This post is way way overdue.

I owe you guys pictures from my mARTshmallows book tour.  Although I have already written about the major events and shows I attended as part of my tour, here are the details to the other stops that I missed.

I’m bringing you to San Diego, New York, Miami, Hollywood and Dallas.

mARTshmallows Book tour

Let me start off by saying that I am extremely appreciative of each and every single person who helped me organize my tour, came to see me, helped me spread the word, and supported me with encouragement on my pics and status updates I posted along. You guys all rock!! I am so very thankful to have you in my life. Book tours aren’t all glitz and glamour and can be very scary to take on as a self-publisher. Luckily, our was a total success!

I’d also like to thank my husband, my parents, my mother-in-law, Rocky and Melissa for helping me with the boys. I could not have done it without you!!!!

In 5 months we made 10 out of 12 scheduled appearances — WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2013-07-21 10.27.30   2013-07-21 10.27.15

Two years ago we scrapped up our saving and headed to Las Vegas to try our luck at Cake Camp. Fast forward two years and here we were again except this time we lived in Las Vegas and I was teaching too.  I cannot believe how fast time had flown by and how much we have accomplished as a business, a family and a sugar artist in this time.

2013-07-18 12.46.16

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Apparently Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas has a huge fan base.

We were asked to design pops inspired by Jack and Sally about five months ago and as soon as we announced the class date it was full in just a couple of hours. 18 lucky fans were patiently waiting for this class and the pressure was on us to create the perfect pops to resemble their favorite characters. [Read more…]


A couple of weeks ago I went to Standlee’s Cake Candy and Cookie Supplies in downtown Chula Vista, California for a couple of things I needed for my son’s birthday party. So I walk in and wow, to my surprise, it was a whole new store. They had leased the space next door, knocked down the wall and walla; Standlee’s is bigger, better, and brighter than ever!!

I am always looking for new locations to teach marshmallow design at and Standlee’s just seemed to be the perfect next spot. They now have an awesome class space that fits anywhere between 12-15 students.

When owner, Cheryl, called me and invited me to come by and be part of the festivities for their 7th Anniversary, I was excited.

They had cupcakes, chocolate-dipped pretzels and beautiful little chocolates ūüôā

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This is a question that people often ask me. I’m guessing they assume that because we are the ONLY business in the United States that does marshmallow designing that I should want to keep it that way.

My answer: My goal is to popularize this beautiful art. I truly enjoy interacting with students, sharing my knowledge and seeing their creativity flourish.


I know that by teaching marshmallow designing competition is inevitable and I’m okay with it. I believe competition is healthy; it gives us a bit of a challenge and gives the consumer options. Plus, some people simply like doing crafty things for their friends and family. This is something easy, inexpensive and new they can do.

I encourage my fans and students to post photos of their marshmallow creations on our Facebook page or email them in to be featured on our blog. I also try to mentor them in any way I can. It would be wonderful to someday have tons of people coming up with super imaginative marshmallow designs (Something like how Bakerella has everyone giving cake pops a try).

{From left to right: Pops by Kim Crapps, Sonia Torres, and Stephanie Rangel}

Here are a few of the photos our Facebook fans have shared with us. Note: Neither of the above mentioned have taken a class from The Marshmallow Studio. They were just crafty ladies that made these on their own and wanted to share with us. Let me tell you, sometimes I even learn a thing or two from my students ūüôā

Although I am flattered that someone would want to re-create our designs, I constantly find myself telling my students to always be original and inventive. I’d be more than happy to promote an up-and-coming designer/business as long as they are genuine and produce quality work.

For more information about our classes Click Here.


It was amazing!

Our class on Saturday, January 15th at Do It With Icing in San Diego, CA¬†was super fun. We had cake designers, housewives, mom&daughter, and a chocolate company owner come out and¬†learn how to make their own pops. The theme of the class was Valentine’s Day so we made a loving teddy bear, an adorable¬†lady bug and a sexy corset. We all had a blast and got really creative. Our next class at this location will be on Saturday, April 2nd so call asap to sign up since space is limited and the demand is high ūüôā

Our classes on Saturday, January 22nd at Cooper’s in Fontana, CA was as full as full could get. We got started and were still getting calls and walk-ins to register last minute but we simply didn’t have the space. The demand was soo high that we already scheduled the next class: Saturday, March 16 and Sunday, March 27th. Please call now to reserve your spots since I know they will be full again. We had sisters, mom&daughter, cake and candy designers, crafty teens and even the owner sit through our class and get sticky ūüôā We made two pops: a cute¬†lady in dress and a Valentine teddy bear, they came out super cute. I love seeing how each¬†student personalizes their¬†designs.

Cooper’s¬†is also carring our marshmallow¬†bags… so if you’re in the Inland Empire make sure you stop by and pick up all¬†your¬†supplies from them. For special orders or if they are out please¬†contact me.