Witch on a Broom Marshmallow Cake by TheMarshmallowStudio

Finally!!! The time to share with you my super awesome Witch On A Broom Marshmallow Showpiece has come!!

I finished this piece several weeks back and have been dying to post photos.

As you already know, every holiday I make a special marshmallow showpiece for KRAFT Jet-Puffed Marshmallows. For this year’s Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas I decide to step up my game and challenge myself to do something different. I partnered up with FloraCraft and Chef Rubber to make one-of-a-kind sugar art.

2014-08-26 14.31.09

I used FloraCraft’s awesome Styrofoam shapes to create the base of my witch. If this was a piece to be consumed, a baker would probably use cake and Rice Krispies treats.

Since my very first showpiece, I have used Styrofoam shapes because they work perfectly, they are light (marshmallows, royal icing and fondant get really heavy together at the end), and I can play around with it to form exactly what I need it to be.

2014-09-05 10.30.17

All of my airbrush colors are from Chef Rubber. They are fabulous and come in an incredible array of colors.

YES, you CAN airbrush marshmallows!

2014-09-05 15.14.30

I wanted to showcase a number of ways marshmallows could be used to decorate a surface. The bottom moon was airbrushed, the witch’s torso was sugar coated, the broom stick was left plain since it was brown already (they are Jet-Puffed’s Toasted Coconut Mallows) and the broom was airbrushed as well.

2014-09-05 14.10.00

To manipulate shapes. I often use marshmallows. Here I used a Jet-Puffed S’mores Mallow, a Mini Marshmallow and two Pumpkin Spice Mallows for the witch’s nose. Next, I used green marshmallow fondant to cover it. I colored my fondant with Chef Rubber’s food coloring paste. I’m in love with it! It takes very little to achieve bold hues and it doesn’t mess up the texture of the fondant. I strongly recommend using it for this purpose.

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio11

Now let’s check out the details:

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio2

The Book of Spells is a Jet-Puffed Stacker Mallow that has been airbrushed with Cooper color and then I used an edible ink pen for the text.

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio3

The boot is two Jet-Puffed S’mores Mallows that I cut out. I covered it with black marshmallow fondant. Hand painted black disco dust and added a fondant bow painted with silver cocoa butter.

Oh yes, colored cocoa butter… if you’re not familiar with it.. you need to get. It is awesome!!

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio4

For the broom, I used a Styrofoam rod and attached Jet-Puffed Toasted Coconut Mallows all around it. For the bottom, I used a cone Styrofoam shape and attached fringed Jet-Puffed Stacker Mallows. After they were dry, I airbrushed them orange and sprinkled rainbow disco dust. Added a black marshmallow fondant rope decoration and brushed it with black disco dust.

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio5

The skirt was made out of black marshmallow fondant and the belt simple yellow fondant. Again, I painted black disco dust all over the skirt to make it shimmery.

Honestly, this was the hardest past to make and I wasn’t too happy with the way it came out. I need more practice with fondant.

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio15

Here’s a close up of the “moon”.

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio16

Her hand is half of a Jet-Puffed Jumbo Mallow covered in green marshmallow fondant.

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio7

Witches accessorize don’t you know?! She is styling a marshmallow fondant twist necklace with pumpkin sprinkles and silver dragees.

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio20

Her hat is a small cardboard cake board and a Styrofoam cone covered in black marshmallow fondant. I brushed black disco dust all over the hat then I sugar coated Jet-Puffed Star Mallows to decorate the base.

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio17

For the face:

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio18   Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio19

I used Jet-Puffed Marshmallows cut in half for the eyes, royal icing for the pupils and mouth, and a Mini Marshmallow for the snaggletooth. I enhanced her wrinkles and features with dusting powders in various shades. Having a make up artist background really helped here haha!

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio6

I dared to play with Isomalt for the very first time!!

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio8   Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio14

I needed curls for my witch and Isomalt seemed like my only option. I’m glad I dared because they came out awesome. I have to play a little more with it but so far I love it. It’s easy to work with and there’s no waste because you can reheat it a million times until you achieve what you’re trying to do. I used the same melted Isomalt to attach the curls to my fondant and even though they were heavy, they held on well.

I LOVED this showpiece!! It is now being displayed in the Chef Rubber showroom in Las Vegas 🙂

Marshmallow Witch On Broom_TheMarshmallowStudio_Face

Disclosure: This is a review post for Chef Rubber and FloraCraft products that were provided to me at no cost in order for me to create this marshmallow showpiece.  I was not financially compensated and all opinions are genuine and my own. I only endorse and use products that I use, absolutely love and believe in.

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