Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cake by TheMarshmallowStudio

Pumpkins, colorful leaves, apples, corn and haystacks…

All signs of my favorite season of the year, FALL!!

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio36

With a new holiday coming up, it’s time for me to make a new JET-PUFFED marshmallow project, yeay!

This year, I was able to partner up with FloraCraft and Chef Rubber to create something sweet.

FloraCraft provided me with fabulous Styrofoam shapes and Chef Rubber provided the fabulous colorants and decorating supplies.

I got started by designing the project on paper like I always do. I knew I wanted it to be something like a Thanksgiving cornucopia so ended up making a Fall Harvest Basket.

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio35

I used JET-PUFFED StackerMallows and fondant punches to make the leaves.

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio33

I then used Chef Rubber’s Colored Cocoa Butter colorants to paint the leaves red, copper and green.

Let me tell you, colored cocoa butter is amazing and super versatile. You can pretty much use them to color, draw, paint just about anything.

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio34

I finished off the leaves by dusting shades with Chef Rubber’s Deco Dusts.

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio18

Once I had finished making all the components, I began by putting the showpiece together.

Let’s me get started with telling you about the top – the pumpkins!

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio20

I used three 4″ Styrofoam Balls to make the pumpkins. I sculpted the balls with grooves prior to covering them with marshmallow fondant. I inserted pretzel sticks for the stems and then made vines with green isomalt.

This was my second time playing with isomalt. Making these cute little twirlies was such a blast.

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio14

I added a green apple and red apple to the basket.

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio13

Both apples were made with 2″ Styrofoam Balls covered in marshmallow fondant. I used two softened KRAFT Caramels for the stems.

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio12

I attached marshmallow leaves all around the basket with brown royal icing.

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio16

Now let’s talk about the base –

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio21

I sugar coated JET-PUFFED Brownie Bites and attached them all around the Styrofoam Tampered Pot Insert shape to form the basket.

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio10

I decorated the base with leaves, isomalt vines, a marshmallow corn and a “Happy Fall Y’all” sign.

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio11

The corn was such a cute little detail. I made is using a JET-PUFFED Jumbo Marshmallow cut in half. I attached Mallow Bits with royal icing then airbrushed them yellow. I finished it off by making the “husk” with green marshmallow fondant.

Doesn’t it look super cute?!

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio22

I downloaded the FREE tag from Sister’s Suit Case.

I used a paper punch, glued it to a lollipop stick and embellished it with a yute bow. It was perfect!

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cakeby TheMarshmallowStudio17

I wish you and your a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with yummy food, sweet memories and tons of dessert 🙂

Fall Harvest Marshmallow Cake by TheMarshmallowStudio2

Disclosure: This is a review post for Chef Rubber and FloraCraft products that were provided to me at no cost in order for me to create this marshmallow showpiece.  I was not financially compensated and all opinions are genuine and my own. I only endorse and use products that I use, absolutely love and believe in.

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