This week I traveled all around Southern California to meet with a few Cake and Candy Supply Stores to work out classes and marshmallow supply orders. Can’t disclose too much yet but I am excited to tell you that we’ll be covering the San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego Counties. Classes and Supplies will be near you!!!

If you’d like for us to also be near you, please forward our information to your local store and ask them to contact us ASAP 🙂


Our 1st class was a total success. We had 13 students. Time flew…I absolutely loved teaching and look forward to doing it some more. It was soo funny when I was adding the icing to the first pop how the room was completely silent and as if I was the only one there. The ladies were putting so much attention and had some good questions. Next class will be hands-on and I know that’ll be super fun!
If you live in So. CA request a class and products to your local cake & candy supply store!
It is our goal to write a book, teach across the US and import marshmallow bags to be available for purchase everywhere 🙂 We need to increase our popularity before the book happens, so please help us spread the word fast.


Awesome news….. Want to learn how to make your own marshmallows designs??? Well, i will be teaching at Do It With Icing Cake and Candy Supply Store San Diego, CA. First demo class will be held on Saturday, Oct. 16. 2PM($25 fee) Availability is limited so don’t wait and sign up ASAP! Take a look at the class schedule here.