This post is way way overdue.

I owe you guys pictures from my mARTshmallows book tour.  Although I have already written about the major events and shows I attended as part of my tour, here are the details to the other stops that I missed.

I’m bringing you to San Diego, New York, Miami, Hollywood and Dallas.

mARTshmallows Book tour

Let me start off by saying that I am extremely appreciative of each and every single person who helped me organize my tour, came to see me, helped me spread the word, and supported me with encouragement on my pics and status updates I posted along. You guys all rock!! I am so very thankful to have you in my life. Book tours aren’t all glitz and glamour and can be very scary to take on as a self-publisher. Luckily, our was a total success!

I’d also like to thank my husband, my parents, my mother-in-law, Rocky and Melissa for helping me with the boys. I could not have done it without you!!!!

In 5 months we made 10 out of 12 scheduled appearances — WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do It With Icing in San Diego, California

I came back to where my marshmallow adventures first began. This store is where I came to purchase all my supplies to start making marshmallow art for the very first time.

Linda (the owner of DIWI) was the first person who believed in me and gave me a chance to teach at her store back in 2010. She recently expanded the store and it’s HUGE now.


Nothing like having Jenn from Hostess With The Mostess at my book signing.  Jenn truly is a gem. She is so down to earth and beyond talented. She’s like my sweets angel because thanks to her giving me a chance to make something for her Wonderlandia party  that The Marshmallow Studio really took off.


Oh Tammy Utley, you are such a doll! She was my student at Cake Camp a couple of weeks earlier. I love her positive style, her amazing gelatin art and how sweet she is.


NY Cake in New York City, New York

mARTshmallows Book Tour - NYCTheMarshmallowStudio.com10

Excited to see MY name at the entrance of such a re-known sugar supply mecca.

mARTshmallows Book Tour - NYCTheMarshmallowStudio.com12

It’s a small world after all – My high school friend Tiffany who is a pro dancer moved to NYC several years ago  and we had the opportunity to catch up during my signing event. How sweet is that?! Loved loved loved seeing her again and made me feel amazing to know we are both become successful women doing what we love  🙂

mARTshmallows Book Tour - NYCTheMarshmallowStudio.com11

Such a pleasure meeting new fans!

mARTshmallows Book Tour - NYCTheMarshmallowStudio.com15

OMG and Sachiko from Mimi Cafe Union came to say hi! She is such a mega talented fondant artist. If you are not familiar with her, you need to be!

mARTshmallows Book Tour - NYCTheMarshmallowStudio.com17

Finally meeting Lisa from The Sweet Tooth Bar was awesome. We’ve been Instagram buddies for a long time now and her desserts are beautifully made.

mARTshmallows Book Tour - NYCTheMarshmallowStudio.com18

She owns a desserts food truck…. how fun!


Miles Cakes in Miami, Florida

mARTshmallows Book Tour - FLTheMarshmallowStudio.com17

All set up and ready for 13 students 🙂 I LOVE teaching!

mARTshmallows Book Tour - FLTheMarshmallowStudio.com26


Sweet Life in Miami, Florida

mARTshmallows Book Tour - FLTheMarshmallowStudio.com6

Sugar, marshmallows, icing and tools –  Let me tell you, TSA must have a ball going through my baggage at the airport LOL

mARTshmallows Book Tour - FLTheMarshmallowStudio.com9

This group was a total blast!  Most of them already knew each other and we all could not stop laughing from all the jokes we were cracking.

mARTshmallows Book Tour - FLTheMarshmallowStudio.com38


Fiesta Cake in Hollywood, Florida

mARTshmallows Book Tour - FLTheMarshmallowStudio.com49

I always forget to take photos of the pops I make in class. This time I finally remembered to.

mARTshmallows Book Tour - FLTheMarshmallowStudio.com13

This group thought me that it doesn’t matter what your age, gender, ethnicity or disadvantage you have, if you want to learn something new you can do it!


Cake Carousel in Dallas, Texas

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com33

It’s was such an honor to see my name next to these two phenomenal cake artist.

As part of Cake Carousel’s annual Holidays celebration, on Saturday we did 3 small demos each and then I taught my class on Sunday.

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com3

Demo about to start. We  had very successful turnouts on all three sessions.

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com5

Here are the pops I demoed.

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com6

After the demos, I got to mingle and sign some books.

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com8

Sugar due coming atcha here – Ruth Rickey and Susan Carberry:

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com11

And because just smiling isn’t cool enough….

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com15

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com14 mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com16

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com17mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com18

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com19mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com20

Yeah that’s how we sillies roll!

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com35

Back to business… It’s marshmallow art class time!

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com36

Congratulations class of Dallas 🙂

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com37

My student Priti was such a doll. Looking forward to our Vegas party time LOL

mARTshmallows Book Tour - DallasTheMarshmallowStudio.com28

Ended my tour with cherry on top – I got to hang with my party girls in Dallas. I loved seeing each and everyone of you girls!!

Sending you hugs  Tiffany, Jennifer, Amy, Mariah, and Rebekah. Thanks for coming out to celebrate withe me.


Sadly, we had to cancel our Arizona and Georgia stops but hope we can reschedule them for next year sometime.


mARTshmallows book by Alejandra Morin from The Marshmallow Studio

I could have never imaged the joy and blessing this book has brought to our lives. Every step of the way has been an adventure and I know we haven’t even reached the tip of what else it has for us to experience.

If you have a dream, work hard and make it happen!!

Thank you.

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