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I’m back at Salt Lake City for the second time in two weeks.

This time, I flew in for Everything Food Conference!!

JET-PUFFED was an official sponsor 🙂

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I was greeted by these fun cases filled with yumminess.

Each attendee got to take one canister of JET-PUFFED Mallow Bits or a bag of StarMallows home in their swag bag.

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The conference was held at the new Eccles Theater.

Can we talk about this venue for a second, please?

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It is GORGEOUS inside.

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RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio26

And the ceiling…

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While I was admiring the building, brands were busy setting up their booths out in the foyer area.

Check out some of the booths:

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This was my favorite display. Kroger did such a good job at setting up their booth to look like a real market.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio28

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There were so many awesome brands there.

Sponsors List 2017

Including DeLongui who made sure I had enough coffee to keep me going all day!

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Julianne from Beyond Frosting was sampling out her delicious cheesecake recipe from her book at the American Dairy Association booth.

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Right before the sponsor booths opened up to the attendees, there was a speed networking event.

I am proud to say I had 2 solid hours completely booked with bloggers who were interested in learning more about working with Jet-Puffed 🙂

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Later in the afternoon, there was an extended sponsor’s area just outside the venue where attendees could go network with more brands.

They were able to sample some delicious food and gather “casino money” to play with later in the evening during the Casino Night Event.

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 Here’s a peek at the night event:

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio44

The next morning, I had breakfast at the Boulangerie AKA Eva’s Bakery.

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How adorable is this place?!

It’s literally right next door to the theater too.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio48

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio49

I got to chitty chat with Christina over breakfast. Then I showed her how horrible I am at taking selfies.

She’s not smiling for the camera… she’s laughing at me!

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Now, it was time to bring IT!

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With the amazing help of this duo – Amber and Danetta from Fun-Squared Blog, we were able to pull this fabulous camping theme snack station.

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RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio55

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio56

Look how ADORABLE it all came out…

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio66

We had over 400 baggies filled with Jet-Puffed Minis, Hershey’s Drops and Honey Maid Teddy Grahams for a fun s’mores snack mix.

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RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio57

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio58

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So many cute details…

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RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio67

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Of course, JP stopped by to visit!!!

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio68

He liked our booth too 🙂

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio78

Born to be famous and adored by all…

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio80

We celebrated our reunion with a shimmy dance off, hahahaha!

That night was Cinco De Mayo so….

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio83

I found some legit Mexican grub.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio85 RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio86

Alamexo was BOMBDIGGITY!

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The next morning, a few bloggers and I took a little trip to a local shop called Gygi.


RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio95

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio97

This wholesale retail store was filled with EVERYTHING cooking, baking, party and more!

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio96 RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio98 RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio99

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio100

Check out the isles and isles of awesome products:

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio101

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio102

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio103

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio104

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio105

Chopped nuts and ingredients:

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio107

Cute party supplies and specialty items:

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio108

It even had a fabulous commercial kitchen space for classes and demos.

I got to watch these kiddos make “something”. They were having so much fun!

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Back at the conference…

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio109

I sat in on a panel discussion about how these marketing pros are working with bloggers and some tips on the industry.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio43

Kami took the stage to thank everyone for coming and bring the conference to an end.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio111

After the conference ended, we headed off for some sushi. YOU KNOW I took them to my spot, Sapa (see previous post).

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio114

Welp, work was over. We successfully wrapped up two event sponsorships and we had had lots of fun doing it too!

It’s was ME time 🙂

I finally had the chance to stroll around downtown without a rush.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio115

I visited the Temple Square.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio122

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio119

The temple is HUGE!

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio118

There are a few other smaller temples and structures around the property.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio117

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio123

It was pretty windy.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio124

The grounds were impeccable. Beautiful gardens and fountains everywhere. Even the squirrels looked well groomed LOL

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio116

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio120 RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio121

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio126

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio125

This night was prom night. There were tons of teenagers here taking photos and hanging out.

I’m gonna say it – I did NOT see a single hoochie dress on these ladies. Very unlike most other parts of the US. Bravo Utah!

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio129

Next, I headed across the street to City Creek Mall.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio130

This is an outdoor/indoor mall with lots of upscale shops, fountains, gardens and statues.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio30

This train takes you right to the airport in just a few minutes 😉

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio33

Seriously, Salt Lake City is one of my favorite downtown cities to visit. It is safe, clean, has shopping, has great restaurants, everything is nearby, it’s pretty, and the people are super nice.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio88

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio89

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio90

You can even enjoy listening to good ambiance music as you walk around. For REAL!

There are musicians on every other corner singing and playing music. They’re good too.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio91

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio45

They also have these installations. SLC knows how to enrich the lives of their citizens on many levels.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio46

At night, City Creek has musical fountains that go off every hour.

RECAP EFC17_TheMarshmallowStudio92

I leave you all with this dancing musical fountain…

See you again soon, SLC!

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