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Buzzy Bee Marshmallow Pop Tutorial by TheMarshmallowStudio

This is a very exciting post for me to share with you for many reasons:

  1. It’s my first time participating in a blog party.
  2. As part of the giveaway prize, I’m giving away a copy of my my newly published mARTshmallows book.
  3. I finally have time to do a tutorial and update my blog… as you already know, my life as been crazy with all the KRAFT Jet-Puffed marshmallows work, preparing for convention season and with book work. Self-publishing is like no other!
  4. Lastly, this little honey bee is super cute and easy to make so I know you will all love making your own at home.

I am way honored that Beth from Hungry Happenings and Hani from Haniela’s invited me to participate in their Summer Picnic Blog Party. Each blogger was to make anything “picnic” related. The ideas started flying through my mind immediately. I decided to make a cute little marshmallow bee.

Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com1

Here’s what you’ll need:

(Makes 1 pop)

  • 1 Jumbo Mallow
  • 4 Ice Cream Cone Mallow Bites (vanilla)
  • 1 yellow paper straw
  • 1 toothpick with pointy ends on both sides
  • Yellow Wilton Color Mist
  • Black Wilton Food Writer
  • Black Wilton Fine Food Writer
  • Scissors

Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com2

To insert straw on the rounded underside of the Jumbo Mallow you must first make a whole with the toothpick. Once you make the whole, wiggle it around to stretch hole. Remove toothpick and insert straw halfway up to the center of the marshmallow.

 Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com19   Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com20

Hold spray can about 6 inches from marshmallow pop and spray until color is uniform. Set pop aside (preferably standing up) to dry for 1 hour before continuing to the next steps.

Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com21

Instead of color spraying the marshmallow you can sugar coat it (similar to a PEEP) or color powder coat it. You can learn more about these two techniques inside the mARTshmallows book.

Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com25   Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com4

Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com5

Using the black Food Writer draw three horizontal lines all the way around the colored Jumbo Mallow.

Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com6   Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com7

Using the black Fine Food Writer draw two ovals  for the eyes on the upper side of the Jumbo Mallow then draw a small mouth on the lower below the eyes.

Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com8   Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com9

Cut off 1/4-inch tips from both sides of the toothpick. You will be using these for the antennas.

PLEASE NOTE: I ALWAYS make sure to only use 100% edible ingredients and decorations on my designs but as I was just about to start this tutorial I realized I had ran out of black jimmies so I had to improvise with toothpicks. I strongly recommend using jimmies rather than toothpicks to ensure no one accidentally bites into them.

Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com11   Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com10

Using the black Wilton Food Writer, color the toothpick tips .

Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com12   Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com13

Insert the colored toothpick tips into the top front part of bee’s body. Right above the eyes area.

Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com22

Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com23

Very gently, pull apart the  sugar cone from the vanilla ice cream ball. Repeat for all four ice cream marshmallows.

Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com14   Bee Marshmallow Pop by TheMarshmallowStudio.com15

Vanilla ice cream balls will be sticky so all you have to do is press them up against the sides of the bee. If the wings seem to be staying in place because they’re not tacky enough, you can  dip your index finger in water, then touch the sticky side of the ice cream ball and trying to attach it again.

Buzzy Bee Marshmallow Pop Tutorial by TheMarshmallowStudio2


Now time for the REAL fun:



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  1. Oh my gosh – so cute! I used Wilton color spray for my treat too – love those 🙂

  2. Karen @ Trilogy Edibles says:

    These are so cute! Love all the marshmallow ideas. so fun!

  3. So cute. I love that you spray painted the marshmallow yellow for the bee’s body. I have lots of those cans of spray, and now I have more ideas on how to use them. Thanks for joining in on the picnic fun.

  4. Adorable! I need to make these for my grandson that LOVES bees!

  5. These are so SUPER-CUTE, this PICNIC sure is fun!

  6. It never occurred to me to use Color Mist on marshmallows. Super cute!

  7. These little marshmallow treats are as cute as can BEE! I hope to someday have a bee themed party and they would BEE perfect! 🙂

  8. So super fun, I can see these as cupcake toppers at a Bee Party!

  9. never tried the Wilton color spray before, I’ll be making some spray painted cupcakes for my next picnic!

  10. All the prizes are wonderful, thank you! I would really enjoy finding new recipes through the King Arthur Flour subscription!

  11. Jill @ Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons says:

    Very cute!!!

  12. I had NO IDEA Wilton had a yellow spray! Such a fun project!

  13. Delaine Neels says:

    I love your ideas, the little Bee is so cute will go great when doing my co workers what’s it gonna be baby shower. Thanks

  14. Your marshmallow bee is adorable!!!! Love it!!

  15. How adorable! I’ve never used that spray color before, but it looks really fun.


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