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St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that just grows on you. Being Mexican, I never really knew what St. Patrick’s Day was beyond the day that you were supposed to wear green to school haha. I remember one day forgetting to wear green and getting pinched really hard in my arm by some kid. Not cool!

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Anyway, fast forward many years and I got married to someone that absolutely loves St. Patrick’s Day. This is when I got to learn about the roots and traditions of this holiday. I got to experience corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread and shepherd’s pie. Now, it’s something I totally look forward to every year. We try to make it out to watch our local St. Patrick’s Day parade every year then we go home afterwards to make something fun together while the food is cooking.

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 This St. Patrick’s Day I’m going to have my boys help me make these Marshmallow Shamrock Jell-O cups.

They’re easy, yummy and no-mess!

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First we make the Jell-O and while that sets in the fridge, we make the marshmallow clovers.

Those are the fun part – cut out, color and form.

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 Right before we get ready to enjoy these, we’ll top the Jell-O with Cool Whip and place the clover on top.

You know me, I just have to add sprinkles so naturally I’m adding gold star sprinkles and a green candy to the top.

Now off to enjoy this cool treat!!

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See FULL recipe on kraftrecipes.com here: Marshmallow Shamrock Jell-O Cups

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