My eldest son, Aiden, loves Scooby Doo. He can sit and watch it all day long if we let him. I don’t mind buying him all the movies because I think it’s one of the last “good” cartoons left. No violence, no foul language and it has innocent humor. When we asked him what he wanted his 4th birthday party to be of he said “Thomas the Train” but (thankfully) a week later he changed his mind. He wanted a Scooby Doo “spooky” party. My wheels started turning. I didn’t want to have the traditional 60’s bright theme and I had to incorporate the spooky somewhere in there. I began researching all the episodes and “bad guys” I could use in the party. I came across the “Haunted Carnival” episode and thought it would be perfect. We would have a carnival, a Scooby Doo theme and spooky ghosts everywhere. It was perfect!!!

Haunted Halloween Carnival 123by

Invitations: I purchased a pack of black blank invitations with envelopes and a few red & white stripped scrapbook sheets from Michael’s. I cut out tent shapes and glued them to the front of the cards then I designed carnival tickets for the inside with all the information. I hand-drew ghosts and printed the gang characters on a sticker.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 124-1by TheMarshmallowStudio

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Wendhy from Wendhy Jeffers Photography. She is just the sweetest and a total professional. I had been looking for a good photographer to work with in Las Vegas and I am very happy to say I have found it! She understand the party world and caught all the details I wanted her to without me even asking her to 🙂 That’s a great photographer. She even mastered getting good pictures from inside my house where it’s very dark and difficult to shoot right. She rocks and I totally recommend her.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 89by

To welcome guests, I hung a carnival banner and made a gumball wreath. This wreath weighed 15 lbs! I used a foam wreath,  about 300 Bubble King Assorted Gumballs from SweetWorks and a hot glue gun.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 95by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 90by

Photo booth: We started the party with a fun photo  booth at the entry way. I purchased Scooby Doo character props from Kitty Dune Cuts on Etsy. They were hilarious!

Haunted Halloween Carnival 91by   Haunted Halloween Carnival 93by Haunted Halloween Carnival 94by

I’d say our guests had a fun times being Velma, Fred, Daphne, Scooby and Shaggy.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 1by TheMarshmallowStudio.comHaunted Halloween Carnival 3by TheMarshmallowStudio.comHaunted Halloween Carnival 4by

I made an 8-foot directional post with scrapbook sheets, printed signs that I designed, glue and a wood dowel.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 142by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 141by

Banners: My lovely friend Dina from Deliciously Darling was so sweet to make these die-cut letters for me. I used them to make banners. I simply glued them to cut out scrapbook sheets and outlined them with red glitter glue. I held each pennant to the banner with white ribbon.

I also hung spooky ghost all over the ceiling. I made them from styrofoam spheres, white tulle, hot glue, a sharpie and fishing string. They were super easy to make and looked awesome hanging throughout.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 115by

Munchies: Although, we usually try to serve awesome food at our parties, this time we had to go with traditional carnival food – pizza, grinders and nachos. It was all still yummy…. I think Shaggy and Scooby would agree!

Haunted Halloween Carnival 97by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 98by

My favorite part of the menu was the hot sauce bar. We had a hot sauce everyone from whimps to hot peppers eating champs.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 96by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 99by

Gumball Machines: I made these adorable gumball machines using clay pots, clay dishes, glue, glass fish bowls, wood balls, red spray paint, metallic scrapbook paper and bolts. They were super easy to make and they turned out to be darling.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 100by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 112by

Concessions: We refreshed the crown with carnival favorites – popcorn, peanuts and lemonade with additional goodies like veggies, fruit kabobs, and cucumber water.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 104by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 107by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 102by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 105by

Guests were able to season their popcorn just the way they’d like to. We had toppings such as kettle corn, buffalo wing, nacho cheese, white cheddar and butter spray.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 106by

Dina also made these super cute Mystery Machine paper decorations. I’m telling you, this girl thinks of everything!

Haunted Halloween Carnival 108by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 109by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 110by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 101by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 111by

Midway Games: Outside we had all the games and prizes. I used the same canopy I made last year for Aiden’s 3rd birthday party and just changed the felt cover. We had 5 games – can can, ping pong, ring toss, bean bag toss, and guess game. The kids had a blast. They were all out there playing and redeeming their tickets for prizes.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 126by

I covered empty aluminium cans with scrapbook paper sheets and tape.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 127by

I designed signs to go with each game.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 128by

I used red and white duct tape to decorate the bottle box which was a beer box cut half way down. It was easy and made the box super sturdy. I couldn’t find toss rings so I purchased girl’s bracelets for $1 and spray painted them red.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 129by   Haunted Halloween Carnival 130by

I had a monkey bean toss board that I purchased for Keiran’s 1st birthday party that was stored away since. I decided to pull it out and paint over it with acrylic paint to make a more suiting board. I ended up painting balloons! I loved the way it turned out and the fact that I didn’t have to buy another one was awesome too.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 117by   Haunted Halloween Carnival 116by

I filled a large mason jar with gumballs and had guests guess how many gumballs were in it. Adults enjoyed this game the most. The winner took the jar with all the gumballs.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 132by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 121by

Prizes: The little market stand we purchased from Ikea made the perfect prizes stand. I hung a little banner, filled aluminium tubs with prizes and glued little labels on each tub.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 122by   Haunted Halloween Carnival 139by

We had all kinds of toys as prizes – pinwheels, clappers, bubbles, Scooby Doo stickers and tattoos, whistles and rings.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 119by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 118by

I made a dozen of Scooby Doo phrase signs to hang all around outside. Phrases like “zoinks”, “jeepers”, “jinkies”, “meddling kids”, “my glasses!”,”Scooby Doo where are you?” and many more.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 134by

Centerpieces: I wrapped boxes in black paper and used them to give height to the carnival tents. I glued little labels and ghosts I made all around.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 135by

On the kids’ table, I had a Mystery Machine treat box for each kid. Here they’d be able to store all their prizes as they won them.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 137by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 71by

Sweets: The dessert table is always my favorite part of any party. I usually focus the most time to it when I’m styling a party.

Dina made this absolutely amazing name banner. She used characteristics from each character for each letter. I couldn’t believe how awesome it was and the attention to detail!! Aiden’s eyes lit up when we opened the package and he had his very own name in Scooby Doo font 🙂 Thank you Dina,,,, you are seriously the best ever!

Haunted Halloween Carnival 74by

Behind this black backdrop is my entertainment center. I was super happy to have found a large enough roll of paper to cover a few walls in my house and create pitch black backdrops.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 72by

I made this banner using the die-cut letters Dina sent me, ribbon and scrapbook paper sheets.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 67by

I wanted the carnival theme to continue onto the desserts so we decided to have churros, cotton candy, candied apples along with other desserts.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 75by

I was inspired by The Gaines Gang and made Ghost marshmallow baggies. I’m thinking of making these again for Halloween.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 125by   Haunted Halloween Carnival 77by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 136by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 63by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 59by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 69by

I was able to purchase a copy of Scooby Doo The Haunted Carnival book on Amazon from a private vendor. It gave the dessert table a nostalgic touch.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 66by

I baked chocolate and red velvet cupcakes in these cupcake cups. After using these, I don’t think I’ll ever use regular liners again. I loved how cute they looked and how well the cupcakes baked in them. I then decorated the cupcakes with Keebler’s Scooby Doo treat graham crackers and KRAFT Jet-Puffed GhostMallows.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 60by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 61by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 68by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 143by

I made scary eyes to stare back from the dark. We hung spider webs around backdrop paper to make the edge less noticeable.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 73by

I was lucky to have my mom make Aiden’s cake again. She makes the cutest buttercream cakes that also taste divine.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 81by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 64by TheMarshmallowStudio.comHaunted Halloween Carnival 65by

Marshmallow_Party-2 copy

Haunted Halloween Carnival 103by   Haunted Halloween Carnival 92by

Aiden absolutely loved his cake.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 114by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 140by

Favors: After cracking open the piñata and enjoying a full day of games and food, our guests started heading out the door. I styled a little favor center by the door so everyone could grab their “mystery treats” on their way out.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 76by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 87by

I filled mini treat bags with gumballs for the adults.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 78by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 82by

We had four different colors and flavors of cotton candy individually bagged and tied with a red ribbon. I initially wanted to buy or rent a cotton candy machine but after thinking about it I knew it would be a mess and I had no space for it. I decided to order them instead. I’m so happy I did. B Sweet Candy Boutique makes the best cotton candy and they are here in Las Vegas!

Haunted Halloween Carnival 79by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 83by

I filled large favor bags with individual tags for the kids. I stuffed them with all the tools they need to solve mysteries when they get home – flash light, magnifying glass, word puzzles, and Scooby Doo treats and gummies.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 80by

Haunted Halloween Carnival 86by

Just like the prizes banner, I made another one for the favor station. These banners are the easiest to make and they really make the space look festive and cute.

Haunted Halloween Carnival 85by

These adorable paper carnival tents are actually cupcake holders but I took out the inserts and used them as decorations. I absolutely loved them!

Haunted Halloween Carnival 84by   Haunted Halloween Carnival 88by

Rank roo for visiting my blog today and reading about Aiden’s party extravaganza!!

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  1. Joyce reardon says:

    I love it what great ideas!! He’s one lucky little boy!!

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning us in your blog post. I love all of your decorations, you can tell that you put a lot of time and effort into this party. Kudos!

    • Thank you Matt! I’ve been purchasing your labels for almost four years now. I use them in my business – product packaging labels, tags and more. I also mention you in the resources page in my new book mARTshmallows. Thanks for making an awesome product that’s so easy to design and print. Not to mention, excellent customer service and very user friendly site. Kudos to you too 🙂

  3. like, Super love this!! Love Scooby and the Gang too! The gumball machines are awesome!


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