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Not going to lie, this post is to show off my mom’s skills and hard work.

She surprised me with a baby shower a few weeks before I was due with our third baby. She was way too excited about having a grand daughter that she went all out for this shower.

The theme was “Vintage Baby Girl”.

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio18Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio20

My mom is old-school. She hand-makes EVERYTHING including making homemade food and desserts. No catering here people. Oh and did I mention that her parties are never under 100 people?!

Yeah, she’s nuts!

She doesn’t have a fancy die cutter machine or stencils so she drew baby clothes on scrapbook paper and cut out these cute little baby clothes for the centerpieces.

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio75

Guests were welcomed with a hanging baby clothes line. She thinks of EVERYTHING!

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio69

She even set up a little sit-down photo booth for guests to interact and have fun.

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio67

Every details was filled with love. My sister told me she spent months crafting and planning every detail.

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio66Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio15

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio65

Every vintage party needs a suitcase right?!

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio14

How about a real set of vintage books and an antique dial phone?

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio40

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio36

Here are a few of the other decorations throughout:

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio23

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio5Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio26

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio32

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio47

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio3

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio72

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio74

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio35

How cute is this pearls baby rattle?!

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio70

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio71

She even decorated a bird cage for gift cards.

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio76

For the menu:

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio46

We had tuna salad and chicken en adobo rolls with walnut cranberry spinach salad.

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio10

To drink, she made pink lemonade and pink horchata water.

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio8

Now let’s talk sweets!

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio81

There’s no such thing as “just cake” at my mom’s events. Although she is famous for her cakes, she always has about ten other options haha.

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio77

We also had cupcakes, mints,

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio54

homemade meringues,

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio55

sweet rice balls with white chocolate ganache and toasted coconut,

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio56

marshmallow pops,

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio58

more marshmallow pops for favors,

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio48

jelly bean filled baby bottles,

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio59

rattle sugar cookies (she’s amazing with her self-taught cookie skills),

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio64

and a salt water taffy tree.

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio1

The dessert table looked so darling with all that lace and pale pink.

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio80

We received so many beautiful gifts from friends and family. Our baby girl is loved so much already!

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio84

Kyle and I felt very humbled and grateful for everyone’s generosity and especially for my mom’s love. My dad and sister were a huge help too and we truly appreciate their hard work.

My mom is such an amazing and talented woman. I hope to one day be just half as wonderful as she is.

Here’s to a great woman, my mom who is now going to have a little grand daughter to pass on her awesomeness too ๐Ÿ™‚

Vintage Baby ShowerTheMarshmallowStudio83


  1. OH MY GOSH, CONGRATS!!!! How exciting!

  2. Love your mom! This baby shower is amazing! What I super love about it is that she handmade all of this without the help of fancy machines. She didn’t miss any detail. I can see where you get your creativity from. Such a darling shower.

  3. Congrats!! Love this shower! Your mom is so talented!!!

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