2013-07-21 10.27.30   2013-07-21 10.27.15

Two years ago we scrapped up our saving and headed to Las Vegas to try our luck at Cake Camp. Fast forward two years and here we were again except this time we lived in Las Vegas and I was teaching too.  I cannot believe how fast time had flown by and how much we have accomplished as a business, a family and a sugar artist in this time.

2013-07-18 12.46.16

Against all odds, I was lucky to have my mom and sister come help me at the booth. She had gotten into a pretty bad motorcycle accident just three weeks prior to this event. She’s a trooper!

2013-07-18 12.42.27

Our booth was so pretty and filled with goodies.

Cake Camp 2013 recap

2013-07-18 12.43.07

I made sample bags for people to try all kinds of KRAFT Jet-Puffed Marshmallows. I also made custom mini pops with the Cake Camp colors to sell.


Coolest raffle basket ever – a marshmallow filled ginormous basket!!

2013-07-18 12.36.27

I love attending industry events like these because I get to see old friends, make new ones and make priceless connections.

2013-07-21 10.26.03

2013-07-21 10.15.16

The vendor floor was filled with fabulous vendors, great deals and the friendliest people. We kept busy all four days with lots of show attendees and locals coming by to make purchases.

2013-07-21 10.19.16   2013-07-21 10.19.51

2013-07-21 10.20.45   2013-07-21 10.26.34

2013-07-21 10.25.13   2013-07-21 10.27.53

2013-07-21 10.15.38   2013-07-21 10.15.31

The awesome part about vendor rooms is that not only can you check things off your wish list but you can also fill your brain with knowledge. This is the place where you can ask questions, see demos, test out products, and learn of new ones that you didn’t even know you needed hahaha.

2013-07-21 10.18.40

 Here’s an example of some work that was completed by Dawn Parrott and Simi Cakes during the course of four days in the vendor room:

2013-07-21 10.19.03

Absolutely AMAZING!!

2013-07-21 14.26.22

2013-07-21 14.26.56   2013-07-21 14.27.04

2013-07-21 14.27.14   2013-07-21 14.27.21

My husband and I attended the banquet on Saturday night and they served the cutest dessert – a raspberry chocolate mousse cake with edible gems. It was yummy and adorable!

2013-07-19 19.37.04

Finally…. It was time for my demo. The planning committee saved the best for last  LOL. I tough three classes all together – a hands-on, a social media one and then a demo.

Sadly, I only have photos of the demo but that’s okay because it was my favorite ever…..

2013-07-21 12.59.12

2013-07-21 13.55.46

2013-07-21 12.58.47

2013-07-21 14.23.22

SUCCESS! I made a marshmallow roses wedding cake.


2013-07-21 14.41.44

After the class, I signed copies of my book for every student.


Cheers to a great show, awesome students, new friends, lots of books sold and crazy fun!!

cake camp 2013 041

See you in two years at Cake Camp 2015!!!


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