While at Cake Camp 2011 in Las Vegas, we had lots of people express interest in learning how to make marshmallow pops like ours. Some were asking about classes, some about online tutorials, DVDs, books, magazines, etc. Unfortunately, we have not had a chance to complete all of the sweet projects we have going on. But we DO teach local and travel classes.

Two of the ladies that talked to me about coming out to teach at Arizona were Aurora from Lovely Little Cake Shop and Kim Crapps from Confection Connection. After working out all the details, the date was set and I was set to come out to teach our first travel class!

Class took place at the Lovely Little Cake Shop in Mesa, Arizona.

We laughed, we learned, we shared and we created marshmallow pops.




We even had a son-mom team 🙂 It was a great group!

Since Valentine’s Day and Super Bowl was just around the corner, I thought these three pieces would be perfect. A Tulip Flower, a Charming Prince Frog and a Cardinals Football Fan Helmet.

(These lovely pops made by Alejandra Morin are on display at the Lovely Little Bakery Shop.)

Above: Kim Crapps, Alejandra Morin, Aurora Feehely







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