I’m thrilled to share with you another fun tutorial I did for MyCandyCrafts.com.

Not only were these fun to make but super easy. You gotta give them a try. A few of our readers and followers already have!!

(3/20/15 UPDATE: Sadly, MyCandyCrafts is no longer in business; therefore, the original tutorial post has been edited to show the full tutorial right on here. Enjoy!)

Easter is such an exciting time for me because so many neat marshmallows and candies can be found everywhere.

You’re in luck this year my friends because I’m going to show you how to combine all the traditional Easter goodies into ONE pop – an Easter egg basket, a bouncy bunny, and fluffy marshmallows.

You’ll love making them and, believe me, everyone will love you for making these too!

3-14-12 006_TMS

Here’s what you’ll need for each pop:

  • 1 Jumbo Mallow
  • 1 StackerMallow
  • 1 Mini Marshmallow
  • 1 12” bamboo skewer (usually sold in the kitchen widgets isle)
  • 3 Jelly Belly Jordan Almonds
  • Pink Petal Dust
  • Food Color Pens
  • Brush to apply petal dust
  • White Jimmies
  • Cornstarch
  • Cup of water
  • Stainless Steel Scissors
  • Royal Icing (RI) in Piping Bags with Tips #2, #3, #5 and #233. (frosting-like consistency)
  • Soft Gel Colors to color the royal icing. I used Americolor Very Black, Leaf Green, Chocolate Brown and Soft Pink.

Here are the simple steps:

Whip up your royal icing, separate it into individual containers to color it, then bag them and set aside.

3-14-12 005_TMS   3_TMS
Dip scissors in water, cut jumbo marshmallow in half to form two thinner rounds.

5_TMS   6_TMS

Use fingers to spread a little cornstarch on sticky sides of the marshmallows.

7_TMS   14_TMS
Cut rectangle marshmallow in half to form two smaller rectangles. Trim edges off of both pieces to form bunny ears.

8_TMS   10_TMS

Cut mini marshmallow in half to form two thinner rounds.


Here are all the pieces you should have ready to assemble into a bunny.

12_TMS   13_TMS

Dip skewer in water. Pointy side down. Insert jumbo marshmallows into skewer and push down until tip of skewer is half way up the top marshmallow.


16_TMS 17_TMS

To glue to ears: pipe two large dots of white royal icing on top of the head then attach the rounded rectangle marshmallows.

You will have to prop them in place while the royal icing dries. I just gently pushed the pop against the pan and the ears were held in place.

Make sure the pop is NOT moved at all anymore from this position until it is completely dried. (About 6-8 hours)

18_TMS 19_TMS

Now it’s time to pipe all the fun details:

For the eyes: use black royal icing with a tip #2.

For the nose:  pipe a pink heart using tip #3.

For the cheeks: using tip #3, pipe two big white dots right below the nose on each side.

20_TMS 21_TMS

For the whiskers, insert three jimmies on each cheek while the royal icing is still wet.

22_TMS  23_TMS

24_TMS   25_TMS
This Jelly Belly Jordan Almonds assortment bag is great because the almonds are the perfect size you’ll need and they already come in beautiful pastel colors.

For this tutorial I used KopyKake food pens but I prefer using Wilton FoodWriters!! Draw on your “eggs” and have fun with decorating them. (Remember, only one side will be seen so if you mess up you can just turn it around and draw on it again).

26_TMS   27_TMS

28_TMS   29_TMS

To glue the eggs: using tip #233, pipe green royal icing all along the middle of the belly and attach three eggs.


31_TMS   32_TMS

To make basket, using tip#5 and brown royal icing, outline the shape of basket all along the bottom and on top of eggs.
Pipe a few separated vertical lines from top to bottom of basket outline. Start with top row and work your way down. Pipe a small horizontal line on top of every other vertical line. Every row should interchange which vertical lines it’s covering.
While basket royal icing is still wet, attach mini marshmallows on each side.


36_TMS 37_TMS

Then pipe green royal icing grass on top of basket along edge using tip #233.

39_TMS 40_TMS
Almost done….
Finish ears: pipe pink centers to the ears using tip #3.

41_TMS 42_TMS
Add blush: brush very little pink petal dust on each side of face.

3-14-12 066_TMS44_TMS

Continue to let them dry in original position for at least 6 hours (over night is best) before picking them up or packaging them.


These cuties smell yummy and they  just look so darling!!


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