My favorite season is Fall. I love the colors, the pumpkin desserts and the cool breeze that’s in the air.

Another thing that I absolutely love about Fall is going to the pumpkin patch with my family. It’ our little family tradition 🙂

Last week when I mentioned that I had to come up with DIY costumes for my kids to wear to my friend’s Halloween party because I really didn’t like the cheesy and expensive ones available at the store, some of you asked me to share.

So… I thought I’d share their costumes along with the treats I made for the party.

1st up is Keiran as Mini Dracula

This totally fit him because he is a bitter with his two little bottom teeth.

2nd is Aiden as Little Chef

There truly could not have been a better costume for him. He LOVES to pretend to cook and help out in the kitchen. (especially when marshmallows are involved LOL)



Once we got to my friend’s party…

While the kids were running around playing, my son went straight for the playhouse in the back to the little kitchen. There, he washed his hands, turned on the oven, put the cupcakes in the oven, and blended up yummy smoothies.

Let’s talk about the party and the sweets now 🙂


These two hilarious amigos of mine know how to host a fun party, let me tell ya!


Wondering what yummy treats they are enjoying??

Cute little pumpkins

Chocolate-covered marshmallows with royal icing decorations that included: glitterized graves, candy corns, spiders, pumpkin patches, and cute unique pumpkins.



Happy Halloween from The Morin Family

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