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It all started with a sketch over a year ago…..


After many months of discussing and planning, KRAFT Jet-Puffed and The Marshmallow Studio would be at the International Cake Exploration Societe (ICES) convention being held in Lexington, Kentucky. It would be my first time at ICES and my first time representing JET-PUFFED at a trade event. As you can imagine, I was excited!!!

 ICES TheMarshmallowStudio.com   ICES TheMarshmallowStudio.com

We were welcomed by a beautiful fountain at our hotel right across from the Lexington Center.

ICES 069


We arrived a day early so we (my mom and I) decided to get acquainted with this cute little downtown.

ICES 062

2013-08-07 18.09.19 (683x1024)   2013-08-07 18.09.31 (683x1024)

Thursday, August 8, 2013 Time to set up and get this show on the road…

ICES 001ICES 003

It takes a village to put a show of this magnitude together.

ICES 004

Every year several sugar artist collaborate to make a “larger than life” edible showpiece to commemorate the show’s theme.

This year it was all about horses. Check out this AMAZING horse and jokey.

 ICES 012   ICES 011

Your wouldn’t believe the amount of people and time it takes to make something like this. They did a fabulous job!!

ICES 010   ICES 007

The gorgeous red roses were unbelievably perfect.

ICES 008   ICES 013

ICES 009

It’s all about the details…

 ICES 006   ICES 005

 Next, there were two maps for the attendees to pin where they were from. A world map and a USA map. There were people from everywhere here . It’s cool to see how sugar can bring such a diverse crowd together.

ICES 066

ICES 064

And the only pin from Las Vegas, NV was mine 🙂

ICES 068

We finally arrived at our booth. Time to set-up.

ICES13 TheMarshmallowStudio.comFrom sketch to reality:

ICES 016

Three of our apothecary glass jars broke but we were able to still make the display work. Everyone loved the marshmallow cupcakes on the front cake pedestal. Can’t tell you how many times I heard people say, “I didn’t even know all those different types of marshmallows existed!” I assure you all, we are working hard to get these all more accessible to you. If you want a particular marshmallow at your nearest store and they don’t have it, PLEASE ask your store manager to order it. They don’t know there is a demand for them unless people ask for them.

Here’s a close up of our display dummy cake. Happy pennant bunting hanging through the sky leading to three pinwheels. All decorations are marshmallows, royal icing and colored sugar.


My booth neighbors were awesome :  Grex and LorAnn Oils

ICES 018

ICES 019

I even had a chance to play with their awesome airbrush and attend a quick class right on their booth.

ICES 056   ICES 061

Over 100 awesome vendors filled the vendor room including some fabulous and BIG names like:

1. Wilton

 ICES 039   ICES 037

I thought this cake was pretty cool.

ICES 038

2. NY Cake

ICES 041

3. CK Products

ICES 054

4. AmeriColor

ICES 028   ICES 057

I’m specially loving their new aerosol spray food colors. They are amazing!

ICES 058   ICES 059

 5. A-J Winbeckler

ICES 051   ICES 052

6. PME

ICES 030

7. Bakery Crafts

ICES 031


ICES 021   ICES 023

9. Satin Ice

ICES 022

10. Cal Java

ICES 025

and many many many more

ICES 036   ICES 033

ICES 040   ICES 032

ICES 050   ICES 060

 ICES 027   ICES 026

ICES 024   ICES 043

ICES 042

There were also numerous sugar artist doing demos at booths and talented big names mingling around.

Here are a few of my favorite:

Mike’s Amazing Cakes talking with my friend Ana,

ICES 055

Nick Lodge showing off his skills.

 ICES 034

 Jennifer from Heavenly Cake Pops demoing her Cake Roller to an attendee.

ICES 029

The legendary Mrs. Kerry Vincent and I

ICES 053

The original sugar artist and Hall of Fame inductee, Marithe de Alvarado with my mom

ICES 073

I had the pleasure of meeting Frank, a KRAFT retiree who was excited to see us at ICES.


This tiny seven-year-old sugar artist will be teaching next year. It’s never too early or too late to follow your passion. I must say, I think he ate most of my marshmallows I brought to give out as samples.

ICES 071

We had the opportunity to attend the Shop Owners breakfast and listen in on the Copyright Infridgement session from LUCKS and DecoPac. It was very interesting!!

ICES 049

The centerpieces where 8 pounds solid chocolate horse!

ICES 047

While at the booth, we had the opportunity to play around with some marshmallows with Lisa Berczel. She is such a talented artist.

Airbrushed StackerMallows

Cocoa Butter Color Painting

After full days of talking marshmallows and selling mARTshmallows books-

It was time for some grub and drinks… and you know I love both. Here are a few Instagram photos I took of our evening adventures:

2013-08-07 17.13.28

We got the chance to experience Thursday Night Live at Lexington. An outdoor fest with live music, food and lots of local beers. It was fun!

2013-08-08 19.07.45 (683x1024)

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is officially my new favorite beer. Too bad they don’t sell it in Las Vegas 🙁

2013-08-08 19.31.01 (683x1024)   2013-08-08 19.47.15 (768x1024)

More drinks and delicious food.

2013-08-10 18.50.25   2013-08-09 19.58.57

Cheers to a successful show. Our last night at Lexington.2013-08-11 20.21.57 (683x1024)

Farewell dessert.

2013-08-11 21.49.26 (683x1024)

Here’s a picture of the awesome loot I came home with. Definitely could’ve brought home a lot more if I had had more time to shop.

ICES 134

Last words:

I could not have done it without my mom helping me at the booth and giving me moral support when my brain was fried at the end of the day.

Going six days without seeing your family is tough but it was nice knowing my husband was at home taking good care of our baby boys.
2013-08-11 15.56.11

Many more adventures to come next year….

ICES 002




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