow creations. “I want everyone to fall-in-love with marshmallows that way I have” says Alejandra.”


Seriously… how yummy does this S’more Pop look above? I would seriously take a big bite out of it :)

So since we are on the subject and your mouth is already watering, we wanted to introduce to you a couple of our new S’more products.


Designed for those that love s’mores but don’t want all the chocolate calories but the same yummy taste.

Now you can eat at your hearts content and not feel too guilty.

Dark Chocolate Drizzled Vanilla Marshmallows accompanied by Graham Crackers. These delicious s’mores taste super yummy.

Excellent as snacks, gifts, favors, pretty much anything!



Designed for those that need a s’more while on the go.

No need to roast the marshmallow, just take out of baggie and bite!

These are perfect as favors, gifts, giveaways, and to munch on whenever.

We have over 50 ribbons to match your theme and event colors.




Need a unique little sweet treat for a special someone (teacher, friend, co-worker, etc)?

How about these cute little s’more!

Marshmallow available in different shapes too! 

We can even add a message or design :)



Check out our website to see all S’more products.


Seriously, can someone please pinch me?

Did Chef Paul really just ask me to teach at his re-known store in Las Vegas, Nevada?

He sure did and I immediately said “Of course!!!”.

I’ve been dieing to go to Chef Rubber in Las Vegas for almost a year now and since I was coming out for Cake Camp already I thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to finally visit. This store is absolutely amazing. Beware: you will want to spend every dollar you have here. They have everything you didn’t even know existed. I was lucky enough to have my husband hide my wallet from me before walking in, LOL.

Chef Rubber offers specialty items for artisan chefs, cake decorators, confectioners, and mixologists. They also have a super cool and modern classroom space. You have to come to this place. Let them know Alejandra from The Marshmallow Studio sent you.

We’re builing up an insterest list so we can schedule classes accordingly. Please shoot us an email at and ask to be added to LV Class list. As soon as we have a group together we’ll be scheduling our 1st class there! So go on, pass the word :)


We just got back from Cake Camp 2011 in Las Vegas and I cannot wait to tell all of you how amazing Cake Camp was. We had a total blast! It was our first big show and we really didn’t know what to expect so we thought we’d give it a shot. I was thrilled to see the reaction of people when they saw our booth.




These adorably unique wedding cakes are fully customizable to match any theme, colors and/or design.

The cake may be covered in (colored or uncolored) shaved coconut, sugar, sugar crystals or plain.

The base of the cake is a cookie! 


Custom character order for twin’s 1st bday party. These were shipped in the middle of hot July all the way to New Jersey and thanks to our super cool insulated packaging they made it in perfect condition.

CAN OFFICIALLY SAY “As seen in Amy Atlas Events’ Sweet Design Blog”

After having a permanent smile in my face, my feet and knees hurting from all the jumping and bragging to everyone now I am announcing on my blog that we’ve been featured in Amy Atlas EventsSweet Design blog “Fourth of July Roundup” post. I can officially put her badge on my website and facebook. Super excited!!!

In case you missed it, here’s the link.

This is HUGE considering she is the Queen of dessert tables. She inspires me in many many ways including how to juggle being a “mompreneur”.  A couple of months back I even wrote an entry saying how I wish she would know about us. I just can’t believe it… now it’s time to keep the ball rolling and make more things happen for The Marshmallow Studio.

Thank you very much to Amy, Lisa and her whole team for all their hard work, dedication, down-to-earth-ness, and motivation.