I’ve never done a gingerbread house before, let alone one made out marshmallows bit always wanted to.

When I learned that Candy.com and MyCandyCrafts.com were having a contest and the winner would get a $75 gift certificate to either site I knew I had to enter and win.

So I grabbed my notepad and began to sketch out what I thought would be a magical marshmallow gingerbread house.

At the end, I had a North Pole Marshmallow Cabin.

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As you may remember, a few months back we announced that we’d be donating 50 cents to the Susan G. Komen For The Cure Foundation for every new friend we got on our Facebook page.

PINK Hooters marshmallow pop by The Marshmallow Studio

Well, the results are in:

With your help we now have a total of 1,086 friends (started on 10/1/11 with 808) that’s a cool 278 new friends. Multiply that by 50 cents and that’s the amount going towards finding a cure!!!

Yay 🙂 Thank you all very very much for helping us raise money. We will be back next year with the same charity and purpose in mind. Every year we hope to reach out to more friends and raise more and more money.


I am very proud and happy to announce that The Marshmallow Studio will now be involved in many of the upcoming beautiful baby showers put together by Operation Shower.

Here’s a little thing you didn’t know about me (Alejandra): I LOVE babies and kids. We’ve been looking for sometime now for a meaningful charity that we could partner up with. Operation Shower was a perfect fit us and our products would also be great additions to their events!

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Although I am ecstatic to have our new and beautiful website up, this post isn’t really all about that. It’s mostly about my amazing, loving, smart, supporting and sweet husband. He’s very modest and doesn’t like to be put on the spot-light. Well, I don’t care I am sooo putting him on it today because I am very proud of him and thankful to have someone like him in my life. As much as I’d like to take credit for making The Marshmallow Studio a successful company, I can’t help to acknowledge that without Kyle, my husband, we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

From day one, he’s been supportive, helpful and willing to do whatever it takes to be there for me. Whether it’d be designing me new business cards or making dinner cause I”m busy making ‘mallows. He is my partner in life and in the business. It amazes me how much he know about technology, design, business administration and law. He also knows how to cook, clean and make the boys giggle non-stop. I truly could not have asked for a better man to call my husband and to be the father of my children.

When we first designed and launched the original The Marshmallow Studio (TMS) website, we pretty much just needed to get it out. We were receiving orders and inquiries without advertising, having a Facebook page or website so we wanted to keep the momentum going. It was simple and had the essentials. With TMS growing, it was time for our website to represent that growth too. I wanted a fun, informative, bright and sweet website where our viewers could stay a while and feel like they have to purchase something to join in the fun.


The new website would include:

  • Direct access to our blog without leaving site
  • Product catalog
  • Class and event calendar
  • Press mentions and customer reviews
  • TMS buttons (Super cute ones too)
  • List of links to our favorite sites, vendors, and bloggers


Soooo…….After many weeks of late nights and cups of green tea (his favorite), The Marshmallow Studio has a new website. Check it out and let us know what you think 😉




Seriously, can someone please pinch me?

Did Chef Paul really just ask me to teach at his re-known store in Las Vegas, Nevada?

He sure did and I immediately said “Of course!!!”.

I’ve been dieing to go to Chef Rubber in Las Vegas for almost a year now and since I was coming out for Cake Camp already I thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to finally visit. This store is absolutely amazing. Beware: you will want to spend every dollar you have here. They have everything you didn’t even know existed. I was lucky enough to have my husband hide my wallet from me before walking in, LOL.

Chef Rubber offers specialty items for artisan chefs, cake decorators, confectioners, and mixologists. They also have a super cool and modern classroom space. You have to come to this place. Let them know Alejandra from The Marshmallow Studio sent you.

We’re builing up an insterest list so we can schedule classes accordingly. Please shoot us an email at info@themarshmallowstudio.com and ask to be added to LV Class list. As soon as we have a group together we’ll be scheduling our 1st class there! So go on, pass the word 🙂


While in Las Vegas for Cake Camp 2011 we delivered our first order to Sugar Factory. The next day our products were delivered to the Sugar Factory boutique inside Paris Casino & Hotel. I was anxious to visit the store and see our products on display as well as the customers’ reaction so we decided to stop by on Saturday night.

So as soon as I walk in this is what I see: our Daisy Flower Pops and our Ice Cream Sugar Cone Pops!

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Sooo I’m totally lost! No clue what # and @ and RT and how to attach photos and links but I’m for sure gonna try LOL. I always forget to stop and tell the world about what’s going on In The Studio. I’m definately gonna try to get better at it cause we know lots of you out there would like to stay in the loop. I still feel our Facebook page is a better source of info but Twitter can always help. Either way, you can follow us there under TMSMarshmallows…. Maybe you can tweet at us with some “Twitter for Dummies” advice 🙂 hahahaha