While in Las Vegas for Cake Camp 2011 we delivered our first order to Sugar Factory. The next day our products were delivered to the Sugar Factory boutique inside Paris Casino & Hotel. I was anxious to visit the store and see our products on display as well as the customers’ reaction so we decided to stop by on Saturday night.

So as soon as I walk in this is what I see: our Daisy Flower Pops and our Ice Cream Sugar Cone Pops!

Can you see the excitement in my face?!?!?!?

The store was completely filled with people. I stood next to my pops for about a minute and saw about 30 people pick up our pops, squeeze them, smell them, and even read our label on the back. I can’t even describe the feeling, the butterflies, the emotions that I felt at that moment. After that, I went camera crazy and snapped a bunch of pics all over the store.

I noticed the cupcake pops were no where to be seen, so I asked one of the employees if they were out on the floor and she said they sold out of them last night. I said, “What?!?!? Sold out within hours? Really?” She said, “We need more ASAP”. Sooo cool and scary at the same time, might need to hire help really soon here.

Here I am outside Sugar Factory with my two baby boys 🙂 Them two along with my supporting and loving husband are what keeps me going everyday.

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