Thanksgiving Marshmallow Turkey by TheMarshmallowStudio

For this Thanksgiving I wanted to created a marshmallow project for KRAFT Jet-Puffed Marshmallows that any mom could re-create at home for her family. I wanted it to be fun, easy, yummy and cute. My creative wheels began turning in my head and this adorable little turkey is what came to mind.

Thanksgiving Turkey Marshmallow Dessert -TheMarshmallowStudio.com9

I began by making a double batch of Cocoa Rice Kripies Treats. I shaped the body by pressing it into a large serving bowl and then hand shaped the head. Be careful when molding the treat, it may still be hot and burn your hands.

Thanksgiving Turkey Marshmallow Dessert -TheMarshmallowStudio.com15

While the treats were setting up, I sugar coated 48 large marshmallows with yellow, orange and red colored sugar.  Next, I inserted two of each color into 8 skewers and set them aside. I cut out feet and a peak from 2 S’mores Mallows and sugar coated them orange. (You can learn how to cut and color the marshmallows in my new book mARTshmallows.)

Thanksgiving Turkey Marshmallow Dessert -TheMarshmallowStudio.com11

To secure the turkey onto the cake stand, I smeared a thick layer of Hershey’s chocolate frosting all over the top and then covered it with coconut flakes colored green and a few Fall leave sprinkles.

Next, I placed the turkey’s body on the center and attached the head with two skewers. Gently lift the body from one side and push both feet underneath it.

Thanksgiving Turkey Marshmallow Dessert -TheMarshmallowStudio.com12

Attach nose to center of face and a Large marshmallow cut in half for the eyes. Pipe pupils and gobble with royal icing or any frosting.

Insert all 8 marshmallow skewers into the turkey’s body toward the back.

 Thanksgiving Turkey Marshmallow Dessert -TheMarshmallowStudio.com18

And that’s it!!! Display your adorable fluffy turkey as a centerpiece or on the dessert table or you could also give it to your Thanksgiving host.


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    Youre absolutely AWESOME!!!!

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