The day I circled on my planner months and months ago is finally here….

The day I could officially call myself a published author, a sugar professional, a serious entrepreneur….

The day my book mARTshmallows would be released!

mARTshmallows by TheMarshmallowStudio

There were many ways I wanted to celebrate this day – fancy dinner, release party, confetti and lots of desserts! As sad as it may sound, I never really had time to plan any of these out.

This day creeped up  on me too fast. I have been busy selling the book, shipping, preparing for show season, my work with Jet-Puffed and crafting for my son’s upcoming birthday party.

But one thing I did make sure I did was plan a fabulously awesome book tour 🙂 so I could meet many of you in person and spread ‘mallow love across the country.

mARTshmallows Book tour

More detailed information will be posted in the upcoming weeks. For all updates please make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

At which one of these cities will I be seeing YOU at??


Meanwhile, I leave you with some of my favorite photos I’ve collected from posts made by happy mARTshmallow owners 🙂

mARTshmallows fans

Here are moreCollage2

Thank you everyone for being the best fans, friends and family anyone could dream of. You’ve come along with me on this crazy and exciting roller coaster of publishing a book and seeing our dream come true.



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