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You guys! I’m still down with conference hangover and trying to catch up on work but I HAD to share with you photos of the two awesome events I just attended.

{I apologize in advance for the bad quality phone photos below. It’s hard to get good lighting inside of a hotel with warm lights.)

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First – I’ll tell ya all about SNAP and in my next post, I’ll tell you all about the other one…. stay posted.

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I’ve been coming to SNAP in Salt Lake City for the past four years.

It’s one of those events that you can never get tired of and it keeps you wanting to come back year after year. Tauni does a great job of always keeping it fresh, fun + educational, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the community that comes together here is uncomparable to any other.

Behind the scenes, I’ve been working for years to bring Jet-Puffed as a sponsor to SNAP because the creative group of bloggers that attend truly love our products. Well, guess what?! I finally did it! I was able to bring Jet-Puffed along as a sponsor this time and it was AWESOME!

 Here are a few of the other fantastic sponsors that joined us this year:

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Pre-Conf – I had lots to do so I rented a cargo van (so I tought). I was rolling gangsta-style all over SLC in this sexy beast. It almost felt like the official JP vehicle because it was blue and round. We loaded it up with all the s’mores fixings.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio113

{I received a lot of questions about my colorful purse so here’s the scoop –

The purse is from Charming Charlie. The wallet is from Target and the furry pompom is from Michaels.}


These are my partners in crime. They helped me get things all set up in time for the conference.

{ Thank you Jen and Tiff – couldn’t have done it without you!}

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BTW, if you’re ever in SLC… you HAVE TO go to Sapa for Japanese food and sushi. It’s the BOMBDIGGITY!

{Ask to sit in the lounge area – it’s a hidden secret spot with the coolest bar and couches.}

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio11

During our walk back to the hotel after dinner, I was a total nature paparazzi.

Seriously though, look at these beauties…

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio08 RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio09

Little America Hotel not only has fabulous rooms but they always have impeccably kept grounds and tons of pretty flowers.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio16

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio17 RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio18

The perfect backdrop for pics.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio15

We found desserts 🙂 I learned to make it to Grand America early in the morning before all the pastries are gone.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio19

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio20

The next day, Tauni kicked off the conference with some great advice.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio38

I sneaked off to snap pics of my fav booths.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio21

How adorable is this corner display from Simplicity?!

I feel like I need these in my house. Set up with jars filled with candies and sprinkles!

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio24

I am totally buying this pompom maker.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio25

I need a wall like this in my shop to organize all my spray cans and acrylic paints!

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio27

Rust-oleum always brings it. They know exactly how to showcase their products in a fun and creative way.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio28 RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio29 RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio31

DecoArt and HomeRight always have fun make & take projects for attendees to do.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio72

The fabulous Sizzix team sure know how to set up a booth. They have really cool products.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio32

My buddies from Oriental Trading sponsored this adorable pink candy lounge room for those of us who needed a little sweet boost.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio30

Reunited and it feels so good!!!

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio48

My Wilton sistahs!

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio108

Modeling during the cocktail party. 1 wine. 2 wines. 3.. who’s counting?!

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio33

My fav hands-on class was from LEGO.

I LOVE LEGOs. My kids have tons of sets and can play with them for hours and hours. I feel good when they do too… they are learning so many skills as they have fun and let their imagination wild. Visiting the LEGOLAND California park is one of my most treasured family memories. They truly are just such a fantastic company!

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio35

We got to do a few fun building activities including a super cute LEGO blocks cupcake stand, take home an adorable LEGO Friends set and we celebrated LEGO Friends’ 5th anniversary.

Kamilla already has a few LEGO Friends sets which she loves because they are girls with desserts which she can totally relate to, haha.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio37

Aaaaannnndddd – OMG, I got to meet 1 of the 7 LEGO Master Builders in the world.

Seriously, pinch me! He was hilarious too so double awesomeness.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio39

I attended a panel discussion to listen in on how other brands feel about blogger/brand partnerships.

I find it important and almost essential to connect with fellow marketing managers at these conferences. The industry is ever changing and it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one dealing with the challenges. I work from home so this what keeps me motivated, inspired and on top of things.

{XOXO to Karen from LEGO and Whitney from Home Depot. They are my new SM heroes.}

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio02

On the first night, each attendee was surprised with a sweet room drop. They each received a camping mug with a s’mores kit inside.

YES – the marshmallow actually has the Jet-Puffed logo printed on it. Super duper cool, huh?!

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio96

Some people couldn’t resist biting right in. No campfire was necessary LOL

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio60

The following morning……

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio57

JP, Jet-Puffed’s spankin’ new mascot, made it’s debut!

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio50


I’ve never seen a marshmallow bag with so much swagger in every step and with so much rhythm, hahahaha!

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio45

He was ready for selfies….

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio55

For soft hugs

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio58

And for good ol’ modeling.

He was even a pro at Boomerang’ing (is that a word?).

Did I mention he also smelled like vanilla marshmallows?! Word.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio59

I was sure to bring my JP jewelry set.
My friend, Kaylyn, brought the donuts. One the many reasons why I adore this rockstar.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio64

That night there was a Unicorn theme party.

It was all about glitter, colors, unicorns and sweets!

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio61

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio62 RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio63

 I got to help out at the Wilton hands-on class.

The attendees were taught several techniques for piping frosting onto their cupcakes.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio79

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio84

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio85

And they got to take home fun goodie bags!

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio86

Five days had passed by since arriving at SLC,  I knew the conference was coming to an end 🙁

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio26

The business card display was full of awesomeness.

Some of these gals REALLY get creative with their business cards.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio65

And in a blink of an eye, the conference was over!

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio87

Tauni gave her last speech for the conference and made some announcements about next year’s conference.

{Yes, that is a super cute unicorn piñata made by FloraCraft}

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio88

For the ending keynote – Believe in your Story.

I became a HUGE fan of Mrs. Heidi Swapp at SNAP a couple of years ago.

After listening to her keynote speech then, my life changed. Since then, I have been appreciating life on a different level. I have learned to be a better mom and celebrate all the little things more than before. I have been capturing sweet family memories with my camera because I want to remember them forever.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio89

Heidi has a way of moving me to my core. She speaks to my heart… which not many can do.

After many tears, laughs and more life changing wow advise…. we all hugged and said our goodbyes.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio90

These are just a few of my party girls tribe. They truly are an amazing group of strong, creative entrepreneurs that always come through with so much love and support.

I’m forever grateful to them!

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio91

{Hippie Rebecs – not sure what we were going for here but it was a blast hanging with you again. XOXO}

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio114

We topped off this fabulous weekend with a quick trip to my friend, Holly’s party shop.

Paper Crush is super a cute little party shop is filled with all the pretties and party goodies you need to entertain in style! Stop by if in Lehi, UT.

RECAP SNAPConf17_TheMarshmallowStudio111

Bye SNAP. See you next year…..


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