Shortbread Cups with Grilled Peaches and Marshmallow Dip by TheMarshmallowStudio

For The Love Of Cheese – and peaches and marshmallows!!

This month I was asked to create a recipe celebrating cheese-filled entertainment recipes for Kraft Recipes. For the Love of Cheese… well, that’s the easiest thing I’ve ever been asked to do since I absolutely love cheese…. all kinds of cheese. From the stinky, tangy flavor of Bleu cheese to the creamy sweetness of Brie and even the simple Monterey Jack, I could eat it all day, every day and never get tired of it. I think cheese goes particularly well with bacon (hahaha what doesn’t?!) There are so many kinds of cheese and even more ways to incorporate it into meals. The possibilities are truly endless!

Guitar Shaped Cheese BoardMini Weber Grill

 To get my creative juices flowing and to sweeten this month’s Tastemaker’s post, Kraft sent me a mini Weber grill and a guitar shaped cheese board. I had many ideas running through my head the moment I saw them. (Psssss…. scroll to the bottom for your chance to get your very own mini grill and other goodies) You know I am a marshmallow type-of gal and everything I do includes marshmallows one way or another, therefore I came up with away to marry my love for cheese and marshmallows…. and grilling haha.

 2014-04-30 17.02.38

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently moved into a new house. Moving is tough but I like to think of it as a kid would: an adventure, an experience and an opportunity to camp indoors. Our backyard is just dirt right now, we have almost no furniture inside and most of our meals consist of easy and quick dishes. I haven’t had a chance to make a yummy dessert in a while so I took this opportunity to treat my family.

DSC_0069060214   DSC_0063060214

 I put my husband to work right away on the mini grill (hahaha doesn’t he look so manly?) Mmmmm… I had him grill peach slices just until they were a little black to bring out their caramelized sweetness.

While he did that, I had already baked shortcakes in mini mason jars and was letting them cool down to room temp on the counter. Next, I got started on whipping up my favorite fruit dip which I use for everything.

 DSC_0074060214   DSC_0079060214

Assembling these cuties was super easy. I simply, filled the jars with dip and arranged a few slices of grilled peaches on top. I decorated with twine to finish off. I’m thinking these would be perfect for any time of the year just by changing the fruit on top to whatever is in season. Maybe berries, caramelized apples, kiwi, or even adding pumpkin puree to the dip for a yummy Fall treat (I am definitely trying that this year)! I love that these can also be used as desserts for a party.

Shortbread Cups with Grilled Peaches and Marshmallow Dip by TheMarshmallowStudio

Check out KraftRecipes.com for the FULL recipe and instructions HERE.

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  1. I mini grill would be great to have for trips to the beach. And the guitar shaped cutting-board is so special and fun. What a great giveaway

  2. Dana Buckner says:

    Love kraft

  3. Crystal Yates says:

    We love grilling at home, but will be awesome to have this one to take places and make goodies!!!!

  4. Mary Dixon says:

    I’m going to try this instead of S’mores, the next grilling meal!

  5. Great recipe! Love how you gave hubby the manly task, even if it was on a teensy tiny grill!

  6. Trisha Chamberlain says:

    Love the marshmallow studio and kraft!

  7. Tamara D says:

    I love cheese because it is a great part of comfort foods, family dinners and to snake on! I would sing a beautiful song about cheese to win the contest 🙂 Seriously!!

  8. Andrea Harris says:

    The BBQ…so handy for a last minute ‘feast’..the Guitar
    Shaped cutting board is a ‘must’ at any party..super ice breaker for those guests who find it hard to talk to people…with all that food..YEE HA!! Happy Eating.

  9. I love cheese because you can have it with every meal and as a snack. I’ll drive all over town for some good cheese. #ForTheLoveOfCheese

  10. christine j says:

    we love cheese at our house. it goes on everything!

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