Cinnamon Dulce Ninjaccino

Are you like me when you see something at the store that your BFF must have so you snap a photo and text it to them?

That’s kindda what happened at BlogHer Food last month. When I saw this awesome coffee maker machine, I pulled out my handy phone, snapped a photo and sent it to my hubs… who happens to be my BFF too!

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_14

I had to have it!!

The NINJA COFFEE BAR would solve ALL the coffee problems between my hubs and I. Hahahahaha, no really!


It would be the perfect solution to me wanting quick coffee (iced or hot) in my travel mug or tumbler so that I can rush out to the door to take the kiddos to school


it would be the perfect solution for my hubs who always wants more than one cup of rich brew in the morning or a fancy cappuccino on the weekends.

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_05

Let me show ya around…

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_10

With the Ninja Coffee Maker you can:

– choose the quantity of coffee (travel cup, regular cup, half carafe, full carafe)

– choose the brew style (classic, rich, iced or specialty)

– schedule brew time and keep your carafe warm afterwards

– have it self-clean

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_11

Another awesome feature is the little stand you can pull down to place your cup closer to the dripper so it doesn’t splash all over or cool on the way down.

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_12

It even includes a measuring spoon for the perfect amount of coffee needed.

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_13

Fill up with water and it’s ready to go!

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_17

Now that you know all the cool stuff about the super fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar, let me show you more reasons why I love it so much:

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_01

1. It makes my coffee station look legit haha.

No seriously, Having all the goodies in one place ready to roll when you need coffee is priceless.

You know I always my marshmallows on hand!

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_04

In case for some weird reason you are not convinced that this coffee maker is super cool…

Check out the cookbook that comes with it:

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_15

The recipes range from classics to cocktails to elaborate beverages to yummy desserts and more.

Here are a few that caught my eye:

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_07

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_09

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_06

 But…. this is the winning recipe for me!! The Cinnamon Dulce Ninjaccino.

The Ninja team was sampling these out at BlogHer Food. I came back for seconds hoping they didn’t notice me. Hey, who am I kidding… I am a chatter box.

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_08

 Naturally, as soon as I got my own Ninja Coffee Bar this was the first recipe I tried out.

By the way, the recipe was developed by Sofia Vergara which I love.

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_19

I got my ingredients ready:

Mmmmmm dulce de leche, cinnammon and heavy cream.

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_20

Next, I brewed a travel cup size coffee,

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_21

I blended all the ingredients and the coffee with ice in my Ninja blender.

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_22

That’s it!

I dipped a marshmallow into the dulce de leche and used that as my garnish. Poured yummy Cinnammon Dulce Ninjaccino into two glass tumblers and we cheered.

It was sooooo good!

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_27

You can see the full recipe HERE.

The Fabulous Ninja Coffee Bar_26

Ninja provided the Coffee Bar for an honest review & fun recipe testing.

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