Oh yeah…. I was mega super excited! It was finally time to meet…

Although I do not bake cakes, decorate cookies, frost cupcakes or roll cake pops, I sure eat them LOL.

No seriously, I’m a huge fan of Bakerella because she has motivated me to become a better blogger and more creative sweets decorator. She has also showed me that it’s okay to teach people how to do what you do.

The tension is building up here at Barnes & Noble. It’s a Sunday but we’re still busy at work on our phones haha (Pam from Cake Ball Love: The Original San Diego Cake Ball and Cake Pop Company and Kris from ‘KCreative’ Cake Pops)

Check out the ADORABLE ‘hot air balloon’ cake pops that Kris brought for Bakerella… These are sooo beyond cute!

Here’s the SD crew being crazy fans hahaha (just missing a few).

{From Right to Left: Alejandra, Pam, Pia from Cake Pop Fusion, and Kris}

Two pops that I designed and made specially for her.

She’s finally here! Love how down to earth she was. Super sweet and approachable. She started off answering fan questions and then proceeded to signing. The B&N manager said lots of authors just sign and go in a flash so he was happy that she was different.

Say Cheeeeeeseeeeee!

More Cheeeeseeeee with the girls now 🙂

And I just had to take a photo with MOM (as I called her the whole time). She was super fun and a total photography pro. I can tell she is very proud of her daughter and totally having a blast traveling with her. We were trying to convince her to move to San Diego hahaha. She said “maybe”!

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