Seriously… how yummy does this S’more Pop look above? I would seriously take a big bite out of it 🙂

So since we are on the subject and your mouth is already watering, we wanted to introduce to you a couple of our new S’more products.


Designed for those that love s’mores but don’t want all the chocolate calories but the same yummy taste.

Now you can eat at your hearts content and not feel too guilty.

Dark Chocolate Drizzled Vanilla Marshmallows accompanied by Graham Crackers. These delicious s’mores taste super yummy.

Excellent as snacks, gifts, favors, pretty much anything!



Designed for those that need a s’more while on the go.

No need to roast the marshmallow, just take out of baggie and bite!

These are perfect as favors, gifts, giveaways, and to munch on whenever.

We have over 50 ribbons to match your theme and event colors.




Need a unique little sweet treat for a special someone (teacher, friend, co-worker, etc)?

How about these cute little s’more!

Marshmallow available in different shapes too! 

We can even add a message or design 🙂



Check out our website to see all S’more products.

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