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Is Spring in the air in your city already? It’s definitely  here in Las Vegas as I type!

My second favorite season of the year is Spring. The air is crisp, the trees start getting green again and the flowers bloom all around. About this time, I get a burst of energy that makes me want to open up the windows, clean every cranny of my house and declutter everything. Hahaha, I guess that’s why they call it Spring cleaning.

Another fun thing about this season is that most stores fill up their shelves with lots of different Easter chocolates, candies and cute stuff. Being the marshmallow fanatic that I am, I look forward to JET-PUFFED Marshmallow‘s Easter varieties. They have the BunnyMallows, the Jumbo BunnyMallows , the Jumbo EggMallows and now the NEW Candy EggMallows. Woohoo. You have to try those out, they are awesome!



My family and I don’t normally make the traditional Easter recipes and feast but we do enjoy making all kinds of Easter desserts. I even made a Pinterest board dedicated to Easter themed marshmallow recipes and crafts that I hope to make this year. You can see my board HERE. I especially like making simple cakes and cupcakes decorated with bunnies and eggs. My boys always help me in the kitchen. They love it…. It can get messy but the memories we make are priceless 🙂

I wanted to share with you the EggMallows we recently decorated together. It was super easy and fun too!

Sanding Sugar_small


Decorated Easter EggMallows

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: N/A

Serving Size: 1 Jumbo EggMallow

Makes:  2 dozen eggs


1 cup royal icing (medium consistency)

Sanding sugar – I used five pastel colors

24 Jumbo EggMallows


Fill a piping bag with a round decorating tip OR a sandwich size zip-top plastic bag with the royal icing. If using plastic bag, snip a tiny opening on one of the bottom corners with kitchen shears.

Pipe desired design onto egg. Immediately turn egg over and press icing against sanding sugar. If you press too hard you’ll squish the design so make sure you are only pressing hard enough for the sanding to touch the icing.

Set aside and let dry 30 minutes. Display on a top of frosted cupcakes, in a cake, individually on an egg crate dish or enjoy right away. Once they have completely dried, you can store them in an air tight container for up to four weeks.


For more marshmallow recipes, crafts and more, you can visit me at www.facebook.com/JetPuffed

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