Easter Marshmallow Cupcake Toppers by The Marshmallow Studio

I’m back with another edition of DIY marshmallow cupcake toppers!!

So far I’ve shown you how to decorate cupcakes with marshmallow toppers for Valentine’s Day cupcakes and St. Patrick’s Day. Now I’ll be showing you how to make 8 different marshmallow toppers for Easter.

I’ve designed 6 different marshmallow cupcake toppers for St. Patrick’s Day. Keep in mind that you can use these toppers to decorate any other dessert as well.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio40

Above is a photo of all the items I used to create these 8 designs. Most of these products are easily available at your local craft store, Target and Walmart.

For all these designs you’ll need Kraft JET-PUFFED marshmallows and Sweets & Treats Boutique cupcake liners.


Let’s get started with the fun now!

Bunny butt topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio32

GRAB: Pink writing gel, 1 Mini marshmallow, 1 large marshmallow and Baker’s Angel Flake Coconut.

MAKE: Dip scissors in water. Cut large marshmallow in half. Draw paws on cut marshmallows. Frost cupcakes, press on coconut flakes with hands. Attach bunny tail and paws with little dots of frosting.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio2   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio3

Sunflower topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio33

GRAB: Mini 1″ heart cutter, Wilton’s yellow Color Mist, 1 Mini Oreo cookie and 5 StackerMallows.

MAKE: Dip cutter in water before punching out hearts from marshmallow. Spray yellow color on  marshmallows evenly. Let dry completely before handling. Press cookie onto frosting and arrange flower petals around it.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio4   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio5

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio6

TIP: If shapes are too sticky, dust cornstarch on your fingers when handling them.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio1

You must high top frost your cupcakes in order to create base for flowers to attack onto.

Spring butterfly topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio34

GRAB: Wilton’s yellow Color Mist, 1 StackerMallow, 4 Candy Egg Mallows, green pearls and black licorice.

MAKE: Dip scissors in water. Cut marshmallow into a rounded thin rectangle. Spray yellow color on marshmallow evenly. Let dry completely before handling. Press body onto cupcake frosting and arrange wings around it. Cut out two small stick pieces from licorice for the antennas.  Insert antennas onto frosting behind body.

EMBELLISH: Sprinkle green pearls.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio12   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio13

Easter garden topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio35

GRAB: Medium Wilton’s flower cutter, smallest Wilton’s leaf cutter, Wilton’s blue and green Color Mist, 2 Jet-Puffed StackerMallows, 1 yellow M&M, egg sprinkles and a green paper straw.

MAKE: Dip cutters in water before punching out shapes from marshmallows. Spray blue color on flower and green on leaves marshmallows evenly. Let dry completely before handling. Carefully insert straw into flower marshmallow. With a small dot of frosting, attach yellow M&M to center of flower. Frost cupcake. Insert flower in center of cupcake. Place leaves on each side of straw.

EMBELLISH: “Hide” your egg sprinkles in the grass frosting.

TIP: Use Wilton tip 233 to frost cupcake with grass.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio19   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio20

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio21   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio22

Carrot topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio36

GRAB: 1 S’mores Mallow, 1 green Airheads candy, Wilton’s orange Color Mist and Oreo cookie crumbs.

MAKE: Dip scissors in water.  Cut triangle shape from marshmallow. Spray orange color on carrot evenly. Let dry completely before handling. Cut piece off of Airheads candy and make thin zig zag cuts for carrot top. Slit opening on top of carrot with scissors. Insert candy into marshmallow.

EMBELLISH: High top frost the cupcake and cover with cookie crumbs. Press carrot down into center of frosting.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio7   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio8   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio9

TIP: You can also use a Jumbo Mallow to cut out a carrot shape.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio11

Baby chick topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio37

This was my son Aiden’s favorite topper. He loves baby chicks!

GRAB: Mini 1″ heart cutter, Wilton yellow and orange Color Mist, 1 Jumbo Mallow, 2 StackerMallows, 2 mini flower sprinkles, 2 yellow heart sprinkles, 2 candy pearls and a black Wilton green FoodWriter marker.

MAKE: Dip cutters in water. Punching out two hearts from marshmallows. Dip scissors in water. Cut Jumbo marshmallow in half. Spray yellow color on all three cut marshmallows evenly. Using a scrap marshmallow cut out a small triangle for the beak. Spray orange color on it evenly. Let dry completely before handling. Draw eyes and immediately press on white pearls into place. Poke two little holes on top of head and press in two heart sprinkles. Attach beak using frosting. Frost cupcake. Place body onto frosting, arrange wings peeking behind body. Place two orange flower sprinkles just below body for feet.

TIP: Feel free to add egg sprinkles to make it more Easter-ish.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio15   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio16

Disregards the black M&M’s pictured on the photo above left. I was going to use these for the eyes but ended up being too big.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio17   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio18

Bunny topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio39

GRAB: 2 StackerMallows, 2 Mini marshmallows, 1 heart candy, 2 black M&M’s, black licorice and pink writing gel.

MAKE: Dip scissors in water. Cut out ear shapes from marshmallow. Dust sticky sides with cornstarch. Draw pink inside of ears with the writing gel. Cut out six whiskers from the black licorice. High top frost the cupcake and immediately press on embellishments into place.

TIP: If shapes are too sticky, dust cornstarch on your fingers when handling them.

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio24   Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio25

Eggs nest topper

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake ToppersTheMarshmallowStudio38

GRAB: AmeriColor brown food color spray, 3 Candy Egg Mallows and 1 Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treat.

MAKE: Shape treat to resemble nest. Spray nest evenly with brown color spray. Let dry completely before handling. Smear a large do of frosting into the center of the nest and place the tree eggs into place.

TIP: I was too lazy to make my own crispy cereal treat. You can make it with Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies cereal and omit the brown spray all together!

Easter Marshmallow Cupcake Toppers by The Marshmallow Studio_stepouts

Now that you know how to make 8 super easy and very cute marshmallow cupcake toppers for Easter which one will you be making?


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