girly-woodland-owl-party by TheMarshmallowStudio

It’s been quite a long time since I styled a party for my kiddos. Between trying to sell our previous house and getting settled into our new one, we’ve kept celebrations small.

With my little Kamilla’s 2nd birthday approaching fast, I wanted to do something special for her. We hardly did anything for her 1st birthday.


Not going to lie here, it was a challenge getting my creative juices going. For so long my focus had been in home decorating & improvements that I hadn’t allowed myself to craft much. [Read more…]


Greatest hand lotion ever for sugar artists and people who work with their hands.

This is NOT a sponsored post. This is your friend telling you that you need this hand cream.

It’s done wonders on my hands and cuticles since I started using it almost two years ago. Why has it taken me this long to pass on this tip to you… I don’t know. I’m really sorry!

I first learned about O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream at SNAP in 2014. They gave me a little sample tub to try out.

Well, I went through that pretty fast. I immediately went out to Target and got a full size tub. O’Keeffe’s is the ONLY lotion that can tackle on marshmallows.

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DIY - Make perfect gift baskets like a pro

While at SNAP this year, I learned about an awesome company called HomeRight.

They make  all kinds of products to make your home “right”.

You can pretty much expect many more posts from me with these products because once we move to Washington state, I’ll be using these most of these tools to make our new house our cozy home!

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Camping Party by TheMarshmallowStudio

It’s kind of fun when your kiddos are old enough to get involved in their birthday party planning.

My eldest son, Aiden, is obsessed with parties and entertaining. He’s always putting together little parties for his stuffed animals, setting up the table when his friends come over for play dates and he’s quick to volunteer in my Studio when I’m crafting. Every year (way ahead of time) he tells me what theme he want for his next birthday party.

For his 6th birthday party he wanted a CAMPING PARTY!

Camping Party by TheMarshmallowStudio.com_49

He was involved every step of the way LOL [Read more…]


Super fun and easy to make Hoop Hideout using kit from We Made It by Jennifer Garner exclusively available at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts store.

Super fun and easy to make Hoop Hideout using kit from We Made It by Jennifer Garner exclusively available at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts store.

I  positive my boys were a little bit more excited about this project than I was.

We Made It Hoop HideoutTheMarshmallowStudio1

We had the opportunity to work with JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores in the launch of their new exclusive product line, We Made It by Jennifer Garner.

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Host a girls craft day and DIY an Easter Egg Wreath by TheMarshmallowStudio

Between having small children, working from home and traveling often…. entertaining seems impossible.

I still remember the days when we hosted spontaneous gatherings at our home all the time. Indeed life has gotten busy in the past 6 years but that is no excuse for not making time for friends and family. I believe that when there’s a will, there’s a way. 

I’ve been wanting to have a few of the girls over for a crafting get together. My friends at Oriental Trading helped me make it happen!!

DIY Easter Egg WreathTheMarshmallowStudio23

Ordering ALL the supplies I needed from a one-stop-shop was the easy part. Didn’t need to leave my house or go to a bunch of stores.

The difficult part was deciding on which craft for us to make. My goodness, have you seen the HUGE inventory they have?!

Since Easter is just around the corner, I thought I’d be a good idea for us to make something cute for Easter to decorate our homes with. [Read more…]