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His name is Keiran Morin and he is the fastest boy alive.


At least he believes that!

My youngest son, Keiran, has been obsessed with Spider-Man since 2013….. until he learned about The Flash.

He became Barry Allen and forgot all about Peter Parker instantly.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio20

His dream of having a Flash-themed birthday party finally came true a couple of weeks ago.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio19

We celebrated his 6th birthday with an all red, and yellow party dazzled with a little gold and night black.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio152

As usual, I started the party planning process by designing the printables (invitations, stickers, labels, decorations, thank you cards, etc).

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio04

Next, I checked out Oriental Trading’s website for fabulous items for the party – decorations, party favors, party supplies…. they have it all!

Although they don’t necessarily carry The Flash licensed products, they do carry a variety of superhero goodies that went perfectly with our theme.

And let me make sure to point out – they carry TONS of costumes too!

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio01

I ordered Keiran a brand NEW The Flash Costume just for his birthday. He wants to wear it daily.

The one he had, he has used for the past two Halloweens already and it didn’t have “muscles” like he wanted. Plus, it was starting to fit him a little tight and he already told us he wants to be The Flash again this Halloween. I loved not having to search high and low for a new costume. I simply ordered it with the rest of my items from Oriental Trading.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio98

This was the first party that Keiran actually got super excited for and even got involved in the planning, crafting and decorating. Normally, Aiden is my helper.

He helped me put together the dessert table, the kids’ activity table and hang balloons.  I started planning his party at the beginning of January; my poor K was counting down the days to his party since then LOL!


Now, let’s talk about the deeeets.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio51

 The party was at noon and we were only having a few guests over so we went super simple and easy with the menu.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio93

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio92

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio105

I purchased a couple of sandwich trays from Costco and served them up next to a variety of chips and veggies.

I had shot glasses filled with ranch dressing so guests could grab-n-go dip for their veggies. The pepperoncini peppers were bomb-diggity in these sandwiches.

(SORRY for the quality of the food photos. Lighting in my kitchen is pretty much non-existing!!)

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio64

The Flash even had some groupies at his party!

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio67

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio103

The kids played NONSTOP while the adults sipped down some delicious sangria 🙂

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio10

I like having a dedicated area where the kids can be kids.

This time, I set up a short table with kid-size chairs – here they could have some fun and get creative with a few activities I had set up for them.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio48

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio11

(Another Flash action figure makes an appearance at the party.)

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio52

Each of the kiddos got to create their own fantastic story in their fabulous Superhero Comic Book PadComic Book Pads.

They used color pencils, Superhero Stencils and stickers to bring their imagination to life.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio71 Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio70

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio149

They also had white DIY Canvas Capes that they could decorate with Crayola Fabric Markers.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio72

And, of course, they also had fabulous Superhero Foam Mask Craft Kit they could decorate and wear along with their capes.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio110

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio151

 We had a house full of masked superheroes bouncing around!

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio147

These Superhero Happy Hoppers were the HIT OF THE PARTY, though.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio106

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio150

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio109

Our little guests couldn’t believe they got to keep these after the party and take them home with them.

Now, I feel like EVERY party should have these bouncy balls….. and somebody needs to make some in adult size too, please!

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio05

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio06

After the madness of superhero kid crime fighting and adult chitty-chatting, it was time to dig into the sweets.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio38

I used my dining room console to host the dessert station.

I semi-covered it with a black paper tablecloth and taped black construction paper on the wall behind it to give me a clean black background to work off of.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio44

I cut out letters for his name out of red cardstock paper and used gold glitter glue to add a border around each.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio54

Next, I hung a piece of red twine from side to side of the backdrop. I hung six fold foil tassels that I purchased from Target. Finally, I taped on the letters over the string in the center area.  I covered up the black paper edges and the hanging twine with a double border of black streamer.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio46

In retrospect, I perhaps could have been a little more crafty with his banner but too late now, haha!

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio31

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio29

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio35

I displayed several of Keiran’s Flash action figures throughout the table and party.

Psst: there’s another one hiding on this table… let’s see if you can find it!

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio30

The desserts consisted of a naked red velvet layer cakes with cream cheese frosting, lighting bolt sugar cookies with buttercream frosting, butter pecan cupcakes with sweet cream frosting and strawberry-pineapple fruit cups.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio34
On the table, I also had color-coordinated Sixlets, Cheetos-filled paper cones and the little favor boxes for the kiddos.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio24

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio07

I skipped all the hard work of making a layered cake by simply using Wilton’s Easy Layers Cake Pan Set.

If you don’t have one, get one! They’re also available in rectangle and heart-shaped pans.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio82

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio153

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am obsessed with sprinkles. I can’t even help myself. I see them, I buy them.

Luckily for me, I also use them quite often in my parties, special occasions and in everyday desserts.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio39

Here, I put together a special sprinkles mix just for this fab FLASH party. I didn’t count them but I think I used over 15 different kinds of sprinkles, sugars, dragees, nonpareils, sugar pearls and candies to make this mix. A little bit of white, a little bit of red, a touch of black and a dazzle of gold and yellow!

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio25

My favorite were the tiny itty bitty Lightning Bolt Sprinkles. (High five to all the sprinkle companies popping up, they make my Instagram feed so fun to scroll through.)

I made a number “6” cupcake topper on a silicone mold and melted Wilton Yellow Candy Melts.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio23

For the cookies, I know I could have cut the dough by hand into a bolt shape but WHY?

Instead, I saved my sanity and ordered a perfect Lightning Bolt Cookie Cutter on Amazon for like $2 😉

They came out great!

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio33

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio40

 Forget the flood royal icing cookie decorating method – I went for easy and delicious with yellow-colored crusting buttercream frosting on top.

For the cookie themselves, I used Jenny Cookies’ recipe. It’s pretty good and fool-proof.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio32

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio41

 The fruit cups HAD to have lightning bolt toothpicks, of course!

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio37

Having small grab-and-go food cups when feeding a group is awesome because it keeps guests moving and you won’t have large open food trays laying around for hours.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio43

I used Mini Black Popcorn Boxes to hold little goodies the kids could take home as party favors.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio28

(Okay, you found him!) Here’s the other Flash action figure…. but this one is Reverse Flash, the villain.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio26

I printed S.T.A.R. Laboratories labels and attached them to the party favor boxes.

 In each box, I placed a little bit of red paper shred on the bottom, a Pringles Mini Cup, a Science Beaker Bubbles Tube, a few Lightning Bolt Temporary Tattoos and a Yellow Rock Candy Pop.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio47

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio02

Keiran thought these tattoos were the coolest!

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio55


Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio59

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio58

Keiran absolutely LOVED his party!!

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio113

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio115

My heart melted when we were singing Happy Birthday to him.

I could just see in his eyes how special he was feeling and how much this moment meant to him.

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio139

It’s safe to say that WE ALL had a SUPER time!

Keiran's FLASH superhero party_TheMarshmallowStudio101

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to know what was your favorite part of this party?

The Flash birthday party by The Marshmallow Studio

SPECIAL THANKS to Oriental Trading for partnering up with me to make this party extra SUPER!

{You should know: I received products from Oriental Trading free of charge for me to review and show in use. No other type of compensation was received for this review. This review is based strictly on my honest opinion. I only endorse products that I love and use personally.}

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