I am delighted to share with you one of my all-time favorite marshmallow finds, Marshfellows. The artist behind these adorable little hand-made figurines is Autumn Saylor. She’s here today to tell us more about her inspiration behind her fluffy fellows and what she loves so much about marshmallows.
In Autumn’s words:
“Oh my gosh! What IS that?” You ask.
That, dear readers, is a Marshfellow! A one-of-a-kind chubby cheeked little fellow with a LOT of personality!
No, I’m afraid you can’t eat him, I’ll leave the edible sweets to Alejandra and her team at The Marshmallow Studio, however, you CAN bring him home and others like him to keep forever!
Toasty, as I like to call him is the Original Marshfellow, but there are many more where he came from! Each one handcrafted and completely unique from the others. My obsession with marshmallows happened on accident back in the fall of 2009. Armed with polymer clay, some creativity and a lot of free time, I played around with the idea of a marshmallow creature. Something chubby, cute and immediately lovable. Thus, the first Marshfellow was born!
What I love most about Marshfellows are the endless possibilities. I’m very lucky as an artist to have customers who are full of ideas and creative requests. That’s really what makes Marshfellows so special. I spend most of my time drawing up rough sketches of future Marshfellows and playing around with my own designs in between orders. While I do love custom orders more than anything, I also love the challenge of recreating a favorite movie or book character or transforming a beloved family member into Marshfellow form.
Marshfellows allows me to do something new every day. Their cute little faces remind me to not take everything so seriously, to laugh more and smile often. Marshfellows bring out the kid in me and that’s all I want for everyone else.”


  1. LOVE the one warming his butt. SO cute!


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