I feel soo proud and excited to see my name in the University of Nevada Las Vegas magazine that I just wanted to share with you all. Plus, it gives The Marshmallow Studio some exposure 🙂


Do you know someone who would love to have some of our ‘mallows but you just don’t know which ones to get them? Or, do you want to give someone a uniquely sweet gift?

Well, we’ve got the solution…. The Marshmallow Studio now offers Gift Certificates starting from $10.  It’s  a perfect gift for anyone, of any age and for any occasion!


We made it to the second stage of casting….

The Sweet Life is going to be a reality show on the Food Channel about a family business of chocolatiers, confectionary creators, candy architects, or donut designers with a unique business and lifestyle.

This would have been a SWEET opportunity for us to show the world our awesome ‘mallows and finally get that book deal we need to publish our book. Unfortunately, timing just wasn’t right and we had to drop out of the casting process. We will continue to work hard; we’re sure another cool opportunity will come up again 🙂


If you like our marshmallows, we guarantee you’ll enjoy this website =) It is funny and informational all at the same time. They are as passionate about marshmallow as we are but in a different way LOL

Although, it breaks my heart when our marshmallows are eaten or roasted (cause we put soo much love and passion into making them) NMRI is all about mastering the art of roasting,savoring ‘mallows. and educating the public about them too. Check out all the fun facts, FAQ column on the right of the page and all the funny jokes and quotes in between. You can even become a member of NMRI and receive your official members card with a $5.00 donation.

Go on now and let us know what you think 🙂


We are excited to announce we are now members of the California Cake Club (3 CCC’s).

The California Cake Club is a non-profit organization working together to make people aware of cake decorating and the confectionery arts in California.  The club was formed in December 1980 in Anaheim, California. Check them out at:


It’s our 1st Year Anniversary!!! I wanted to thank each and every one of you for making this possible. We’ve had great succcess and amazing customers.
We plan on expanding, on designing new marshmallows and on starting to write our book next year. With your support… we might just become the next “big” thing :0)


Make sure you “like” us on Facebook and tell all your friends too. Stay up to date on all of our upcoming classes, new products, latest orders, amazing promotions and fun finds. The faster we grow our popularity the faster we’ll be able to publish that cool book (Wilton Pops style) so you can have it at home and make all the marshmallow pops you’d like. Tell your friends to mention you when they like us. The friend with most mentions will receive a special gift :0) 

Also, we’d love to see all of your creations involving marshmallows. Post photos and tell us how much you enjoy eating these sweet little things!