This past Satuday, August 27 we taught a class at Do It With Icing in San Diego, CA and, let me tell you, it was awesome! We were laughing, decorating, and chatting the whole time.

The theme of this was “Baby Fever” and we made three pieces in three hours = a lovable stork, a precious baby and we decorated a petite chocolate-covered marshmallow pop. Everyone did a really good job and I was amazed at the enthusiasm and effort to each personalize their pieces.

We had a total of 13 students all coming from different places with different skills and backgrounds. I love getting to know them and keeping in touch afterwards too.


It finally happened….. Our first male student! Him and his wife drove almost two hours just to attend our Marshmallow Design class… wow! It made me feel really good when they said it was worth the trip and they truly liked the class.

The students left pumped and ready to try it on their own at home. We always bring a huge variety of marshmallow products and supplies to our classes for students to purchase afterwards.

We are now giving our students a Certificate of Completion when they attend one of our classes. It’s something extra they can take home and add to their portfolio or show off to their family and friends 🙂 along with their pops.

Feel like you missed out? Our next class at Do It With Icing will be on Saturday, October 15. We will be posting all the details next week along with other upcoming events, demos and classes.


  1. Lissette Calderon says:

    My Husband and I enjoyed the class and we are ready to start making many diffrent pops!!!

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