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You might remember my previous post announcing our partnership with Operation Shower, well I am thrilled to finally be able to share with you guys all the details and photographs.

I’m not sure who came up with the theme but I am sure that paper and cake did an outstanding job at designing all the paper goods and styling the whole event.

The above were the images I was given to help me design marshmallow pops for this event. I had no idea what other elements were going to be used in the shower or how the whole event would look like. When I saw the photographs from Lily Love Photography….. OMG, I was floored away by Abigail’s creativity!

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2015 Recap post

With a new itty bitty baby girl and our house up for sale, 2015 surely flew by before my eyes. I didn’t even notice it until today.

Kamilla Alessandra Morin

Here I am again, writing my traditional end-of-year RECAP.

I like to write these as a reflection exercise and to jot down what I need to improve on for next year.

Below you’ll find all the projects and events that we did in 2015.


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DIY - Make perfect gift baskets like a pro

While at SNAP this year, I learned about an awesome company called HomeRight.

They make  all kinds of products to make your home “right”.

You can pretty much expect many more posts from me with these products because once we move to Washington state, I’ll be using these most of these tools to make our new house our cozy home!

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Alejandra Morin is the “marshmallow girl” behind The Marshmallow Studio, a blog and shop for all things marshmallow and creative. She’s also the author of the book mARTshmallows. In case you haven’t figured it out, she’s obsessed with marshmallows. She eats, cooks, bakes, creates edible art and talks about them like all the time!

After becoming a new mom and moving to a new city, she wanted to figure out a way to stay home while still earning an income. On a whim, her mother taught her how to make decorated marshmallow pops with a quick 2-hours crash course. After a few weeks of playing around, she founded The Marshmallow Studio on April 1st, 2010. Thanks to social media, she quickly began getting more orders than she could fulfill. To streamline production, she began wholesaling her products to major candy boutique clients such as Sugar Factory. Right around that time she was invited to host a workshop at the local sugar art supply store in San Diego where she shopped for most of her supplies. In no time, she turned into a regular instructor at that location and many other different stores across the country. With her family growing, she was unable to devote as much time to traveling and that’s when the idea of writing a book came. As she began planning out her first book, a new BIG opportunity came knocking. Being the only marshmallow artist of her rank in the world, it was no surprise that she caught the attention of Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows.  Alejandra has been the Social Media + Digital Marketing Manager for them since 2012. It’s like a partnership made in sweet fluffy heaven!

Alejandra’s debut book was mARTshmallows which she self-published in August 2013. Immediately after, she successfully completed an eleven-stop book tour around the country to personally connect with her followers and partner retailers. Exactly a year after releasing the hardcopy, she released the ebook version in English and Spanish. Now everyone anywhere around the world can learn how to decorate marshmallows! Alejandra has had the honor of being credited with starting the “marshmallow craze”. Her designs have been featured on several online and offline publications including Cake Central, Special Events, Hostess With The Mostess, The Party Dress, Celebrations at Home, Amy Atlas, Project Nursery, Candy Industry and more. In efforts to fulfill her philanthropic spirit, she often donates dozens of custom marshmallow pops to Operation Shower.  Alejandra’s not willing to stop at sugar, she has also been a speaker at various conferences including Cake Camp, BASH and SNAP where she discusses business and social media topics.

Besides marshmallows, Alejandra also loves glitter, crafts and all things rustic. She is a perfectionist, meticulous organizer, cookbook collector and DIYer for all. She loves painting, traveling and parties; makes sense considering she has a college degree in Meetings & Events Management and another one in Travel & Tourism Management. She cannot live without desserts or comedy movies. Alejandra lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her wonderful husband, Kyle, their three children Aiden, Keiran and Kamilla + their two chihuahuas, Bombon and Latte.

You know, there’s so much more fun going on beyond this page. Alejandra would love to connect with you via The Marshmallow Studio blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest or you can email her at


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Fun Fact: TMS 1st pop design


2013 TMS Recap

At the end of every year, I like to take time to look back and reflect on what was  blessings and adventures occurred during that time. I do this with my personal life and with The Marshmallow Studio. You really learn a lot about your strengths, your weaknesses and it helps set new goals for the upcoming year. For me, doing annual recaps of each year on this blogs has helped me document the growth in my marshmallow skills, and my marketing abilities. Oh and to see the progress of my photography and Photoshop skills too which have a long way to go still haha.

{PLEASE NOTE: Below each image there will be a link you can click to see the full post for that project which will include additional photos and details.}

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