{Perhaps this should have been one of the first things to do when I founded The Marshmallow Studio but seems I forgot about myself LOL}

It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the woman behind The Marshmallow Studio. My name is Alejandra Morin. First and foremost, I am a wife, a mommy, and a fun loving person. I love ice cream, cocktails, all yummy desserts and crafts. My hobbies include painting, cooking, baking, and scrapbooking. I enjoy listening to music, watching comedy movies, reading magazines and relaxing by the beach. I’m a bit of a workaholic who likes things to be perfect and organized. I put my all into everything I do and believe hard work does pay off in the end.

My little family:

My husband Kyle (AKA my graphic designer, my IT tech, my business advisor, and my partner in crime), my sons Aiden (DOB Aug. 2009) and Keiran (DOB Feb. 2011). They are the best!!! They are my motivation to keep going day after day.

Want to know more? Here is the official Bio that you can see on the website:

“With a background in event planning and a creative ability, Alejandra Morin successfully opened The Marshmallow Studio in April 2010. She graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island with an Associate’s Degree in Travel & Tourism Management. To quench her thirst for knowledge and work experience she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where she graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Administration, majoring in Meetings & Events Management. While in Las Vegas she became a top player in the nightclub industry and later for a destination management company. Yearning to be closer to the beach, her and her husband moved to San Diego where they currently reside along with their two sons.

In order to have a flexible schedule and raise their children, Alejandra learned the art of marshmallow designing from her mother and made into a business. Her goal is to popularize this art through her classes and designs so everyone can enjoy these deliciously adorable and unique new marshmallows. She wishes to soon publish a book to teach people all around the world how they too can make these fun and yummy marshmallow creations. “I want everyone to fall-in-love with marshmallows that way I have” says Alejandra.”

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