This custom character inspired order was truly nostalgic for me to make.

I actually remember watching this show as a kid growing up in Mexico. El Chavo del Ocho was a sitcom from the 70’s about a bunch of kids (played by adult actors) who lived in an apartment complex and did lots of mischievous things to their adult neighbors. Then in the 80’s it became Chespirito and finally in 2006 an animated version called El Chavo was launched. If you get a chance to catch an episode, you should watch it (it’s also available in English).. It’s hilarious!



  1. Donde los puedo conseguir? soy de Puerto Rico

  2. Fidencia valdez says:

    Donde puedo conseguir, el traje del chavo y de la chilindrina.

  3. Adrianna Cortez says:

    Good afternoon, I wanted to inquire on your pricing for your marshmallow pops. My son is having a “Chavo” theme for his 4th birthday and I absolutely love the custom order you have displayed on your website. Thank you in advance for your time and response.

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