Are you tired of having to move 70 little containers and jars to get to the one pink jimmies you need? Or how about having to take over a whole cabinet in your kitchen just for decorations because you have soo many of them?

{Image of Karen Tack. Author of Hello, Cupcake!What’s New, Cupcake?,  and Hello Cupcake! What’s New?}

Well, I had the same problem when I started making marshmallow and quickly found a solution 🙂

Using my 40% off coupon from Michael’s Arts & Crafts I purchased this amazing “bead organizer binder” (retail normally $19.99) by Craft Mates and thought it’d be great to keep all my decoretts separated, on-hand, and portable.

It came with eight individual containers with seven compartments each.


This crafty organizer features a security lock button on the side that must be pressed while pulling up on a certain compartment to open it so you don’t mix the contents with the others or even spill the whole thing by accident.

It also has a blank card on the side so you can label it and know exactly what’s in there.

How cool does this sprinkles wall look? You can pull out all the rows and stack them on top of each other without them slipping thanks to their inter-locking feature.

I’ve since returned to purchase another one and a few single rows as well to organize other little decorations.  I’m due for a third because my obsession for sprinkles is ever growing 🙂

This perhaps may not work for everyone because the quantity in each compartment is very limited but if you just need a few little pieces here and there, this will be perfect!

I often take these binders with me to my classes and my students LOVE them. I always jokingly tell them that I should patent the idea since it’s awesome LOL

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