DIY Valentines Day Marshmallow Cupcake Toppers by TheMarshmallowStudio

I have something NEW for you today.. well, more like this year!!

As you know, in the past years I’ve  been creating large marshmallow showpieces for KRAFT Jet-Puffed Marshmallows. I like challenging myself to try new methods, techniques, tools and products to create with marshmallows. It’s truly my favorite way of expressing my love for marshmallow art. Seeing my visions come to life, pushing the limits and exceeding expectations is what makes my fluffy heart flutter. I love it!

This year; however, I decided to switch things up a bit. I like being unpredictable like that haha! 🙂 I think you’re going to love this change….

For my holiday projects this year I’ll be showing you how to make cupcake toppers using marshmallows!

I’ve designed 6-10 different toppers for each holiday and I’ll be giving you full instructions on how to recreate them. If you’re not a cupcake fan (doubt it because everyone loves cupcakes) don’t worry because these marshmallow decorating techniques can be applied to create other treats such as pops, cakes and more.


(Above is a photo of all the items I initially got together to create these 6 designs. Please note that I ended up not using the lace fabric or blue Color Mist. I have more large tips here than I actually used. Some missing items that I did use after all include two toothpicks, red sanding sugar, a red icing tube and pink disco dust.)

For these toppers, I used products that are all easily available at your local craft store, Target and Walmart.


For all designs you’ll need Kraft JET-PUFFED marshmallows and Sweets & Treats Boutique cupcake liners.

I cannot rave enough about these cupcake liners. Dude….. they are greaseproof! 

Which means that when you bake your favorite cupcake batter whether it’s vanilla, chocolate or red velvet, they will stay bright and beautiful. You’ll be able to see the pattern and color. Now, that’s awesome!!!


Let’s get started with the fun now!

I-heart-U cupcake topper

Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio27

GRAB: Wilton’s alphabet fondant cutters, a mini 1″ heart cutter, Wilton’s pink Color Mist and 2 Jet-Puffed StackerMallows.

MAKE: Dip cutters in water before punching out letter/shape from marshmallow. Spray  pink color on  marshmallows evenly. Let dry completely before handling.

EMBELLISH: Sprinkle pink disco dust onto frosting  to make it sparkle.

TIP: If shapes are too sticky, dust cornstarch on your fingers when handling them.

 Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio2   Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio3

Luscious Red Hot Lips cupcake topper


(I’m incredibly sad that somehow I missed this cupcake when I was photographing the cupcakes individually. That’s probably when baby Kamilla was yelling at me for her milky. Sorry, this is the best close up I could pull up)

GRAB: Red sanding sugar, two Jet-Puffed HeartMallows and red icing tube.

MAKE: Dip marshmallow into water and give it a quick swirl around to remove coating. Remove marshmallow and gently pat dry with paper towel. Toss in sugar, shake and make sure it’s completely covered with sugar. Remove marshmallow from sugar and let it air dry for 10 minutes before handling. After placing on cupcake, outline lips with red icing.

EMBELLISH: Sprinkle lip sprinkles onto cupcake frosting.

Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio4   Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio5

TIP: If you turn the hearts around they create a cute bow 😉

Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio6

Sweet Love Note cupcake topper

Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio25

This cupcake topper is super cute and the easiest to make!

GRAB: Red icing tube, a large heart sprinkle or candy, Wilton black extra fine FoodWriter marker and one Jet-Puffed StackerMallow.

MAKE: Draw envelope’s diagonal lines on marshmallow. Squeeze a dot of icing in the middle of the marshmallow. Attach heart sprinkle.

Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio7   Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio9

Struck by Cupid cupcake topper

Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio26

This was my husband’s favorite design.

GRAB: Red washi tape, two long sandwich toothpicks, Wilton silver Color Mist, stencil, scissors, paper straw. and one white Jumbo HeartMallow.

MAKE: Place stencil over marshmallow and spray color. Quickly remove stencil and allow to dry completely before handling. Dip tip of toothpick and insert through diagonally across the center of marshmallow. Cut out arrow’s point and end from washi tape and attach. Using another toothpick, dip tip in water and insert into bottom of heart marshmallow to create a hole. Wiggle around to expand hole. Remove toothpick and insert paper straw. Cut straw to desired length for cupcake.

EMBELLISH: Place a few scattered silver disco dust pearls on frosting.

TIP: This design is great for marshmallow pops! Feel free to use any stencil, spray color or washi tape colors you’d like to personalize this design for you.

Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio10   Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio11

Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio12   Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio13

Conversation Hearts cupcake toppers

Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio23

Say it with marshmallows – my motto haha!

GRAB: Wilton green and purple Color Mist cans, Wilton extra fine black FoodWriter marker and three Jet-Puffed HeartMallows.

MAKE: Spray one marshmallow lightly with purple. Spray another marshmallow lightly with green. Set aside to dry completely. When dry, use pen write message. I wrote “XOXO”, “BFF” and “HUGS”.

TIP: Draw emojis for a fun twist on conversation hearts.

Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio14   Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio16

Indulgent Chocolate Covered Strawberry cupcake topper

Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio24

This was my favorite design. It was easy to make, it has chocolate and it just looks so pretty. Doesn’t it?

GRAB: One Jet-Puffed Chocolate Strawberry Marshmallow, Wilton black extra fine FoodWriter marker, Wilton green FoodWriter marker,  and a tub of BAKER’S Dipping Chocolate.

MAKE: Draw green stem on strawberry. Draw black seeds on strawberry. Melt chocolate according to instructions on package. Carefully pour chocolate over cupcake’s frosting with spoon. Place strawberry marshmallow right on top before the chocolate sets.

Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio17 Valentines Day Marshmallow ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio18

And there you have it. 6 super easy to make, and very cute marshmallow cupcake toppers for this Valentine’s Day!

I hope you liked them. I cannot wait to show you the ones I’ve made for St. Patrick’s Day!!

DIY Valentines Day Marshmallow Cupcake Toppers by TheMarshmallowStudio_pin

Which one will you be making?


  1. Linda Hopkins says:

    How Creative and Fun! They are all so cute so we will be making them all. I must say do love the Indulgent Chocolate Covered Strawberry with it’s chocolate lava wonderfulness dripping down the mountain of delicious frosting 🙂 I love the way the frosting looks. What tip and technique did you use to achieve it? And where can I find cute cupcake stands like yours? Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks so much Linda 🙂 For the Indulgent cupcake I used an Ateco 808 tip. I simply swirled around the cupcake top starting from one edge working inward and up. I’m not a pro decorator by any means and this style was easy to do 🙂 I found the off white stand at World Market and the mini pink one years ago at Do It With Icing in San Diego.

  2. Very cute, but disco dust is NOT EDIBLE. It’s plastic craft glitter and should be used only on items that will not be eaten Doesn’t matter that it’s non toxic–IT’S PLASTIC.

    For food, edible glitter made from gum arabic, sanding sugar, or gelatin should be used.

    • You are absolutely right. As a sugar artist, I am aware of this. I don’t believe a little dazzle on top of a cupcake will hurt anyone. I’m not suggesting completely covering a marshmallow,cupcake or anything with a thick coating of disco dust but I have no problem with a pinch of it 😉


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