Long, long ago…

I gave VIDEO a shot.

Cookie Cutting Marshmallows Drawing on Marshmallows Fruit dip Patriotic RKT Pudding dipped MM Sparkly RKT StarMallow Pops

Let me tell ya, producing videos is a lot harder than it looks.

I was horrible in front of the camera – I didn’t understand the importance of lighting. I was given very limiting and strict video length times. I would often forget my lines because I was talking so fast. I looked nervous. My content was lame! Plain and simple, I didn’t feel confident. Shooting within the kids’ naps was also impossible. The nightmare goes on and on.

The videos we were producing were to be published on KRAFT Recipes’ YouTube channel which made my anxiety level even higher. The reviews broke me down. (I know, I shouldn’t have cared but I did)

I’m sad to admit that I threw in the towel. I stopped producing videos.


Fast forward several years and I am ready.

Ready to give it a shot again.

Ready to do tutorials via video.

Ready to launch my all NEW YouTube channel!

Hope you’re excited for what’s to come…….

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