Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio

Halloween Gravestone Marshmallow Cupcake Toppers

Boooooo!! Halloween is coming up fast and I’ve got just the quick cupcake decorating trick so you can treat all your little favorite people!

Will you be hosting or attending a Halloween party this year? I love holidays, because they bring friends and family together to celebrate, interact and enjoy yummy food. How about all the cool Halloween party and Halloween food ideas out there? So many fun stuff!!

Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio2

I’m about to through another cool idea at you for your Halloween cupcakes – create a spooky graveyard by decorating your cupcake with marshmallow gravestones and pumpkins! Seriously. They are super easy and fast to make, not to mention how cute they are.  

All you need to start is chocolate cupcakes, chocolate frosting and chocolate sandwich cookie crumbs. Next, you’ll need JET-PUFFED StackerMallows and PumpkinSpiceMallows, edble ink pens, scissors and a can or food coloring. You can find the markers and spray can at most craft stores or cake and candy supply store.

Let’s get started!!

Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio3

By the way, feel free to include the little ones in the fun. These cupcake toppers are very easy to make and require no fancy skills so they’ll have a blast helping out.

1. Decorate the marshmallow toppers:

Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio8   Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio10

Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio11   Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio16

2. Coat the cupcakes:

Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio4

Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio13   Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio14

3. Decorate the cupcakes:

Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio15

Add little extra details if you want to:

Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio17

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For FULL Recipe and instruction go to KraftRecipes.com HERE: Halloween Gravestone Marshmallow Cupcake Toppers

Halloween Gravestone MM Cupcake Toppers-TheMarshmallowStudio20

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