Last week I attended the Event-Solutions Idea Factory / Catersource Tradeshow 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I had a blast, learned a lot and meet some really cool people. I loved the energy in the air and the creativity As some of you may already know, I have two degrees in event management and worked many years in this field. One of my biggest passions are events and all aspects of design. Every year I look forward to this show because there are soo many new things to see and learn about, not to mention the amazing tablescapes designed by some the country’s top event designers. This was my fourth time attending the show and every year it seems to keep getting bigger and better. I will be back again next year!

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 This is a way over-due post but one that I really wanted to write and share with all of you.

As some of you may already know, we have had the opportunity twice now to design and donate custom marshmallow pops for the beautiful organization Operation Shower.  There are soo many reasons why I feel dearly toward this organization to name them all, I just hope to be able to continue donating our products and time whenever possible. You too can get involved by donating here or through their Amazon wishlist. After learning that they were hosting the January shower in San Diego, I immediately volunteered to provide pops and also to come help set up for the event. I was stoked to finally meet the wonderful team behind this organization and the 11 talented designers that were being involved.

Here’s the cherry on top of my ice cream sundae… I got to make new friends, hang out with a fabulous group of ladies, and I even heard our Flamingo Marshmallow Pops were a favorite on the sweets table with the future-mommas!

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A few months back we wrote a guest post for Eye Candy Event Details in celebration of their 1st year anniversary. Well, the lucky winner was Donna O’neil and she decided to cash in her prize with marshmallow pops for her daughter’s birthday party.

The theme was “Dinosaurs” so she picked our Dino Fun designs and ask to customize it a little to fit her party.


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While at Cake Camp 2011 in Las Vegas, we had lots of people express interest in learning how to make marshmallow pops like ours. Some were asking about classes, some about online tutorials, DVDs, books, magazines, etc. Unfortunately, we have not had a chance to complete all of the sweet projects we have going on. But we DO teach local and travel classes.

Two of the ladies that talked to me about coming out to teach at Arizona were Aurora from Lovely Little Cake Shop and Kim Crapps from Confection Connection. After working out all the details, the date was set and I was set to come out to teach our first travel class!

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Oh yeah…. I was mega super excited! It was finally time to meet…

Although I do not bake cakes, decorate cookies, frost cupcakes or roll cake pops, I sure eat them LOL.

No seriously, I’m a huge fan of Bakerella because she has motivated me to become a better blogger and more creative sweets decorator. She has also showed me that it’s okay to teach people how to do what you do.

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Are you tired of having to move 70 little containers and jars to get to the one pink jimmies you need? Or how about having to take over a whole cabinet in your kitchen just for decorations because you have soo many of them?

{Image of Karen Tack. Author of Hello, Cupcake!What’s New, Cupcake?,  and Hello Cupcake! What’s New?}

Well, I had the same problem when I started making marshmallow and quickly found a solution 🙂

Using my 40% off coupon from Michael’s Arts & Crafts I purchased this amazing “bead organizer binder” (retail normally $19.99) by Craft Mates and thought it’d be great to keep all my decoretts separated, on-hand, and portable.

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