Would you like to take a little peek at what kind of fun we have at The Marshmallow Studio?

(Above: Our logo made out of marshmallows)

We create, we have fun, we play, we taste and we take lots of photos here LOL

Just a wall of our meticulously organized Studio…

Here we have tons and all kinds of supplies and samples we’ve made in the past.

Pop Quiz: How many marshmallow bags do you think we have in stock at any given time?

Meet my best friends, my rack and pans.

Definitely, not proud of how I’m currently storing my ribbons but haven’t found the perfect solution yet. Will keep an eye out for ideas on Pinterest and probably put my husby to work one of these days LOL

My little desk is more like a table where I place things until I find a better place for them.

I hardly have time to sit down let alone work from my desk. I usually just grab my laptop and build myself a mobile office wherever I go.

Now…. I’d like to introduce to you our TOP TMS authority, testers, fans, elves and sweeties:


Aiden Kyle and Keiran Alexander.

At their young age, they’ve probably seen more marshmallows than any other kid in a lifetime hahahaha

They are true marshmallow experts and can smell one a mile away… surprisingly making their way to one in less than 10 seconds. Needless to say, they LOVE them!!

See, told you we have fun =)


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