CAN OFFICIALLY SAY “As seen in Amy Atlas Events’ Sweet Design Blog”

After having a permanent smile in my face, my feet and knees hurting from all the jumping and bragging to everyone now I am announcing on my blog that we’ve been featured in Amy Atlas EventsSweet Design blog “Fourth of July Roundup” post. I can officially put her badge on my website and facebook. Super excited!!!

In case you missed it, here’s the link.

This is HUGE considering she is the Queen of dessert tables. She inspires me in many many ways including how to juggle being a “mompreneur”.  A couple of months back I even wrote an entry saying how I wish she would know about us. I just can’t believe it… now it’s time to keep the ball rolling and make more things happen for The Marshmallow Studio.

Thank you very much to Amy, Lisa and her whole team for all their hard work, dedication, down-to-earth-ness, and motivation.


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